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Liberty of the Seas, September 2016  Video and Picture Slide Show
I compiled this video from pictures and short video clips I took on my cruise from 09/25/2016 to 10/02/2016. I've included pictures from the dining room, the promenade, our ports of call and of the pool deck/areas. Please note: The children's pool was open and running just fine but I did NOT take any pictures while it was open to respect the privacy of the kids. The only pictures are while it was closed or empty. Link to my video of The Quest on 9/30/2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV5ayP9p9U0
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Pressure Canning: How a Jiggler Should Sound While Canning (Granite Ware 20qt Pressure Canner)
This is a short video that shows what the weight based pressure regulator, or jiggler, should sound like when at proper pressure. This video only demonstrates the sound you should hear while pressure Canning without a dial pressure gauge. Other models may sound slightly different. You should always follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions.
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Sailing Through the Gulf of Mexico on Liberty of the Seas
The sights and sounds while sailing through the Gulf of Mexico on the Royal Caribbean International cruse ship Liberty of the Seas. Recorded between 9/25/2016 and 10/02/2016.
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Beautiful North Atlantic Ocean onboard Navigator of the Seas transatlantic cruise Nov 2017
Onboard the AMAZING Navigator of the Seas November 2017 transatlantic cruise from Southampton to Boston, New York City (Manhattan overnight), Orlando them ending in Miami
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How to Access Your R56 Mini Cooper Hidden Compartment  (or CD Changer in some cases)
A short video showing how to open the hidden in dash compartment found in some models of the Mini Cooper. In some cars, depending on installed options, this may be where the CD is stored.
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Scooter Win and Fail
My cousin messing around with his scooter
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