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Finding used hand planes for cheap and repairing them with electrolysis.  For guitar building.
Plane shopping photos and Before and after photos of my project.. A brief explanation of the electrolysis rust cleaning process to encourage poor folk like me,to save money on good hand planes.As well as show off some home recording samples i made on the guitar here at the house. enjoy The schematic I used in the video is from http://lumberjocks.com/David/blog/2191
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Rokin with Hawk Hudson
They made up a beat and a bass line and I had to drum up something classic rock sounding for a small time killer....My time to improvise a bit so I took it away...first time hearing it on a recording but off a picture camera mic.. Guitar leads are done using little distortion from the crunch channel trying to maintain a classic rock type of sound to basically work for the whole set which includes , Alice in Chains to ZZ top..
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Rockin Hawkin
A few licks and tricks
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Baby ashton
im a paw pawl a miracle baby
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Old school home recording and wanking samples
It cost millions to produce this video. ehhhhh! shut up!
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Well we were just doing the for fun and it was recorded with other people's cell phones. Wanking is what you don't have the time to learn the song list like me. then try wanking it instead to make it look like you do know the songs. It takes a special talent but its easier for me to do it like that. Not easier for everyone but It always works for me in front of the drunk crowds...Wanking I say !!!!
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