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Nowhere to run flash video
This was an old flash video I found on net with George Bush And Colin Powell sung to a derived tune of the 'Banana Boat Song' Note may contain some political humor and some may find offensive if of certain nationality. Even though I do not believe bin laden had anything to do with 9 - 11 I think this is a fun video
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Kingdom Hearts II Little Mermaid Clip 4 -Redone
This is the 4th of the musical game sequences Of Kingdom Hearts 2. More of the sequences good or excellent. uploaded as higher quality enjoy click my name for more of these
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Kingdom Hearts II Little Mermaid Clip 5 -Redone
This is the final full sequence of the Atlantica section, recorded in a bit better resolution. (NOTE YOUTUBE sTill reduces it) click my name to see all 5 main clips of this
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Little Mermaid Clip From Kingdom Hearts 2-P3 Redone
This is the 3rd of the musical game sequences Of Kingdom Hearts 2. More of the sequences good or excellent. uploaded as higher quality enjoy click my name for more of these
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Little Mermaid Clip From Kingdom Hearts 2-P1 Redone
This is a higher resolution of the clip 1, all areas are good or excelent so you can see all sequences
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Dark Cloud Funny clip PS2
This is a scene that actually appears in Dark Cloud 1 check it out see what you think :) You see the fortune teller in 1 town every time she tells a fortune this happens.
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Playmania Video Clip
This clip is from a TV quiz show called PLAYMANIA. this is a LIVE broadcast and a clip from around easter. What makes this clip unusual is i made the pic she is viewing during the day of easter and she commented on it. She had people e-mailing her and on one e-mail she requested 'bunny ears' so I gave it to her.. here is here response I used real bunny ears on the pic. Though uninententionally i believe it looked like a different animal. click my name for more videos will show a similar response to a more famous hostess
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Playmania Video Clip 2
This is a second one i did for the show 'Playmania' The hostess in this show is also co-hostess of the quiz show 'Lingo' this is a picture i sent to her via e-mail and they played this live on National telivision (just like the other one) See the video of her response. Playmania is a live quiz show you can either text in to play, or play on-line. The hostesses leave e-mails of which you can send pictures or messages to them. It was created just before july 4th msg me if you want more info on the show
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Kingdom Hearts II Little Mermaid Clip 2 -Redone
This is the second little mermaid clip from KH 2 in a bit better resolution all tasks either good or excellent
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Phantasy Star Universe
Ahh just a random clip of a character I made in extra mode in PSU Get the game it's Kewl if you like RPG You must unlock 'extra mode' in order to gain special customizable outfits and special gameplay. not sure when that happens in game though This is from the PS2 version
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Joseph Smith God Of Lies - remake
A pic + text slideshow presentation I made borrowing some others art in someplaces adding a few tweaks to the images . Comparing Joseph Smith to Satan See if you agree. Most of the statements in this video can be researched and verified even from the LDS own site. An acceptable audio from Youtube was replaced on this -
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New Magic Wear Required by the LDS Church
Don't tell anyone but the LDS initiates are now supposed to wear new magical items in order to surf the internet and to only see the Truth Of the LDS CHURCH. This video is sent to all lds users that own computers.. Scary Isn't it?!??! New Headware Includes: Even More Magical protection symbols, Such As Ankh, Free-Mason, Pentagrams and more to protect all servents of the True Heavenly Father Mormo! Remember, like all magical mason underwear do not discuss these items with the general public.
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LDS Companion Piece for cartoon
This video is a piece that is based on the LDS Cartoon piece about elohim and Mormon Theology. It has factual text references for many of the key points of the video during it. This cartoon is okayd to be put as we please on Youtube by one of its creators, I have contacted him, and he said so. If you wish further detail of that please contact ed @ saintsalive . com (remove spaces) This video is basically for LDS members to understand the context of the video and its association with Mormonism. All reference materials is for Educating of Mormons past and direct quotes of LDS literature. To see the full movie this is associated with do a google video search and type "God Makers"
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Fallout 3 Fireworks 2 - Raiders
Raiders in Fallout 3 Now Become fireworks for your amusement NOTE contains text foul language Using my 'Shady Sands Shuffle Cheat' mod and pick pocketing raiders multiple times (2 of them) with explosive charges I did not have as many of the diff type explosives this time though This fallout 3 mod can be found for free here http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13198 If you have a better working card please do so with your own record software "By The Explosives Red, green and Blue Glare. The Raiders Burst in Air. Gave truth to the night that the SCAVs were no longer there! General explosives used - nuka grenades, Plasma grenades, Cyro grenades, pulse grenades Done in W I D E screen this time :)
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All Hail God-Rock
Here's a new God for you one, that does not judge you or ask you for money, or invisibly judge you and send you to a warm reception. God-Rock does not have a long book of really confusing laws! You can throw god-rock in the lake if he becomes judgmental if you pray to god-rock the same odds of him answering is same odds of any other god answering, Yes he will, no he won't or wait by freak coincadance it shall happen. All Hail God Rock.. All Hail God-Rock! Make your own god-rock in your own back yard! it's fun and its cheaper than going to church. God-rock is available anywhere rocks are sold, or you can just find god-rock on a vacant lot, or in a hilly area. Oh and for you hippies out there God-Rock is always stoned.. So he's HIP!
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Laughing Baby 3 or More Morg for the Money...
This is a remake of Laughing Baby 2 more pictures Updated with male voice instead of feminine.. Enjoy!
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Laughing Baby 2 Aka MORG
A funny video I slapped together I know the voice is a bit feminine sorry I used a digital voice syntheciser and it was the closest available match to what i wanted it to sound with being clear and realistic Not sure why the music merged in there oh well
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Fallout 3 Fireworks
A fallout 3 Mod I made For fourth of July. I set a mod where I could place multiple bombs in a victim, so I placed several of the in-game bomb types in the 'victim' this time a 'SLAVER' A death claw came in and joined he party as well It can be done in Shady sands shuffle cheat at http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13198 free fallout 3 mod Sorry it's in low res but I have a slow computer
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