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Testing Capacitors part 1
This video shows the way I was shown back in 1962 how to test capacitors for leakage using an ohm meter by an old time radio & tv man.
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Testing Transformers for leakage windings to case
Using an ohm meter on the highest range. Common to transformer case, high side of ohm meter to winding. There should be no reading, meter should read inf.
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Variac and Dim Bulb Both Needed for Radio Work
One of the most important things you should have is what they call a "Dim Bulb Tester" is is nothing more than a bulb in series with the radio being repaired. If the radio has a short the bulb will likgh very bright. Small radios only need a 40 to 60 watt bulb depending on the current draw of the radio. Normal good working radios should cause the bulb to light very dim or not at all. Try differant wattage bulbs, start with a low wattage like 25 watt and go from there.
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Tour of my shop
Here is a tour of my workshop showing some of my test gear. I wanted to do some more testing of capacitors, electrolytic types but my Pyramid CR-1 bridge went bad on me. I will have to fix that, so here is a tour of my shop. When I ger the cap bridge fixed I will do the testing on electrolytics on a future video.
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Boxcar Willie Show 1986
This video I had taken in 1986 using a Panasonic PK-958 video camera and a portable VCR, it was no fun lugging that big heavy stuff around. I had recorded this at the Indian Ranch in Webster, Mass. back in the good ol' days when a person was able to record shows there. Back when country music was still COUNTRY.
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Basic Record Changer Servicing
Some basic tips on repairing record changers, oiling, cleaning, etc.
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How an Auto Radio Vibrator Works
Some of you guys have asked me on the "6 Volt Automatic-Radio" video, what is a vibrator or what does it do and how does it work. So here is a video showing what it does and why.
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How To Make a Dim Bulb Tester
This is a video I made for a YouTuber who asked me to draw out the circuit, so here it is.
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Basic Wiring  For The Do It Yourselfers
This is a video on how to change a worn out outlet, some very basic info. This is just a helpful how to video so you can do some of the basic outlet replacements yourself. I am not telling you how to wire your house, leave that to a licensed electrician. BECAUSE I HAD TWO WET BEHIND THE EARS PUNKS THAT DON'T KNOW THEIR ASS FROM THEIR ELBOW POSTING INSULTING COMMENTS, I REMOVED ALL COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO.
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Workshop Bygone Days
Here is a video of my shop and my test equipment, most of which is gone now. Background music by: Ray Greenwood, doing "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" and Smokey Greene doing, "The Druknin' Rat"
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First REAL Test For Our Generator
This is the FIRST time we had to use our Champion 3500/4000 watt generator for a power outage. Before that all I did was test it on a compressor, drill press, skill saw and other power tools. Our power was out about 4 hours and it ran out 15,000 BTU air conditioner just fine plus the tv and lights. I was getting an average of 122 volts and after it was running for 2 hours I got about 120 volts and the freq. was holding at 60.5 CPS.
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Checking New Old Stock Resistors
This video shows that just because a resistor is new (N.O.S.) that the marked value may not be that value anymore, it can change value over the years. Test them first before using them.
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Why I Am An Old Goat
This is for those of you who may want to know why I called my channel Old64Goat. Tommy recorded this on his Nikon L22 digital camera.
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How To Read Radio Schematics
By request from my youtube friend Ray here is a video on how to read a radio schematic.
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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Cars & Trucks
This little trick works very well for me. I have been using moth balls to keep the mice away from engine and inside of cars for years.
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Automatic-Radio 6 Volt Car Radio
This is an old 6 volt under dash car radio I found up in my old workshop. I never did a thing with this radio except open up the case. I thought some of you guys may remember this old radio. I plan on restoring it someday if I can ever get a dial glass (plastic) for it.
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I Don't Want To Use My Own Name For My Channel
What do you think?, I feel that if we all have to use our real names for our channels it would be just mass confusion trying to find someone's channel. I will leave the ratings on for this video.
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Tube Manuals & Other Reference Books
If you do anything with vacuum tubes you know how important a tube manual is. If your just starting out in this hobby you will need a tube manual. Tube manuals can be found on ebay, etc.
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EICO 147A Switch Repair
I thought I would try to repair the broken switch, nothing ventured nothing gained they say.
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A Package For The Old Goat
I received a package today from one of my viewers, you all will be the first to see what I got.
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The OLD GOAT Is Back
We lost power for 2 days, I will TRY to catch up on answering comments.
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Archive Those Tapes, But SAVE Those Masters!
Most of us has or have had VHS video tapes with precious family memories on them. I have family recordings going back to 1978 when I got my first VCR an RCA Selectivision top loaded 40lb. 2 speed VCR. Tapes back than cost close to $20 retail just for one TDK or RCA VHS tape! This video explains what I do to save those memories. The bottom line is do NOT throw out your master tapes after transfering them to DVD! No one knows how long a DVD will last! Save them, tapes are proven and are reliable IF stored properly and kept clean and in their cases and away from magnetic fields, like speaker magnets, etc. I have about 30 VHS tapes that were made before 1980 that play just as good today as they did when they were first recorded.
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"After The Big Storm"
The Afret effects of Irene. We were without power for 6 days, no water because the pump house in the park had no power. My Coleman Powermate 1850 kept our fridge working.
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Antique Radio Discussion "Filter Capacitors"
This video is about replacing the filter caps in an old 1930's vintage radio. Sorry I can't "show" you how to do it as I do not have any shop equipment or books here at home. Never plug in an old radio without using a "dim Bulb Tester", shown in another of my videos.
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My Hickok 6000A Tube Tester
This is my best tube tester, a Hickok 6000A. I use this to test the newer tubes. Hickok tube testers are one of the best tube testers if not the best you can get. There are better models like the 539, etc.
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Speakers and MORE Speakers
Most speakers today have a red and black speaker connection on the back so phasing them would be no problem, but many of the old speakers were not marked. If you don't get the phase correct you could lose alot of bass because one speaker is canceling out the other. I am talking STEREO or using MORE than one speaker on your amp or recordplayer. BOTH cones must move in the same direction (phase) to have the best sound. Also I talk about speaker impedence, if it is not marked on the speaker you can use an ohm meter to get a ROUGH idea of the impedence of the speaker
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Checking the power factor of electrolytics
Checking N.O.S. electrolytics for power factor loss. Forming up the electrolytic to its rated voltage which will inprove it's power factor. This is not always the case and some caps can't be reformed. But it works most of the time provided the cap has not been sitting around on the shelf 10 or more years. Even it your caps are very old but are N.O.S. try "forming" them up before throwing them out, what have you got to lose? This test is only done on new old stock electrolytics.
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Motorola VT-71  Part 1 Capacitor Replace
Part 1 of replacing the vertical coupling capacitors of a 1949 Motorola VT-71 7" television. This video was made in 2000 when I still had my shop. Part 1 of 2
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How To Make A Good Cup Of Coffee
I like my coffee, so I thought for the heck of it I would show you how I make my coffee. Of course if your into Star Bucks or Expresso, best pass on this video, cuz I don't tuch that rot gut. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Since I have been getting sarcastic remarks on this video I have dis-abled all comments. Some seem to think this is a joke and have nothing better to do than make sly remarks.
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Viewing Waveform of an Inverter
Checking the waveform on a car plugin type Inverter, like the type you would use to power a laptop computer in a car. I used my NLS MS-215 Miniscope to view the waveform. As you can see it is much more like a square wave than a sine wave, more like a staircase waveform. It is called a "modified Sine Wave" but look at the scope, it is a "stairCase" nothing even looking like a sine wave or so called "Modified" sine Wave. The scope used in this video can't respond to the fast rise time of the waveform, put your small inverter on a real good scope and you will see a "staircase" waveform. These will be fine for things like razors, light bulbs, even tv's as I have used it for that. I would not want to use it to power a laptop computer, although it may be ok, but would you want to chance it?? Get yourself a DC to DC converter (12 to 19 V. depending on your computer) if you want to use your laptop in the car, they do sell thim.
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When TV Was Good
This is just a few of the good tv shows we watched when we were younger. That was a much gentler time and happier time. The 50's were my best times.
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Testing Capacitors Part 2
This is the correct way to test capacitors, testing them for leakage by applying the rated viltage first. Than testing them for capacity using a capacitor bridge.
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An EYE & Cooking With OLD64GOAT
This video is one I will not do again and I will leave the ratings on. This is the ONLY time you will see a video of me cooking, I do not like cooking.
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1958 Morgan British Sports Car
This video was taken in 2007 at a antique car show. My friend Wayne Morse had this car for many years. I somehow misplaced the master DV tape, so I had to copy the video off a DVD I made at the time. So as a result the quality is not as good as I would like.
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A $5 Radio Yard Sale Find
I found this FADA model 115 at a yard sale, Could this be a Catalin radio?
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Flapping With a Hot Dog
I thought I would flap some over a hot dog & a diet coke.
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Another Goodie From EBAY
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"The Old Arm Chair" sung by OLD Goat
This is an old English folk song, I only heard one person sing this and that was Hylo Brown. I am sure it is an English song because they refer to money as "pounds", anyway I hope you like the way I howel this one.
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Soda Shops Old Cars General Store Drive-In's 50's & 60's
Some photos of a soda shop we went to in Bath, NH and other photos.
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Why Do I Keep Buying Junk I Don't Need !
The stuff looks good and I forget I do NOT have the room for it..LOL
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ISOLATION Transformer "MOD"
WARNING: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, UNLESS YOUR QUALIFIED DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! The first thing I have to do is make this isolation transformer safe. It had a BONDED neutral on the secondary winding, UNSAFE for use on a line connected hot chassis radio. CHECK OUT John's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf8xTRVXwmI
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Atwater Kent  model 82 untouched
I got this radio from my old grade school classmate, he knew I liked working on these and he gave this radio to me. We were in the same class back in 1955, 1956 and 1957. As most of you know I do not have a shop anymore and when I get set up in my other location I can restore this radio. In the mead time I have to store this in my shed, we don't have room for it in our small mobile home. So I just thought I would share this with my radio fans.
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Thank You SixtyFiveFord
I received a gift from Moe at SixtyFiveFord , I wanted to make this short Thank You video.
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"The Cat Came Back"
This video I took May.4,1995 at a local church, and with Lee Moore's permission I recorded the show using an old Sony CCD-V5 camcorder, not good in low light. Lee passed on about a year after this video was shot, I am glad I had a chance to meet him before he left us. I had spoken to him on the phone shortly after this show, he was a real great guy and had a great sence of humor, he will be missed. I used to listen to Lee when he was on WWVA in Wheeling, WV. "Coffee Drinking Night Hawk" The song "The Cat Came Back" was a minstrel song back in the 1880's
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"Don't Touch My Willie" sung by Tommy
You girls should get a kick out of this one. Done by my son Tommy and our friend Ray.
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