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Unintended Acceleration - 2003 Chevy Malibu 3.1L V6
Footage from my dash cam on my 03 Chevy Malibu when I experienced unintended acceleration. After going 30-35 MPH, the car started flooring it out of no where. I first try lifting the gas pedal, pressing the brake, and then shifting into neutral while pulling over to shut off the engine. I found that the throttle cable to the cruise control module was pulled to WOT (wide open throttle). I had the cruise control on, but not set. Even pressing the brake did not cancel the cruise control module. The car did not redline, but bounced off the rev limiter quite a bit. I did not find any signs of immediate damage to the engine, and was able to free the throttle cable. And yes, this happened right near a police station.
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Volact - New Intro
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Final Intro
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Techno Tek arc
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