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1 simple adjustment that will SKYROCKET a lackluster sales career!
Don't let useless (even though sometimes fun) conversation kill your career. Watch your time, use it like pro's do, and watch yourself make HUGE leaps beyond your competition! (Remember - THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR CLIENTS!)
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Underground "VIP MAGIC TRICK" Closes Car Deals!
The VIP appointment is critical. The "Language of Real People" is the pathway. The "MAGIC TRICK" is in the code!
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Close a RIDICULOUS number of Car Deals! ...VSM-Style :-)
Do you already know how to DOMINATE the car selling market by using VSM Selling Methodology? (It's like a COOL MAGIC TRICK that's obvious once you see it!) - NOW, check out the VSM: DESKING DOMINANCE video and obliterate your competitors!
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The 5 Keys to Making $200K Selling Cars!
Tom Vann takes you through the 5 keys to making $200K per year as a car salesperson! To sign-up for the VSM FREE Video Training Series (and REALLY is FREE), go to www.vsmsalestraining.com
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Internet Car Sales Training - Your 10 Biggest Questions about Selling to the Internet Customer!
Tom walks you through the Top 10 questions on how to sell cars to the Internet Customer - THE RIGHT WAY (Karma!) - with a new selling methodology.
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The 9 Plus Secret - You WILL Sell More Cars!
Conversational Stacking - You'll Perform Like a Professional Conversational Lock-Picker!
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Marketing Strategies of ELITE Car Salespeople!
Tom Vann takes you on a "shotgun blast" of highly effective marketing resources and strategies ...which are also very easy to do!
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Here is the #1 PROVEN KEY for Spreading Your Sales Message to 1000,s
Tom explains how to create your own brand by cloning yourself!
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4 Steps to Save Your Car Selling Career!
Tom introduces the evolution of Car Selling!
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When Good Salespeople GO BAD!
Just when you thought it was gonna be easy forever ...things go awry. This is how to get yourself back on track (and stay there)!
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How NOT to Screw Up Any More Car Deals!
There's a "Missing Piece" in a LOT of sales methods. It might cost you up to 50% of your income unless you make the adjustment right away. See how it can work for you!
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Get TONS of REFERRALS without asking? WATCH THIS!
You want a CAR SELLING Career that rewards you with (what feels like) an ENDLESS SUPPLY of REFERRALS? You GOTTA see this video where Tom explains how YOU can do it too ...without ever ASKING for the REFERRALS! IT WORKS!!!
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How ADVENTURE Sells WAY more Cars!
Which are you? The Whiner, The Fighter, or the Adventurer? Watch Tom expose how only ONE of three creates a LONG Term winning sales career!
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The Internet Car Buyer is Finding a Way to Buy From Someone Other Than You!
Tom opens the door to a new selling method that created over $162 Million Dollars in Revenue!
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The 8 MINUTE SALES TRAINING VIDEO that could IGNITE Your Sales Career!
http://www.coolcarselling.com Car Sales Training is evolving with the Automotive Internet Buyer, Auto Sales Training Tips and Sales Techniques, Automobile Sales Training Methods Get 4 FREE Car Sales Training Videos that explain how over $162 MILLION DOLLARS was generated at just one dealership
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Making $100K PER YEAR Selling Cars!  SHAZAM!!
For many who are OVERWHELMED with the thought of making $200K per year, this video guides you through the NUMBERS of getting that sometimes elusive $100K per year. See the DIFFERENCE between the PRO and the AMATEUR!
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KILLER Car Sales E-Newsletter (Plus Tips!)
Grab the CHIMP and make it RUN! Tom Vann walks you through the steps of creating your OWN e-newsletter (for car salespeople or salespeople in ANY industry) through Mailchimp along with some Hypnotizing tips of what to write!
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Auto Sales Training Techniques Internet Car Sales
http://www.carsellingmachine.com The Internet Car Buying Customer is Learning How To Buy a Car From Someone Other Than You, get 4 Free Videos on How to Win the Customer and Keep Gross Profits!
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Tom Vann's "VSM" Professional Sales Training
It's all fun & games until someone gets hit in the eye! Better yet, the fun & games start when you get the opportunity to OPEN your eyes. VSM is the ALL-NEW training format for the future of Professional Selling. It's about doing the RIGHT thing on behalf of your clients, and at the same time doing the RIGHT thing on behalf of YOU! And you can feel great about what you do and who you are...every day (and become your own KA-CHING machine!)
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Earn WHOPPING Huge Sales - The PATTERN of Referrals
Earn Huge Sales By Following This Intriguing Pathway To Referral Greatness. Breaking The Referral Earning Code! To Join the FREE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES, sign-up at www.tomvann.com
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The NEWEST and GREATEST Car Buying Tips...Ever!
Tom Introduces the 4 GET SMART at car buying videos.
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7 JUICY Sales Building Strategies MOST Car Dealers Don't Use!
If you want this "BIG 7" strategy CUSTOMIZED to fit your dealership, I will BUILD you that custom sales plan for FREE and with NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. DEALERS and GENERAL MANAGERS ONLY! Just fill out the simple, PRIVATE, 25 question sheet at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/winningsalesplan
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Are You Using the 4 PHASES of Professional Selling?
Tom Introduces a selling methodology that generated over $162 MILLION DOLLARS in revenues!
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Get 5 Free Videos that UNLOCK the secrets of Buying Cars
Tom introduces the public to the methods consumers can use to get the right deal on the right car.
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YOU SUCK!  ...but just seconds from sales mastery!
We all do at times! But watch the simple steps to sales domination!
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S.C.U.B.A. Seamless Client Magnet
Feel like you're an interruption to potential clients? Afraid of being rejected? S.C.U.B.A. solves that forever!
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Here are 6 MASSIVE SALES RESULTS from Viewers Just Like You!
Tom Vann shows you how CAR SELLING in the NEW ECONOMY needs to be different...and better...and smarter! Otherwise you need to find a new career. This methodology has become an underground RAGE, whereas THOUSANDS are now viewing it for FREE...with virtually NO PROMOTION WHATSOEVER! Register right away at www.CarSellingKarma.com!
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Car Buying for Smart People
Tom explains the BEST proven method of car buying...EVER!
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Want 30 -100 Referrals/month? YES! CRAZY NUMBERS!
This amount of referrals sounds like SOMEONE ELSE can do it somewhere else, right? NO ...It can be YOU starting today by using this COMMON SENSE trick. Once you hear it you'll go, "Dang! I can DO that! It's easy!".
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The New Evolution in Car Selling Begins NOW!
Tom offers an introduction to a selling methodology (VSM) that shows "old-time selling" as the dinosaur it has become.
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Your Voice ("You Suck" Video Follow-up!)
Tom follows up the "You Suck" video with how to NAIL your authentic SALES VOICE and Tunnel-Blast your sales penetration to the PLUTO!
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