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This is what a Tapir sounds like.....
A squeeky Tapir at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium October, 2011. Sorry for the blurry video towards the end. It was cloudy and getting dark at the end of the day in which my camera doesn't perform as well. Enjoy.
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Hippos at the Antwerp, Belgium Zoo 2011
I took this video of some very happy hippos at the Antwerp, Belgium zoo. The baby hippo is having fun running in and out of the water. I'm glad the baby didn't run over the ducks in their enclosure. It's a long video. Later on (after I shot this video), the hippos were called in by the zoo keepers to be washed off and fed. The animals are very well cared for and happy at this zoo. Bravo to the Anwerp zoo staff. I had fun visiting. Enjoy, and comment below.
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Great Egret showing off fishing skills
I was feeding ducks when a great egret walked within 3 feet of me to go fishing for catfish. This beautiful egret followed me around the pond and positioned itself where the bread was being thrown. As soon as the catfish started eating the bread, the egret ate them. Smart bird.... Enjoy....
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Great Egret displaying fishing skills
July 2011. A Great Egret is here taking advantage of people feeding the fish bread in this retention pond at Armand Bayou Park in Clear Lake, Texas. This Egret is comfortable with himan proximity. This one is fishing about 5 feet from me. Smart birds. Beautiful too.
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Purple Martin busy at nest building time
A pair of Purple Martins are building their nest at my backyard colony. This year I have six pairs of nesting birds.
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Cardinal and Mourning Dove shoving match at the backyard feeder
More fun at the backyard feeder. A cardinal was trying to get a quick snack when a mourning dove came and drop kicked him. The cardinal then decided to even the score. Enjoy!
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Mating.....Anole Style
I went to the backyard to watch hummingbirds at the feeder. Before I got a chance to set up my camera on a tripod, I noticed a pair of Anole's mating. Now you've seen everything. :)
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Cute yawning baby raccoon
Cute raccoon mom and baby watching people from the bushes. Bored baby starts to yawn. Cute....
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Planet Venus crosses the Sun. June 5, 2012
This is a video taken with a polarized lens of the planet Venus passing across the Sun at about 7:15 PM CST. Enjoy folks. This planetary event will not happen again until 2117. Enjoy!
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Purple Martin Real Estate Dispute
Another day at my Purple Martin colony. A subadult decided to check out an adult Martin's nest cavity. The adult Martin decided to settle the dispute in Purple Martin style.
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Squirrel at backyard feeder
A resident squirrel enjoying a morning snack....
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Pink Flamingos at the Antwerp, Belgium Zoo 2011
Beautiful flock of pink flamingos at the Antwerp Belgium zoo. A few were displaying their natural behaviour of filter feeding in the water. Enjoy!
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Tigers at the Antwerp Belgium Zoo 2011
Nice kitty.......nice kitty...... A pair of very handsome looking tigers enjoying their afternoon at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium.
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Purple Martin chicks at feeding time
I have a Lonestar 20 room apartment birdhouse and have 8 nesting pairs. In this video one pair has only five chicks this season. Three can be seen looking out of the cavity opening to be first for yummy Dragonfies. Clutches at my martin house are smaller this year, as the most any have are five. In years past, the martins who have been here for the past three nesting seasons had on the average, eight chicks that survived to fledge. My guess is the extended drought affected clutch sizes. Enjoy!
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Juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Hummingbird at the backyard feeder. I was filming from 5 feet away. They are not afraid of humans being so close.
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Green Heron and Great Egret show off fishing skills
Pretty Green Heron and Great Egret show off fishing skills at a local park. These two birds visit regularly to catch fish in the man made pond next to the Armand Bayou. The Green Heron came up empty, but the Great Egret caught two tasty, fresh fish with excellent skill. Enjoy!
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Purple Martins vocalizing
Purple Martin pair vocalizing during the mid day.
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Purple Martin parents feeding their chicks
A Purple Martin pair feed their babies. One parent is always at the nest while the other one is hunting for insects. The babies can be seen in the nest cavity watching for the parents return. Cute.
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Hummingbird drinking from the feeder
I'm not sure what type of hummingbird this is, but it comes several times a day to drink from our backyard feeder. Enjoy!
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Cardinal at the backyard feeder
A beautiful cardinal is enjoying the treat of seeds in the backyard feeder.
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Hummingbird at the backyard feeder
A beautiful juvenile Ruby Throated hummingbird enjoying the feeder in my backyard.
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Green Heron displaying hunting technique
This is what I believe to be a Green Heron. It was near a pond at a local park here in Clear Lake, Texas. It is walking through the grass apparently hunting for bugs. Enjoy!
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Purple Martin chick enjoys a yummy dragonfly
What better meal for a baby Purple Martin than a yummy dragonfly served up by daddy Purple Martin... Enjoy...
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