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Funniest scene on Keeping Up Appearances
Keeping Up Appearances episode 1 season 1 Daddy's Accident hilarious scene when Sheridan asked Hyacinth to send him a check by Richard at the end Richard ask Hyacinth how much to send Sheridan she says very tersely "don't send him any money"
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Me singing The Cleveland Show theme song
Yours truly singing The Cleveland Show theme song and also singing like Cleveland.
A very hilarious scene from King of the Hill
From Episode 15 Season 9 Dale Slams Bill with truth as add change the sides rather to go back to his job in the army or stay with the Harmonaholics
My all time favorite scene from Mom (Season 1 Episode 5)
I don't own the rights to this scene but Bonnie (Allison Janney) convinces Christy (Anna Faris) to take Regina's (Octavia Spencer) money.
Michaela EXPOSED!
Watch the captions in the video and listen to Michaela as she says her nationality
CVC New Line Cinema/ WARNING Disclaimer
End credits from All About the Benjamins
Me singing I'm a Survivor
Me singing the theme song of the television series Reba
Two Scorpios saying "Are you out of your mind"
My seven year old niece and Whoopi Goldberg saying "are you out of your mind"
Family Guy scene Peter's Dirtbike Girlfriend
Family Guy singing Peter's dirt bike girlfriend on TBS
Cleveland Show season 1 episode 7 (Funnies Edition)
The Cleveland Show season 1 episode 7A Brown Thanksgiving in comics configuration
Paris saying I had to find George and put a bullet in his head
I don't own the rights to this clip.
Me singing Spectre's Intro Writings On The Wall Alcapella
I tried my best but the title is self explanatory.
Me singing Walk Over God's Heaven by Mahalia Jackson
I'm singing alongside the late Mahalia Jackson as a living tribute to my Choir Director Sis. Carol Wooten
Hilarious Cleveland Show Scene with a twist
The Cleveland Show episode 7 season 1 A Brown Thanksgiving. (Haunt Edition)
Disturbing scene from A Day Late and A Dollar Short
This scene is when George sexually assaults Shanice and Kimberly catches him red handed.
Me attempting to sing Did We Almost Have it All by Whitney Houston
I was attempting to sing one of my personal favorite songs by the late Whitney Houston.
Lexus December to Remember Advert (Haunt Edition)
One of a Kind Lexus Advert on HLN with a twist.
Funniest scene on M*A*S*H
Just listen to what Hawkeye said it's self explanatory
A Montage of Seth McFarlane Theme Songs
Me singing a montage of Seth McFarlane theme songs consisting of the following: The Cleveland Show American Dad Family Guy
Lexus December to Remember Advert (1950s Edition )
This is what the Lexus December to Remember advert would look like in the 1950s (minus the 2017 RX of course)
Another Hilarious Scene from King of The Hill
This is the scene when Bill does a shotty job by half-cutting his fellow base member's hair just so he can go see the Harmonaholics.
WGBH LOGO (2017)
WGBH Logo (2017) after the credits of Arthur.
Lexus December to Remember Ad (Haunt Edition)
Lexus IS Commercial on HLN with a twist
More than a Woman- Aaliyah
More than a Woman Courtesy of Aaliyah