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Despegue DC9 Aserca SVMT Maturin
Jueves 15 de Julio del 2010, despegue en la ciudad de maturin
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Aserca DC9 Despegue en SVMT Maturin
Media hora mas tarde... despegue del mismo avion...
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Aserca DC9 aterrizaje en SVMT Maturin
Te aserca o te aleja?
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TACA LR631 A320-233 Despegando de San Jose (MROC) Costa Rica
Despegue del vuelo LR631 de TACA, muy buen servicio, se los recomiendo para volar a destinos latinos importantes, el servicio es excepcional y el coste es de unos 1500 dolares aprox, alimentos incluidos gratis sin costo alguno, este vuelo fue el de las 7:45am hora de Cd. de Mexico y llego a Maiquetia, Venezuela a las 14:00 (40 minutos antes de lo esperado)
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Aeromexico 737-700 XA-GOL Despegue Hermosillo (MMHO)
Despegando del Aeropuerto Internacional de Hermosillo (MMHO) en un 737-700 registro "XA-GOL"
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Raptor 30 carburetor issues 2
OS 37 SZ-H
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Boeing 737-200 Venezolana Maturin SVMT
Titulo del video
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Raptor 30 carburetor issues 3
OS 37 SZ-H
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Raptor 30 carburetor  issues
OS 37 SZ-H
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Raptor 30 V2 belt issues
If you watch closely the autorotation hub you can see the belt is kinda sticking on the autorotation hub, my tension is set for 4mm of play by applying medium pressure with my index finger
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Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 Idle
Testing the idle of my raptor 30 fitted with an OS 37 nitro engine, i think im running a little too rich, as the oil residue covers the major part of the heli reaching even the autorotation hub, maybe im having an air leak?, any suggestions are greatly appreciated
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Ford Sierra issues
Problemas de carburacion?
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Traxxas revo 3.3 2nd start after break in
any suggestions are welcome
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Iris F14D Tomcat FSX over KLAX
The reason why i make this video is to prove that fsx is beautiful, but a high cost of performance (wich i dont like), lets see...
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Blade CP Pro problems? 2
Look at the pitch
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Conviasa ATR Aterrizaje en Maturín
ATR 72 Aterrizando y en final, Maturin SVMT
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TACA LR631 Aterrizando en SVMI Maiquetia Simon Bolivar International Airbus A320
Llegando a maiquetia con 40 minutos de anticipacion
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Blade CP Pro problems?
Look at the led and the blade pitch....
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1992 Toyota 4Runner Problems
This is what happens when you leave your car with a unexperienced person, as you can see on the video the idle speed is fine but maybe the air/fuel mix isnt, any suggestions or solutions are welcome to solve this problem as i dont want to leave the car on another repair shop, i rather do it by myself, i know how an engine works but with these fuel injections systems im kinda noob hehehe, please any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the low audio volume :(
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FS2004 F16C doing some Aerobatic Flight
F16C Model by Kirk Olson flying over Edwards AFB California ENJOY and Comment
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PMDG MD-11 Autoland
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SVMI Take off and landing Dash 8 PSS PART 1
Hi there, this is my 4th video PART 1 of 2 i used Cielosim Flight Enchancer and PSS Dash 8, as always comment to make better videos, youtube community is my engine to make better videos (things as advices and/or suggestions)
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Esky Belt CP CX Onboard Camera Flight
Flying around
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T-Rex 450 Sport main gear strange sound
Just as the title says :(, been chasing it since yesterday
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Alphasim F-22 Raptor aerobatic Charleston AFB
F-22 Raptor Thunderbirds (fictional) paint doing some maneuvers, the music is called Skateboarding from MGS2 Substance
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Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 First Hover
My first hover testing cyclics and collective with my newly repaired Rappy 30 :)
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Raptor 30 Strange noise
I heard this when i stopped my engine and my blades were spooling down, is this normal? :( or maybe there's a bad bearing on the pinion gear area? :(
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Futaba "S9254 Tail Servo" (?)
Is this a Digital Tail servo?... or its a counterfeit/fake/scam...
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Traxxas Revo 3.3 run
Run and temp test
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Continental 737-800W PMDG landing on KSAN
This is a video of a 737-800W Continental landing on KSAN, i used PMDG's 737 outstanding model, default scenery and the song name is Death and Transfiguration by Jhon Powell
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Flight 1 ATR 72-500 over SVFM-SVMI
This video is intented to see how the flight sim 2004 is a kick ass sim compared to FSX and how beautiful is, runs better and same graphic quality
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Problemas Falcon 40
Espero que me ayuden con esta, no se si es la radio, o las baterias, cuando hice esta prueba, las baterias del helicoptero estaban recien cargadas y las del transmisor estaban nuevas tambien/ Hope you can help me with this one guys, i dont know whats happening, the helicopter battery pack (the battery pack is the old NiMH one.. which has a couple of hundred flights, im planning to buy new 2 cell 800Mah 7.4 volt LiPo hoping it may solve the problem) was fully charged and the transmitter batteries are new... only on my room makes that annoying tick*, but when i go out, the ticking is almost gone... only on some places makes that ticking...
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737-200 Venezolana (RAVSA) Maturin SVMT
acercandome para subir al avion mientras grabo xD Viernes 14 de Agosto del 2009
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Taca A320-200 MROC Takeoff and Landing PART 2
Taca A320-200 IFDG Model, i used as a recording device FRAPS and TMPG Enc Xpress 4.0 as a encoder, this is my first video so comment please to make better vids, i was bored so i tookoff and landed at the same airport LOL
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Despegue TACA A319, Maiquetia
Despegue pista 10, MIQ, Simon Bolivar Intl. Taca/Lacsa LR632
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Aterrizaje en maturin
Para christian, lugar... paseo aerobico
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Aproximacion y aterrizaje, Aserca DC9 Maiquetia
Aterrizando en maiquetia por la pista 10, 15 de julio del 2010
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Extra 300S Red Bull Airshow over SVMT
Doing some maneuvers over SVMT as an airshow
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Extra 300S Aerobatic on SVMG
Extra 300S Aerobatic on SVMG Sim? FS2004 Clouds? FEX for FS9 Scenery? Jaime Ortega
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CS727 Takeoff at SVMI
This is my third video CS727 Avensa Taking off from SVMI, i used Jaime Ortega SVMI Scenery and Captain Sim´s fabolous 727-200 model with VC. Uhmm im new with this video editing thingy so i want you to help me how to put music to my videos without using Windows Movie Maker (in my comp doesnt work and if i DL doesnt work either) COMMENT Please
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Taca A320-200 MROC Takeoff and Landing PART 1
Taca A320-200 IFDG Model, i used as a recording device FRAPS and TMPG Enc Xpress 4.0 as a encoder, this is my first video so comment please to make better vids, i was bored so i tookoff and landed at the same airport LOL
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NWA Airbus A320 SVMI Maiquetia takeoff
Yes, as the title says, its about Northwest Airlines Airbus A320 CFM powered plane, you just have to hear those sounds, they are... magnificent!, by the way, soundset is from TSS, TSS CFM 56-5C soundset, model is from Wilco, Wilco Vol. 1 deluxe edition, scenery is from BluePrint simulations
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Volando el Falcon 40 v1
La bateria estaba como al 60%... disfruten
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DiRT Racing
Doing some racing on Colin McRae DiRT, car is Chevy Silverado
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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Gameplay
This is me playing COD4, sorry for the laggy gameplay, fraps takes so much fps, and sorry for the audio sync too.... hope you liked it ;)
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Clase de fisica
Clase de ingenieria electronica con daniela y javier
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Raptor 30 2nd Flight
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732 Venezolana aterrizando/landing en Maiquetia International Simon Bolivar
aterrizaje del 732 venezolana en Maiquetia Simon Bolivar internacional Viernes 14 de Agosto del 2009
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