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Abide with me
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God Rest Ye Merry - Infosys, Mysore
Shalom - Peace Everlasting Christmas programme, Dec 2014 Infosys, Mysore.
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Santa Claus Is Coming - Infosys, Mysore
Shalom - Peace Everlasting Christmas programme, Dec 2014 Infosys, Mysore
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What is Christmas
Shalom - Peace Everlasting Christmas Programme 2014 Infosys, Mysore
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GiveMeSunshine @ ProjectParty
Fun @ Project Party
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I just called to say
This song is dedicated to my wife to be :)
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PapaKehteHain @ ProjParty
Fun @ Project Party
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Papa Kehte Hain
The crowd puller Hindi song.. well known by all.. suitable to be played in college functions, office fun times, get-together parties, in bus/train while travelling with friends etc. Dedicated to all my friends with whom I've played this song!
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Anjabeda Preethi (Kannada)
This is a piece of the kannada song which was composed by me during my training days at work. I dedicate this song to Karthik Kulkarni, the guy who wrote it n inspired me in composing a song out of it! Will come out with a full version soon!
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