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1. Heritage Elder Law Intro
(Jeff Banner) “Hi, I’m Jeff Banner, and welcome to our website. I’m one of the founding partners here at Heritage Elder Law and Estate Planning. One of our primary missions is to help people find, receive, and pay for the care that their loved one is looking to obtain. Whether you’re looking to plan for the effects of long-term care, protect assets into retirement, or you already have a loved one in a nursing home, we have the answers and the guidance to help your family.” (Tim Sechler) “My name is Tim Sechler, and I’m a partner at Heritage Elder Law and Estate Planning, We started this practice because we saw in our own families how planning, or the lack thereof, can have a negative impact. When we work with our clients, we strive to give them the same service and guidance that we would expect our own families to receive.” (Jeff Banner) “Well, if this is the first time visiting our website, you probably still have a few questions. Feel free to read through the available resources that we have online, and if you still have further questions, contact my office and ask about free informational workshops that we hold throughout the month. (Tim Sechler) “We help families plan for the future. See, estate planning isn’t only about who gets your things after you pass away. A good estate plan also encompasses a plan for life’s unexpected events, such as the need for long-term care. At Heritage, we help our clients meet their goals both during their lives and their goals after they’ve passed away.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com
6. Workshops
(Tim Sechler) “At Heritage, we believe education is important. We think our clients need to know their options and what it takes to get their goals accomplished. Therefore, we hold workshops in our office and in the community several times a month. At these workshops, you’ll learn about Estate Planning tools like Wills and Trusts and Powers of Attorney. You’ll also learn about planning for long-term care. After the workshop, we’ll invite you for a free meeting with our attorneys to sit down and figure out what is important to you: What are your goals? What keeps you up at night? “To schedule for a workshop, please click the link or give our office a call.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com
Heritage Elder Law Protects What's Important To You
“At Heritage, we know you’ve worked hard. You’ve provided for your family and saved assets. Now, you need to protect those assets from the financial risk of long-term care. At Heritage, our lawyers educate our clients on the complicated government rules. We provide legal planning strategies to help our clients protect assets and preserve their family’s heritage. We are a veteran-owned law firm serving Pennsylvania families. We offer estate-planning workshops to help you learn how to maintain control and protect assets. We are Heritage, and our purpose is to help you protect what’s important to you.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com We are a full service estate planning law office working to provide peace of mind to our clients and their families. We strive to provide compassionate guidance to our clients to find, receive, and pay for long-term care, protect assets, and preserve their family Heritage. www.HeritageElderLaw.com
2. Estate Planning
(Jeff Banner) “Roughly, about 70% of Americans do not even have a will. Ask yourself this question: Did you spend more time this year planning for your family vacation than you did planning for retirement, or in the event that you are no longer with us? We see the ramifications on a daily basis of what happens when someone fails to create a plan. We see the financial cost of not putting a plan together, but more importantly, we see the emotional cost within the family of failing to create a plan, and often those ramifications last decades. The first step in the process is becoming educated as to the tools that are available. On our website, we have many resources where you can gain some of this information, but it’s my recommendation that you attend one of our informational workshops to start the process.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com
4. Medicaid
(Tim Sechler) “Well, if your family is dealing with a long-term care event, you understand that it’s affecting you across three domains. The first domain is a care domain: your family member needs care. The second one is a family domain: if your family member is receiving care, it’s going to affect the interactions between the families and have an impact on their relationships. There’s also a financial domain: long-term care is expensive. The only one of the three domains you have much control over is the financial ramifications of long-term care. “If you have a family member currently receiving long-term care, there are only three ways to pay. First, you can pay privately, but with skilled nursing costs in Pennsylvania exceeding $8,000 a month, most families can’t handle that burden. Second, long-term care insurance can pay for it. However, if we’re already dealing with a long-term care issue we’re too late for insurance. The third payment option is Medicaid. Medicaid can help pay for care in a skilled nursing facility or at home, but Medicaid is complicated. We help our clients try to understand how the Medicaid rules affect their long-term care needs, and how we can help them to preserve assets.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com
3. Asset Protection
(Tim Sechler) “You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets; you worked long hours and you saved when others spent. With those assets comes responsibility. You need to protect those assets for yourself, your spouse, and your loved ones.” (Jeff Banner) “Asset protection at Heritage is about making the best decisions we can today, with the tools that we have available, in order to protect your assets, your family, or even your small business from your creditors, predators, or a long-term care event.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com
5. VA Benefits
(Jeff Banner) “My partner Tim and I, we’re both veterans, and we understand that navigating the VA system can be difficult and confusing. Most people don’t realize that there are benefits out there available to our veterans and their families that can provide additional income up to $25,000 a year. These benefits are commonly referred to as ‘Improved Pension with Housebound Allowance’ and also the ‘Aid and Attendance Allowance.’ “We have the experience to help you understand the rules, determine if you’re eligible, and help families navigate the VA system. Call our office for a free consultation.” www.HeritageElderLaw.com