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yoga for weight loss for beginners + Shapeshifter Yoga
http://www.a-flower.com/functional_fitness_solution.php yoga for weight loss for beginners + Shapeshifter Yoga With so many different yoga exercises available, it can be hard to know which poses are the best to do if you want to burn massive calories. Some poses will help you to stretch your muscles but will not help with intense calorie burning and weight loss. Before trying to perform high-energy routines, it is important to assess whether your body is ready for difficult yoga poses or if you need to do less-intense variations of the poses to start. Regardless of your experience level with yoga, the Cobra Pose is a great pose for you to try if you want to burn a high number of calories. The Cobra Pose is accomplished by lying flat on the floor with your face looking toward the ground. The tops of your feet should be flush with the floor as well. You will then want to press your legs in a downward motion. You need to place your hands on the ground under your shoulders and slowly press the top half of your body up from the floor. You will then want to bring your head up slowly and keep your shoulder blades down when in this pose. After a few seconds, you will release the pose and return to the starting position. This pose can be done a few times in a row to help to strengthen the back, buttocks, and abdomen while burning calories at the same time. The Bow Pose is another great yoga pose for shedding calories. This pose is a bit more taxing, so if you are a beginner, you may want to try a variation of the pose at first. To begin this pose, you need to lie on your belly with your knees bent while grabbing your feet. You will then need to pull in your abdomen and lift your feet toward the sky. While raising your feet, you will also want to raise your upper body from the ground. Your shoulder blades need to remain lowered at all times. After you hold this pose for a few seconds, you then return to the starting position. This pose will help advanced yoga students to burn a lot of calories. Beginners can try to get into the pose without stretching the legs or upper body in an upward motion toward the sky. This position can be done a few times in a row, but as with any yoga pose, it is important to start moderately and pace yourself so that you do not cause injury to your muscles.
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how to lose water weight fast + Xtreme Fat Loss Diet - 7 Figure Winner-all Time Best Seller
http://www.a-flower.com/Xtreme_Fat_Loss_Diet.php Several factors, including hot weather, excess sodium, birth control pills, prescription steroids and more, cause our body to retain excess water. Though you might tend to think that water weight is not as serious as the regular body weight, learning how to lose water weight fast will soon become a concern as you feel it making you uncomfortable and adding inches to your waistline. If you are considering ways and means on how to lose water weight fast, given below are a few simple things for you to do. 1. Drink plentiful water daily: It is suggested to drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each day. This may appear to be a complete contradiction to your attempts to get rid of the water weight, but, strangely, this technique does work. The more your water intake, the more your kidneys get stimulated and the more you will be flushing out of the body toxins and excess fluids. In addition, your body will feel less need to retain water upon your increased intake of it. Spring water is a splendid choice in helping to reduce water retention as it contains no salt. 2. Change any prescription medication after consultation: Discuss with your doctor regarding your water retention problem and get dosages adjusted if any prescription medication is suspected to cause this problem. If this were indeed the cause, then switching to alternative medication or lowering the dosage will certainly help you to lose water weight fast. 3. Reduce sodium intake: Foods with high sodium content contribute quicker to water retention more than anything else. Less sodium also contributes to improved health. Processed foods often have high contents of sodium and they need to be avoided. Read the food labels on any product and ensure that your sodium intake does not exceed 1500 mg per day. 4. Indulge in exercise or physical activities that cause you to sweat: Sweating helps to remove salts from the body and so more sweating helps! Wearing heavy clothes will make you sweat more. Exercising regularly is still amongst the best ways to get rid of any kind of excess weight. The more the exercise, the more you will sweat and the more you will lose water weight fast as a net result. 5. Reduce intake of carbohydrates: Carbohydrates tend to add water to your body. The fact is, every pound of carbohydrate stored in your body will result in adding 3 - 5 pounds of water. If you eliminate intake of carbohydrates for 1 - 2 days, the already stored carbohydrates will burn up and this will cause you to quickly lose 3 - 5 pounds of water weight. The stated methods on how to lose water weight fast are amongst the most effective methods available. If water retention is a continuing problem for you, you should definitely restrict or even eliminate your daily intakes of salt and carbohydrates, and as well drink plenty of water (at least 8 - 10 glasses each day). You can also consider substituting carbohydrates with proteins. You will lose water weight fast and, in addition, will feel more energetic and healthier.
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quick weight loss program + Functional Fitness Solution
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reshape your body + Shapeshifter Yoga
http://www.a-flower.com/shapeshifter_yoga.php It may sound impossible, but a person can easily reshape their their body in as little as six weeks. Are you getting married in 6 weeks? Have a high school reunion to go to? Or are you just tired of being overweight and having no energy? If you want to reshape your body in six weeks, here is how you can do it. Start a regular exercise schedule. It is near impossible to reshape your body if you don't exercise. Even if you do lose weight from adjusting your diet alone, your body is not going to be lean and toned like it would be from exercise. A workout program , gives you the benefit of having different workouts to do so that you do not plateau or get bored during the coming weeks. A program like a home workout, is a good option if you aren't going to have time to go to the gym 5-6 times a week and you want something convenient that you can do in your own home. Be sure that you stick with your exercise schedule and that you not only do cardiovascular workouts but strength training as well. Strength training is what will help you shed the weight faster and get the lean and toned body that you want. Although exercise is a vital part of losing weight and reshaping your body in a couple weeks, if you decide that you can eat whatever you want since you are exercising you are not going to see the pounds go down. You need to implement a healthy diet along with the exercise for the maximum weight loss. If you can find a workout program that provides you with a nutritional plan to go with your workouts then you are all set. Simply follow the nutritional plan for six weeks and you will see your body change drastically. No more love handles. Your waist will be smaller. Your clothes will be big on you. Best of all you will lose weight. Exercise with a healthy diet is the only way. Another little added bonus tip for staying motivated during these six weeks it be sure that you take before picture of yourself. Take a picture on day number one and then follow up with one at three weeks and then a final one at six weeks. Having a comparison of these pictures can help you stay motivated to reshape your body and lose the weight. When you look at the before picture, vow to never look like that again.
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fitness model diet plan + Functional Fitness Solution
http://www.a-flower.com/functional_fitness_solution.php fitness model diet plan + Functional Fitness Solution Fitness Model Diet, what does it look like and how does it differ from your diet list? We all think that these people found some kind of secret diet plan that made them lose so much Weight that brought them to success but in fact its just an ordinary food that you can buy at your local grocery store. There is no fancy trick or strategy, all you have to do is blend them in your diet plan and you have a Fitness Model Diet. Be it a Fitness Model or a Model, there is one thing they all have in common and that is their Diet. The Method is to feel full and to satisfy hunger in every meal without gaining too much fat and cholesterol. Whether its vegetables or fruits, it all breaks down to one thing and that is to absorb more Protein to increase metabolism that would help you burn more Calories while working out w/out feeling hungry all the time. Fitness model diet concentrates more on protein than carbs, as protein plays an important role in dieting while carbohydrates may sabotage your diet plan if you can't control its intake. Fitness Model Diet is not so complicated as you may think and if you are serious in dropping extra pounds you may want to apply these diet plans to your vocabulary. Fitness Models are human too and they love to eat just like us but in a form of what they call clean eating. However you search it and whatever you may find, Fitness Model Diet Plan are all broken down and contains these Top 5 High protein foods. Fitness Model Diet breakfast: Egg whites, not only their are easy to prepare be it omelet or poach. It also contains high protein, cholesterol free with high nutritional value. Fitness models admits that egg whites in the morning helps them push more workouts as they are heavy in vitamins and light in the stomach. Fitness Model Diet lunch: Protein Shake, always associate your lunch with it. Taking protein shake before your lunch helps ease the big cravings and results in less appetite for food. Protein shake plays a big role in Fitness Models Diet and none of them today made it to success if not for these food. Fitness Model Diet snack: Instead of burger and fries, try Almonds. Almonds contains high amount of protein that helps build muscle and lowers your cholesterol and make you feel full. The next time you crave for a snack, buy a pack of almonds instead of oily potato chips, you can also add them to your protein shake or morning cereal. Fitness Model Diet dinner: Steamed Fish, is the most favorite of all in Female fitness model diet. Lunch decides your faith in dieting, so a big munch on fish helps you last the whole night without that guilty feeling. Fish contains good fat source and high protein essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of muscles and body tissues plus it reduces blood cholesterol. Water: Fitness Models admit that water is the number one in their Diet Plan, it helps them cut calories and decrease their appetite. They drink as much as a gallon of water a day to replace the bad habit of drinking sodas, coffee and other beverages that contains sugar.
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fitness diet plan  + Functional Fitness Solution
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