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Crazy cow mooing and chasing me
I'm riding my bike in northern central PA and this cow starting chasing me and mooing really loud. I didn't get the footage of it chasing me. I tried to get it to chase me on my bike while riding away, but failed. But check out the echo on this MOOOOO!!!! Anyone know why it was doing this? Did it need to be milked or something??
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Bill Burr Coors Light Commercial
From Bill Burr's podcast.
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St. Francis botch job
“Dr.” Elizabeth Schiller; “Dr.” Danielle Ziehl If you have a cut and you hear these names and are not bleeding to death, run! They put a steri strip over my dermabond stitching! It stuck right to it, came off after one day and I had to reseal the wound myself! Now I truly feel like I’m healing!
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Pachelbel's Canon Fingerstyle by a bearded man
My rendition of Pachelbel's Canon on a Guitar. I'm still working on the fast part. Give it a week or two.
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Jeff Buckley Hallelujah cover (written by Leonard Cohen)
Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken HALLELUJAH!! Written by Leonard Cohen, covered by Jeff Buckley, covered by me! :) rip JB
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Here Comes the Sun by a bearded, naked man
The Beatles' Here Comes the Sun, fingerstyle guitar. No singing because I can't sing.
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