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Watch Tilly and Adam learn about adverbs. Can you do the homework? Enter your answers in the comment box :-)
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How to Share Equally - Introduction to Division.
Learn how to share different amounts equally with Sarah, David and a few animations. A good introduction in learning how to divide.
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Australian Money - Coins
Learn all the Australian coins through an animated rap. Coin Rap -- Lyrics My name is 5 cents and I like to get down, I'm the smallest of the coins but the coolest in town. An echidna's on my side and I'm rocking this joint, While I cannot buy much, that's really not the point. I'm a 10 cent coin, yeah haven't you heard, If you flip me on my back you'll see a lyre bird. I can buy a single lolly or something else small, But don't judge me by my size coz I'm pretty awesome y'all. The second biggest coin is me, the 20 cents, Yeah you'll find me in the wallets of the ladies and the gents. The platypus right on me is the way I'm recognised, And I'm not too big or small which makes me a perfect size. Yo, how you goin' dudes, I'm a 50 cent coin, You can see I'm pretty big which is sometimes quite annoyin'. I have twelve sides and I wear the Coat of Arms, I'm a legend yes you know it, coz I've really got the charm. What's up my boys and girls, introducing me the dollar, My gold and shiny surface adds a little bit of colour. There are many kangaroos a hoppin' on my sides, Yeah I'm happy to be me coz I'm doin' mighty fine. Hey there all you fellas, two dollars is my name, I'm small but worth a lot and know how to play the game. If I'm in your purse or wallet you can buy a lot you see, Now just look on my side check out the Aborigine.
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Fractions - Halves and Quarters
Learn about fractions with halves and quarters. Acknowledgement of artwork (character illustrations): 'Gerald_G' openclipart.org
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Watch Tilly and Adam learn about adjectives. Can you do the homework? Enter your answers in the comment box :-)
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Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
Learn with Tilly and Adam about common and proper nouns. Can you do the homework? Enter your answers in the comment box :-)
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Multiplication - Area Model Method
Learn how to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit using the area model method.
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Australian Money - Notes
Take an animated journey on the Australian Notes Train and learn all the faces that appear on both sides of the notes.
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The Jump Strategy
Learn how to use the jump strategy to add and subtract.
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Early Explorers of Australia
Learn about the Early Explorers of Australia in this animated rap. Lyrics to rap. Willem Jansz: Back in March 1606, Dutchexplorer Willem Jansz, Co-mman-ded the Duyfken ship,mapped 300k's of land, Sailing down the western side,of Cape York Pe-nin-su-la, He'd made history by dis-co-ver-ingthe land Au-stra-li-a. Luis Vaez de Torres / Pedro Fernandezde Quiros: From Peru two Spanish seamenwent on search for more terrain, One named Quiros had rebelliouscrew and not much did he gain. Torres led the expedition,he succeeded, found his fate, Was the first to sail the seasup north, it's now named 'Torres Strait'. Dirk Hartog: When Dirk Hartog sailed to Javathe 'Eendracht' was blown off course, His ship landed on an island,the strong winds had so much force. He continued sailing north,mapping the West Australian coast Then wrote a message on a pewterplate and nailed it to a post. Abel Tasman: In 1642 when asked to startexploring southern seas, Tasman commanded two shipsand navigated them with ease He first discovered Tasmaniaand named it 'Van Diemen's Land' Then found New Zealand and went backto map the space called 'New Holland'. William Dampier: An explorer, William Dampier,born 1651 Was first to circumnavigatethe world, he was an Englishman He sailed the 'Roebuck' to NewHolland but it took on water fast Though he managed to get good recordsof the surroundings at last. James Cook: It was on the ship 'Endeavour'that Cook found Bo-ta-ny Bay, Joseph Banks helped name the florathen they continued their way. Having found the eastern coast,Cook named the state of New South Wales, In Hawaii natives killed him,crewmen lived to tell his tales. Matthew Flinders: Matthew Flinders was the firstto sail around our whole country, With his wife living in England,his cat Trim was company. From his efforts we now knowTasmania is not joined on, Many landmarks with his nameshow that his legacy lives on.
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The First Voyage of James Cook
Be taken from Botany Bay to an animated journey of Captain James Cook and his crew on the Endeavour. What are the secret orders he was given once he finished his mission in Tahiti?
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2D Shapes
Learn the names and properties of 2D shapes through the form of a game, "Who am I?"
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Australian States and Territories
Learn about the Australian States and Territories through this fun quiz that explores different landmarks, flags, maps and icons.
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Multiplication - Algorithm Method
Learn how to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit using the algorithm method.
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Subtraction With Trading
Learn how to subtract with trading both visually and written.
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Multiplication - Repeated Addition Method
Learn how to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit using the repeated addition method.
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