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Deadfellow - Machine (Lyrics in Description)
"Machine" by Deadfellow For unlimited streaming and free download, visit: https://deadfellowmusic.bandcamp.com Deadfellow.com Machine Lyrics: Magdalene walks alone diamonds mirroring her mind as she sulks beside the sun Never seen a woman come undone and stay so composed she kissed me soft and sweetly, holds a rose just like a gun But I don’t want to love you honey, I just want to be your machine Nothing to see babe, When the lights are on (Repeat) Magdalene moves like the rain Her fingers trembling with grace as she traces lines of stars The light of her eyes electrified in her face she cries like mercury, angel lavender and lace But I don’t want to love you honey, I just want to be your machine Nothing to see babe, When the lights are on (Repeat) So come to me when no one’s watching Magdalene, do what you want Soldier night comes steady marching Girl I’m ready to go, ain’t nobody gotta know But I don’t want to love you honey, I just want to be your machine Nothing to see babe, When the lights are on (Repeat) Facebook.com/deadfellowmusic
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Millennials In Love (Single Version)
“Millennials In Love” is the first single and title track from Millennials In Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards), the third EP by singer songwriter Deadfellow (Hayden Sammak). Produced by Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses, Avett Brothers, Lissie) and featuring Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket, Carl Broemel) and Rob Crowell (Ex Deer Tick, Midland) "Millennials In Love" distills the dating experience through its sardonic narrative of a modern romance. We’ll meet by the convenience of this golden online age, but only after we make sure that all our interests are the same And you’ll say something suggestive so I’ll suggest that we meet up in that neighborhood we gentrified with the brewery restaurant Where you’ll tell me that you moved here for the first job you could get Sure, it’s not the work you’d hoped for — It’s your crushing student debt And we’ll sit and drink and talk about How our mothers drink too much Baby is this what it means to be Millennials in love? We’ll get an apartment — too soon according to our friends We’ll spin it as pragmatic justified by splitting rent And we’ll build our home together like the ones on the internet full of crowdsourced personality — hanging plants and a pallet bed Then you’ll start growing distant and more protective of your phone You’ll spend more time at your parents until you move your things back home And I’ll hear you reconnected with some long lost high school crush Baby is this what it means to be Millennials in love? And sometimes babe you’ll call me to say you’ve been good on your own and other times you’ll text because you’re drinking and alone and you’ll say something so obvious like “hey you, are you up?” Maybe this is what it means to be Millennials in love Copyright Deadfellow 2018
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Deadfellow - "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl"
First single from the new EP "Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener" out now. https://play.spotify.com/album/3f5I2L6izYbA9TA5Q3YXlO Directed by Nahir Francis - full credits below http://deadfellow.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deadfellowmusic https://twitter.com/deadfellow_phl https://instagram.com/deadfellowmusic https://play.spotify.com/album/3f5I2L6izYbA9TA5Q3YXlO Video credits: Director: Nahir Francis Producer: Nahir Francis, Deadfellow Steadicam: Sebastian Hernandez, Nahir Francis, Kevin Soboloski Gaffer: Karl Rieders For booking, press or other inquiries contact: management@deadfellow.com
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Deadfellow "Millennials In Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards)" FULL VISUAL ALBUM
Video by Bob Sweeney Co-Directed By Bob Sweeney and Hayden Sammak Deadfellow management and inquiries: hayden@deadfellow.com Millennials In Love, If Tomorrow Morning Doesn’t Come, In Ten Millennia From Now…, Liner Notes Co-Produced by Bill Reynolds and Hayden Sammak. Recorded at Fleetwood Shack In Nashville, Tennessee. Engineered by Logan Mathney. Mixed and mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. All songs written and performed by Hayden Sammak Piano, Keys, Synths: Robert Crowell Lead Guitar and Steel Guitar: Carl Broemel (Except “If Tomorrow Morning Doesn’t Come”) Bass: Bill Reynolds Drums: Robert Crowell Rhythm Guitar for “If Tomorrow Morning Doesn’t Come”: Aaron Lee Tasjan courtesy of New West Records Strings: Derek Pell, Avery Bright, Larissa Maestro Saxophone: Robert Crowell Arrangements: Hayden Sammak Additional Arrangement for “In Ten Millennia From Now…”: Karl Reiders Amphetamine Salts, Lovers In The Mirror (In The DARK!), Strange Days To Love, If Tomorrow Morning Doesn’t Come Co-produced by Hayden Sammak and Phil Nicolo. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Engineered by Phil Nicolo. All songs written and performed by Hayden Sammak Piano and Keys (Except for “Strange Days to Love”): Logan Roth Lead Guitar: William Brown Bass: Mike Sanzo Drums: Chris Wood Rhythm Guitar: Hayden Sammak Piano for (“Strange Days to Love”): Hayden Sammak Special thanks to Jeff Sammak, Dan Tararowicz, Karl Rieders at Kawari Sound, Dan Reed, Mike Vasilikos, Scooter Best, Garry Lee, Matt Muir, Ben Arnold and Terry Tompkins. Infinite gratitude, love and admiration for Phil Nicolo. Kelia Always.
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