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Nose Bone vs. Nose Screw
Lost my original nose ring, so I found a replacement (nose bone). HORRIBLE experience, here's my story & suggestions.
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Captive Ring/How To
Old captive ring
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HELP.! i want to define my curls- roots & ALL
Jane Cater Nourish & shine TRESemme extra firm control TRESemme breakage defense conditioner
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Flaking from eco styler
Olive oil eco styler gel & suave naturals tropical coconut. Not sure if the gel doesn't mix well with my conditioner, but it flaked up on me & I hate it.! So I rinsed my hair of everything & started over, & used a different eco styler gel.
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Navel peircing infec./allergic reaction
step1-iodine before showring step2- sea salt & peroxide soak, in warm water (15-30min) step3- soak with saline solution (10-15min) step4- apply antibiotic & iodine mixture(with/w.o band-aid) leave over night. repeat before bed everynight
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Fun in Franklin Mills Mall 1
out with friends, & this is what they do.
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Here is my DEP tag, no I won't be tagging anyone. If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to message me or look me up on Twitter @agood_Strange.
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tat update & hair change.
Dark & Lovely Vivacious Red (394)
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Tat ep.3
All scabbed over. Healing well, a little itchy. So far it's on a good path
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Curly Girl Handbook 2nd edition by Magisto
Created by Magisto - Magical Video Editor (www.magisto.com)
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Fun in Franklin Mills 2
and the craziness continues
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Tattoo ep. 1
Day 1 after i got my 1st tat. (sept 12,2012 tat date) I'll be documenting the healing process & talking about my experience. So enjoy.!
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How To: make your own lip gloss prt 2
the items used are listed in the first video. Enjoy your own unique lip gloss.!
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CG Method wk2
weekly update of my method & new products. 100% Sweet Almond Oil (GNC) Burt's Bees more moisture conditioner (target) 100% Rosemary oil (GNC) Shea Mousture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (walgreens)
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End of week 1
Yesterday (Saturday, October 6, 2012) was the end of week 1 of my CG Method. Didn't notice much change, i do see more curl definition around my ends but not much in my roots. My hair does feel soft when wet, but dry & brittle after it air drys. I've been using Suave tropical coconut & the yellow eco styler.
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Tat ep2
Day 2 I feel scabbing.! lol
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Fun in Franklin Mills 3
the last of the craziness. gotta love these crazy people.
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How To: make your own lip gloss
petroleum jelly tinted/flavored lip gloss vanilla flavoring (optional) empty lip gloss container *available at Micheals*
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Natural Hair in the Navy/Military
I do have natural hair, & like many of you I was wondering how I can style it/take care of it. Well this video explains everything, that I know thus far about hair care in BMT. If there was something you wanted to specifically know, that wasn't covered feel free to message me or look me up on Twitter @agood_Strange.
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