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WoT - O-I - Steppes - What The?!
What was that bump? I hope they have insurance!
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Bad Times To Be A Forza Motorsports 3 Driver - Volume 1
Collection of racing mishaps in Forza 3. Music: George Harrison - Cheer Down
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Eric .50 BMG
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PCU - Coffee Now!
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Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
Brief room tour, from the Grandstand area.
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Big Salamander
Large salamander, measuring about 8 inches in length. Observed in the Paw Paw region of West Virginia about 200 yards from the Potomac River.
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WoT - SU-5 - Widepark - Blind Shooting Luck(or Skill) Plus Fadin's Medal
Blind shooting is an art.. speed and direction of the target, time on target for the shell... the right moment to fire. The luck is dispersion, damage, and the bastard changing his mind on where he wants to go. Fadin's Medal #2 for me. I love artillery. The SU-5 isn't the GW E-100, but it's still fun. Light on ammo though, IMO.
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