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Ford Focus, fold down back-seat flat
Despite what you've seen on every Ford Focus review here on YouTube, you CAN fold down the back seat completely flat. I'll show you how in this video. Enjoy! UPDATE: I've been informed by several people that this procedure also applies to Ford Focus models *before* the 2012 model-year, although I've not verified it myself. So this procedure *may* apply to *all* Ford Focus models available. (Thanks to the people who sent me comments about this.)
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Handicapped Hand-Controls...
A short tour of the hand-controls that Mobility Works (1255 Kennestone Cir, Marietta, GA 30066) installed in my 2015 Ford Mustang
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'68 Ford Galaxie idling...
I had just started it, so it was still cold. Fast idling on the choke, and steam still coming out of the exhaust. The next video shows it idling after I drove it for about 10 minutes to warm it up properly.
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Lightning Strike / Power Outage
I had just gotten home and stopped to check my mail before parking in my driveway. Dash-cam shows lightning striking nearby and knocking out the power -- I found it funny that the strike occurred at the exact same time the last note of the song on the radio played. Couldn't do that if I planned it. :-)
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'68 Ford Galaxie, convertible top operation, external p.o.v.
This video shows me putting the top down and then back up on my '68 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible, from an external point-of-view. Please watch the internal-point-of-view video for more information on the top operation.
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Interior tour and cold-start, '68 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible...
Here's a video tour of the interior of my 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible, showing you its features and foibles. Also, a cold-start. (Skip to 8:06 if you just want to see the cold-start). If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!
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1968 Ford Galaxie Startup
Hadn't started up the old '68 Galaxie in awhile. Figured maybe someone would like to hear how great it sounds. It's got Flowmaster 70 mufflers, straight-pipes, no cats. (Cats? On a '68? They hadn't even been invented yet!) The last 30 seconds sound the best, in my opinion. Use some headphones or some good speakers. Far better than the tinny speakers in your laptop or tablet. Enjoy!
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Idiot Driver, I-285 @ Atlanta Rd, 2013 06 29
Exiting from the second lane, cutting off the vehicle behind him -- classic example of an idiot driver on I-285 in Atlanta.
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Amazing fetching cat!
Video proof that my cat, Hurley, can fetch! Enjoy.
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'68 Ford Galaxie -- Drive-by
I drive by the camera so you can see what the car looks like from the outside, and I floor it as I go past so you can hear the transmission kick-down and see that it doesn't blow smoke under hard acceleration. Those Flowmaster 70-series mufflers sound pretty good. :-)
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'68 Ford Galaxie - Driving
I drive my '68 Galaxie around the neighborhood a bit, demonstrating the GearVendors Overdrive unit, and just showing generally how the car drives with no issues. My wife had her window down, so it's a bit noisier than I'd like. Sorry 'bout that.
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Fox runs across road.
As I was driving to the store tonight, a fox ran across the road in front of my car. I had no idea there were foxes in my neighborhood!
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'68 Ford Galaxie idling after warmup...
This is after I drove it for about 10 minutes and it was properly warmed up. Slower idle, no steam coming out of the exhaust pipes.
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Idiot turning right from left lane, Cobb Pkwy, Marietta, GA
What a complete idiot! Right turn from the left lane, right in front of me... I muted the audio, because of the stream of profanities that came out of my mouth after that happened. Figured no one would want to listen to that. :-) And I have *no idea* whats's up with the clock on my dash-cam. 8:24 PM on 27-Dec-2071? What am I, a time traveler? Promise I wasn't driving a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor or anything... Anyway, enjoy the idiocy of this guy... Shoulda hit him so he'd have to pay me lots of money. LOL
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Idiot turning left in front of me
On Oakdale Rd in Smyrna, GA. Glad I wasn't going any faster. What is it about people turning left in front of me. Couple of weeks ago it was someone turning right from the left lane: http://youtu.be/op4xhA7wbi8
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Rapid acceleration with high-gear to 1st-gear kickdown
Rolling slowly in high-gear, I floor it to demonstrate the automatic-transmission kick-down and stumble-free acceleration of my '68 Ford Galaxie.
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'68 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible -- top operation, interior POV
I show you how to operate the top on my '68 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible. When I filmed this, it was raining, so I was unable to do an exterior shot. In the next day or two, when it's not raining, I will do an exterior video showing the top in operation.
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'68 Ford Galaxie, hot re-start...
Just wanted to show that it starts easily when it's hot. Totally should've turned down the radio first, LOL. But, hey, at least you can see how easily it starts back up after you shut it down when it's hot.
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Torrential Rain!
Driving in some *seriously* heavy rain in Pickens County, GA, on 27-Apr-2017. Wipers could barely keep up. (Audio is muted to avoid copyright infringement of what was on the radio at the time.)
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SUV running red light
My light clearly turned green while the truck was about halfway through the intersection. The SUV behind it totally blew through her red turn-signal light.
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Near miss at the Wendy's in Jasper, GA
Woman damn-near T-bones someone as she's pulling out of the Wendy's parking lot -- then almost backs into the person behind her when she backs up out of the street. You can hear the person behind her leaning on his horn. Methinks she needs some more driving lessons, perhaps?
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