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Starcraft 2 Protoss 3v3 Strategy - From a Master League Player - Phoenix against FE
Season Eight of SC2. The ideas behind one of the builds that has been winning a lot of games. If you subscribed, thank you very much!!
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Starcraft 2 - 3v3 Master's League - Zerg Player - Ladder Match
This is me playing a ladder match as zerg in 3v3 master's league. I joined with random teammates and possibly random opponents. Season 6 of Starcraft 2. Thank you for watching.
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Using the Jackhammer - on Clay Dirt
Using the jack hammer on tough to shovel dirt.
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Dishwasher Shoulder Blade Stretch Example
Danger: you can severely tear muscles permanently, even, if you stretch too hard a muscle that is not used to being stretched - especially new ones. Start extremely lightly if you decide to stretch, and work your way up. I do this stretch a lot. Be very careful when stretching to not over-stretch. Why does this stretch matter a lot? It's hard to find diagrams, even, online or elsewhere, on how to properly stretch your shoulder blade muscles - which will fill up fast with lactic acid as a dishwasher - new or old. It's not a common stretch - most dishwashers can't even use the internet, either, so there aren't many useful diagrams out there on how to release lactic acid build-up in shoulder blades. - I learned very very late. I used to dig my shoulder blades into wall corners before I learned this. When you lean over a sink for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, (or even less time), lactic acid builds up in your shoulder blades from spraying and moving dishes - if left unchecked - your shoulder blade muscles can just stop working, or even spasm in a cramp from too much build up.
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Selling Mark of Shattered Hands in AH - WoD
Buy temporal crystals for 550-600g, turn them into mark of shattered hands enchants (no cooldown), and sell those for 700-750g. The AH cut is around 33g.
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