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Finn Chambers® AQUA Product Demo
The Finn Chambers® AQUA patch is moisture resistant and will remain in place even if the patient takes a shower or works out.
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patchProtect™ Product Demo
patchProtect™ provides a moisture resistant cover for patch test panels.
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allergEAZE™ Clear Product Demo
The allergEAZE™ Clear patch test chambers feature a clear polyurethane panel that provides excellent moisture resistance, reliable adhesion, optimum skin occlusion and increased comfort for the patient as the panel material flexes to allow greater freedom of movement.
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patchMap™ Product Demo
patchMap™ creates a permanent record of the placement of patch test panels.
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Reveal & Conceal | Nickel and Cobalt Allergy Spot Tests | SmartPractice
Test for nickel or cobalt in metal objects with easy-to-use swabs and then protect yourself using Conceal Clear Coat™ Now available at myskinallergy.com -Detection solution & applicator all in one - Cotton tip swabs - Convenient - carry them in your purse, bag or briefcase - Safe, effective, easily disposed - Use at work, home or while shopping for jewelry, belts, tools, utensils, etc. - Does not harm metal objects tested or coated - Detects nickel or cobalt in seconds Reveal the presence of Nickel or Cobalt SPOT TEST Directions for Use: 1. Remove and reverse white sleeve to expose test swab. 2. Hold tube between fingers and easily squeeze the white tube cover until you hear the snap allowing the liquid to soak the applicator tip swab. Conceal the available Nickel or Cobalt CLEAR COAT Directions for Use: If nickel or cobalt is detected, simply coat the object with the Clear Coat to prevent direct nickel or cobalt contact. SmartPractice Dermatology/Allergy
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TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser
TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser provides a precise dose of allergen every time it's used.
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