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Senator Merkley on PIPA and SOPA
Senator Merkley gives a video response to Oregonians who wrote in about the Protect IP Act and the Stop Internet Piracy Act.
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The SAFE Lending Act: How We Can Stop Abusive Online Payday Lenders
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley outlines the ‘Stopping Abuse and Fraud in Electronic (SAFE) Lending Act,’ legislation to crack down on some of the worst abuses of the payday lending industry and protect consumers from deceptive and predatory practices that strip wealth from working families.
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Merkley to EPA: We need to act on Portland toxic air crisis
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley discusses the urgent need to act on the alarming Portland toxic air crisis and protect public health at the Senate Environment and Public Works hearing.
Merkley Takes Aim at Opponents of Health Care Reform
Opponents of health care reform are recycling stale talking points designed to kill any plans for reform. Senator Merkley takes aim at these irresponsible tactics and makes the case for quality, affordable care for all Americans.
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The 100 by ’50 Act: Transitioning America to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy by 2050
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley explains why we must combat climate change and transition America to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050.
Merkley: We Must Save Oregon's Rural Post Offices
Jeff Merkley responds to constituents who wrote in to his office concerned about the status of rural post offices in Oregon.
Merkley Speaks Out Against Keystone XL Pipeline
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley speaks on the Senate Floor opposing a bill to fast-track construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and explaining why the pipeline would hurt Americans while giving special deals to a foreign corporation.
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Merkley White Board: It's time to Reform the Senate with a Talking Filibuster
Senator Merkley takes to the white board to explain the talking filibuster and why we need to reform the Senate.
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Senator Merkley HSBC Q and A
Senator Merkley questions regulators over the lack of criminal prosecutions in the HSBC case
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Merkley Questions Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Round 1
As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley questions Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson at his confirmation hearing.
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Senator Merkley Questions NY Fed President on Too Big To Jail
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley questions William Dudley, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, on whether financial regulators have truly ended "Too Big To Jail."
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Merkley Questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf on Illegal Accounts
Following Wells Fargo’s widespread illegal activity, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley demands accountability from Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on September 20, 2016.
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Merkley Questions EPA Pick Scott Pruitt
As a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley questions President-Elect Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nominee Scott Pruitt at his confirmation hearing.
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Offshore Drilling: Merkley Calls on Trump and Zinke to Listen to Oregon's Local Voices
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley spoke on the Senate Floor on February 6, 2018, in opposition to the Trump administration's plan to drill off the coast of Oregon.
Senator Merkley: It Gets Better
Senator Jeff Merkley added his voice to the It Gets Better Project to help raise awareness about bullying in our schools and to let LGBT youth know that life will get better. Senator Merkley stressed the need for parents, students and teachers to stand up against bigotry and help make our schools a better place for all of our kids.
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Senator Merkley Speaks Out Against GOP Tax Scam
Following the Senate Budget Committee’s party line vote to move the GOP’s tax bill forward, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley spoke out against the plan and encouraged Americans to make their voices heard.
Merkley Reads Coretta Scott King’s Letter
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley reads a letter in opposition to Jeff Sessions from civil rights icon Coretta Scott King. Senator Elizabeth Warren was censured for reading the same letter on the Senate Floor earlier.
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Keep it in the Ground: Combatting Climate Change by Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley explains the importance of combating climate change and how we can reduce carbon pollution by keeping fossil fuels in the ground.
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The American Savings Act: Building a Retirement System for the 21st Century
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley explains the importance of creating a retirement system built to succeed in the 21st century. In the video, Senator Merkley illustrates how by creating American Savings Accounts and improving Social Security benefits, we can give all Americans access to a universal, portable, simple and personal retirement savings plan, and give hardworking Americans a little more security in their financial future. Merkley.senate.gov/Retirement
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Merkley Discusses Solutions to the Mortgage Crisis
In Senator Merkley's first floor speech, he addresses the mortgage crisis and calls on Congress to take aggressive steps to restore fair rules of the road for the American homeowner.
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Merkley on Countdown:  Corporate Culture Must Change at BP
Senator Jeff Merkley appeared on Countdown on MSNBC to discuss BP's long history of egregious worker safety violations. He stressed the need for BP to change its ways and finally put people before profits.
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Merkley: Keep fossil fuels in the Ground
Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Bernie Sanders, and national climate leaders hold a rally to unveil major new climate legislation to combat climate change and keep fossil fuels in the ground. This legislation for the first time will aggressively tackle the role of extraction of oil, gas and coal on federal public lands in contributing to climate change.
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Merkley Questions NSA Chief Alexander on Phone Data Collection
Senator Merkley asks the NSA Chief what authorized investigation gave NSA the grounds for acquiring his cell phone data.
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Fixing the Filibuster - The Rachel Maddow Show
Senator Merkley appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to discuss the need to fix the filibuster and end paralysis in the Senate. Merkley is proposing modest rules changes that will encourage debate and require Senators to remain on the floor if they want to filibuster a bill.
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The Constitution Must Be Upheld
Senator Jeff Merkley spoke on the floor following the vote on the Defense Authorization which would allow the indefinite detention of any American.
Senator Merkley discusses why he’s supporting Medicare for All
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley spoke on the Senate floor about why he’s co-sponsoring Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill.
The Reality of Employment Discrimination
Senator Merkley, joined by victims of workplace discrimination, speak out about the importance of passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Senator Merkley, along with Senators Snowe and Collins, introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to ban unfair treatment in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
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Merkley to Secretary Jewell: End the Coal Leasing Program
March 2, 2016—Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley asks Interior Secretary Jewell about the urgent need to end the federal government's coal leasing program and keep fossil fuels in the ground.
Merkley: Senator Merkley Discusses Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland
5/19/15 - Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley shares his thoughts after meeting with Chief Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, and the urgent need to fulfill the Senate's constitutional responsibility to hold hearings, debates and votes in committee and on the floor.
Senator Jeff Merkley Invites You to a Town Hall
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley invites Oregonians to share their ideas by participating in a town hall near them.
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Senator Merkley Responds to New GOP Health Care Bill
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley releases a video statement after Senate Republicans released a new draft of their proposed health care bill.
Senator Merkley Calls For International Action and Aid Following Crisis in Burma
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley spoke on the Senate floor to call for international action and humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya people following escalating violence in Burma.
The Worst Idea From Any Presidential Candidate. Ever.
Today, after GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump issued a proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley strongly denounced the proposal on the Senate floor, calling it “the single worst idea I have heard from any presidential candidate, ever.”
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Jeff Merkley Pays Tribute to Senator Mark O. Hatfield
Senator Merkley pays tribute to Senator Mark Hatfield, who passed away in August 2011
Senator Merkley Speaks Out Against EPA Nominee Wehrum
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley took to the Senate floor to speak out against the nomination of William Wehrum for a top EPA position. Wehrum has refused to acknowledge the clear human impact on climate disruption and downplayed time and time again the dangers of mercury and power plant emissions.
One year later: Honoring Umpqua Community College victims
One year following the tragic UCC shooting, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley spoke on the Senate Floor today to honor the victims, including his relative Rebecka Ann Carnes.
We Must Strengthen the STOCK Act
Senator Merkley joined Senator Sherrod Brown on the floor to voice support for their amendment that would ban the ownership of individual stocks by Members of Congress.
Merkley Calls on Americans to Resist Trump’s Dangerous Tilt Toward Authoritarianism
Senator Merkley denounces Trump’s attacks on judiciary and opponents, scapegoating of minorities.
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Merkley: Senate GOP Budget Fails the Middle Class (Full Video)
Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley takes to the Senate Floor to explain how the Senate GOP Budget favors the wealthy and well-connected while failing America's middle-class families.
Climate Disruption Quiz Episode 3
Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley hosted his climate disruption quiz on the Senate floor.
Merkley Presses Agriculture Secretary Perdue for Assistance for Klamath Basin
As the Klamath Basin faces another potentially devastating drought, Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley presses Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue for assistance.
Clean Energy is an Easy Choice
Senator Merkley makes his opening remarks at the EPW markup of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.
Merkley Blasts Efforts to Derail Wall Street Reform
Today Senator Merkley spoke out against those who are working to derail Wall Street reform and maintain the current system of tax-payer funded bailouts for big banks.
Public Option Will Bring Down Health Care Costs
On MSNBC, Senator Merkley discussed the importance of including a public health insurance option in health care reform to create much needed competition and lower costs.
It's Time to Fix the Filibuster
Sen. Jeff Merkley discusses plans to restore real debate and deliberation to the Senate.
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Senators Hold Press Conference Decrying GMO Labeling Proposal as Inadequate
U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Jon Tester (D-MT), Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) hold a press conference on July 6, 2016 to express their concerns over the Senate proposal for the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs) and to emphasize the importance of protecting consumers' right to know what is in their food.
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Merkley Slams Trump Administration
This is a scandal. At the start of hurricane season—when American citizens in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are still suffering from FEMA’s inadequate recovery efforts—the administration transferred millions of dollars away from FEMA. And for what? To implement their profoundly misguided ‘zero tolerance’ policy. It wasn’t enough to rip thousands of children out of the arms of their parents—the administration chose to partly pay for this horrific program by taking away from the ability to respond to damage from this year’s upcoming and potentially devastating hurricane season.
Merkley Grills OCC Chair Curry on JP Morgan Trades
In a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill, Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley sharply questioned OCC Chair Tom Curry on the types of trades made by JP Morgan that led to billions in losses.
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Creating Jobs through Increased Lending to Small Businesses - The Ed Show
Senator Merkley joins Ed Schultz to discuss how increased lending to small businesses can create jobs. Merkley and Schultz also discuss the chances for the public option in health care reform.
Senator Merkley Urges Action on Health Care Reform on CNBC
Senator Merkley discusses health care reform with Larry Kudlow, Trish Regan and Senator Gregg on CNBC.