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Mazda 6 2006 Creaking when wheels being turned.
Hi everyone, I leased this 2006 Mazda 6 and I've only had it about a month and the check engine light has come on giving me a P0126 code ( Insufficient coolant temp for stable operation ) and now this issue, when I am driving slow or just in idle stage while I turn the wheel I am hearing a almost creaking or rubbing sound. I'm at around 1,70000KM and I've had it about a month or so, they tell me these issues aren't covered in my warranty and want all kinds of money from me that I can't afford :( Any advice? Any help? It will all be so greatly appreciated. +ChrisFix +ScottyKilmer +EricTheCarGuy +Briansmobile
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Mazda 6 2006 Creaking Noise
This sound is coming from somewhere near the drivers side wheel. I'm unsure of exactly where. Have taken the wheel off and felt around for play but haven't found any. I tried injecting one of the bushing with grease but it didn't help. +ChrisFix +ScottyKilmer +EricTheCarGuy any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all kindly for your time - Richie Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
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Longshoremen Work
+ChrisFix here is a video I took for you on my break. It's a very exciting job. I love working here. But I've gotta say watching your videos and having my own personal desire to learn about cars combined has got me EXCITED for my first car trouble to occur on my new Mazda 6 2006 hahaha as crazy as that sounds it's true. I've been wanting to work on my car but no problems yet lol. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video as I have many of yours :) I made this for you
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2001 Honda Civic LX Cabin Air Filter
Here is a video of a customer of mines 2001 Honda Civic LX cabin air filter He was actually unaware his vehicle even had one of these. They are very simple to change out, just remove the glove box door and in behind there is your cabin, unlatch it and remove the filter then put the new one in its place. You'd be surprise at just how much better air will flow through your car if you do this. Look at all that junk inside of it. I'm pretty sure we found a skeleton of a mouse as well. Clean your filters people :)
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Baseball pitching strikes for papa
After my papas funeral I drove the diamonds and threw a few strikes for him. It was a nice way to end the day. He taught me everything I know about baseball and put a love for the game in my heart, mr New York yankee himself. Love you papa
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