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Web based auto repair manuals
Sometimes to get the job done you need the help of a website http://www.fixmyoldride.com/sensor-and-car-computer-problems.html or auto repair manual. Here is a Demo of the Web based version of the Mitchell 1 service manuals. I shot this screen capture video using a common water pump replacement on a Chevrolet S10 to highlight some useful features included with this subscription service.
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Cadillac V6 Technical Bulletin
I was changing the oil on an 09 SRX and stumbled onto a technical bulletin when I was picking up the Delco filter cartridge from the Cadillac dealer. Turns out that the thin O-ring seal around the cap for the filter housing is causing problems after it's reused a few times. Why GM doesn't include it with the filter boggles the mind. In the Video the Part number and procedures are outlined and highlighted for your convenience. Tell your friends and neighbors about the TSB.
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An Auto Mechanics Credentials
I put together a video of my auto repair credentials for the new help outs, but it was to long at 2 minutes. So I decided to post it here just in case people connecting with me through G+ were interested in my background and career achievements.
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auto relay
Did you ever wonder if your car problem boiled down to a bad relay? In this video I tested and located a bad starter relay. I always take them apart to see what went wrong inside. After all these years I'm still curious about such things. I was not prepared for this malfunction. I was so surprised I grabbed my phone and did a quick video. I also share my new ASE 25 years of service Medallion at the end. I finally built a page on my site that discusses how to handle logical diagnosis of defective relays. I hope it helps someone with there electrical car issues. http://www.youfixcars.com/testing-automotive-relays.html
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Horrified by Windows
This is my thirty-second Webcam blooper clip. "Horrified by Windows" When I got accepted to the Google helpouts to provide auto repair assistance, I decided to upgrade my Webcam. This video is what happened when I turned it on for the first time. When I clicked the start button it looked like everything was okay so I started recording. After about ten seconds a Windows pop-up message displayed with a paragraph of text I have never seen before. As I read through the message the look of horror on my face was unmistakable. I'm not exactly sure why I responded this way to the Windows warning other than I was confused as to why there was a problem. The funny part about the video is my confusion translated to a horrible like expression that recorded without me realizing. When I showed my friend the video that I planned on deleting they collapsed with laughter for about forty-five minutes. I'm not sure if it was just funny to us or maybe others would feel the same way. Regardless, I decided to post the video just in case others would find it as funny as we did.
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I'm working a lot with the Android Torque app on my Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Not only is it fun but it's just as useful at the same time. I am trying to capture the usefulness side of the application on video but it's not going to well. So far only have managed to smash together a blooper reel. I plan on making another run at it so stay tuned for more videos highlighting what the Torque pro app can do. Meanwhile I posted on my blog some helpful tips about diagnosing cars with an android tablet and included some still shots of the advanced features. http://www.certifiedmastertech.com/wordpress/2013/02/22/diagnosing-cars-with-android/
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