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Making my first cedar strip canoe.  Time lapse
Wanted to make a cedar strip canoe so gave it a whirl. 13' solo canoe. Turned out ok but I did make a few mistakes. I think it will suffice for my first canoe. And for those who don't like the music, push the mute button. Thanks for watching.
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Homemade Alaskan Mill
I've always wanted an Alaskan Mill and I finally came around to making one. Don't know why I haven't made one sooner as I have been wanting this for many years. I'm very happy with it and can't wait to mill some wood!
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Table Saw Rebuild
I had a table saw that I hated and I was going to throw it away but I decided to give it facelift and I'm glad I did because I love the thing now.
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seal pup taking a little nap
Walking on system at work and caught this little fella taking a little nap. He was out like a light!
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maiden voyage of the newly built cedar strip canoe.
Finally had a day off work to take her out for the maiden voyage. Just went up the Highway a bit to the closest lake. I'm so happy with the outcome of the canoe. Can't wait to make another one!. Thanks for watching...
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Turning Segmented Bowl
I showed how I turn a segmented bowl. Probably not the proper way, but it works for me.
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Homemade T-Square Fence for Rebuilt Table Saw
I wanted to make a new table saw fence for the rebuilt table saw and the other one made from wood was warping due to humidity changes in my shop. It turned out really good I think. Just a few upgrades to it and it will be done. Thanks for watching.
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Solo canoe trip. Sayward Forest Canoe Route.
Always wanted to do a solo canoe trip, so I chose to do the Sayward Forest Canoe Route on Vancouver Island B.C. It is usually a 3-4 day run if you take your time but due to limited time I did it in 2 days. It was an awesome run and can't wait to do it again. I wish I had taken more pictures and video but I did kind of rush it. Next time I will document it a little better.
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Making a segmented bowl on the wood lathe
Found some plans on how to turn a segmented bowl so I gave it a try, and happy with the results. Here is a link to where I found the plans for this bowl.http://www.gobookee.org/get_book.php?u=aHR0cDovL3d3dy53b29kdHVybmluZ29ubGluZS5jb20vc2VjdXJlL2JlZ2lubmVyc19zZWdtZW50ZWRfYm93bC5wZGYKYmVnaW5uZXJzIHNlZ21lbnRlZCBib3dsMSAtIFdvb2Qgd29ya2luZyBwcm9qZWN0cywgYXJ0aWNsZXMgLi4u http://www.woodturningonline.com/assets/turning_articles/polka_dot_bowl.pdf
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Milling some wood for sawhorses
Well the alaskan mill works real good with the new bar and chain. But I didn't like to kneel on the ground to mill the wood so I went to the bush milled some wood turned it to lumber and built some sawhorses. Very rewarding. I love this thing now!
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Homemade Anvil
Saw this anvil made by rchopp so I decided I wanted to make one for myself as I was in need of a better anvil. I'm happy with the results. I still have a few modifications I want to do but I really wanted to use it. lol
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Making a Forge From Scrap Steel
I wanted to make a forge but with limited funds I decided to make it from scrap steel that I found in the trash. Asides from it looking a little patched together it works fairly well. I'm quite happy with the results.
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Inside out project on the wood lathe
First time turning an inside out project. Need to square up the wood a little better next time.
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My attempt to turn a wooden pen from bubinga wood.
Picked up a chunk of Bubinga wood. Though I would try my luck again at turning a pen after I had bought a pen mandrel. I am no pro at this but they do tend to turn real nice. Video is a little drawn out but it is step by step for those who have never seen it or have limited tools to make one. If any one has any tips for me please feel free to lend me some tips and bend my ear. Thanks for watching. I know I do need to work on my presentations. I'm not exciting but I would like to make some more of these videos. Thanks for watching.
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Hammock Tent Trial, Brewster Lake
Just finished making my hammock tent and went to try it out. Most comfortable sleep I've ever had camping and will never sleep on the ground again!
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My attempt to making the Marble Machine's
Saw the Marble Machine 2.1 and wanted to make it as I have nothing better to do! Liked making it so much I decided to make another one. Man am I ever bored.
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Starving dog wants quesadilla.
He wont eat it until he's told to!
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Custom knife sheath for homemade knife
Made a knife sheath from pvc pipe for my custom made knife made from an old table saw blade and paracord wrapped handle.
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RV in ditch!
RV drives into the ditch. Not too sure how really, the road wasn't that bad. Maybe something was happening in the RV that was distracting the driver!
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Natural Edge Bowl Woodturning
Turned this natural edge bowl from a maple tree that was cut down from the city and left to rot in the ditch. Went and got a couple branch's and dried them out.
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Fixer Upper
Boat sunk at dock.
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Good Boy!
Just out walking the dog
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Grizzly Bear swimming across the channel
Our boss thought it was just another log heading up Knights Inlet, but then it suddenly turned and looked at us. We got up close and saw that it was a Grizzly Bear swimming across the channel! Pretty cool, you don't see that every day.
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Humingbird at Humingbird Cove
Just standing at the office of Humingbird Cove watching the hummingbirds feed. After looking at the video I noticed that it was a really nice scenery.
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Crazy dogs again!
Chloi in her possessive ways again while her brother Levi plays. She's so weird.
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hitting the boulder room
found this vid my daughter took 7 years ago! lol
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Dolphins playing with boat. Close up!!
A big pod of dolphins on the way to work. They sure like to ride under the bow for a little fun. Good close ups near the end of the video.
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Getting close to the deer
Just parking the boat and these three deer came out of the bush to say hello
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