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Andreas Cahling at 60 - Posing muscle control #1
Flexing and tensing is part of my training - 27 days after the IFBB Masters Mr Olympia, 2012. www.andreascahling.com
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - dumbbell chest training
A workout set of dumbbell flyes and presses.
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Andreas Cahling - Steroid Secrets of Golden Era
Andreas talks candidly about Steroids and other drugs used during the bodybuilding golden era.
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Andreas Cahling - stripping down to pose
At World Gym, Vista, California.
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Andreas Cahling talks testosterone in English
Andreas candidly gives his views on low testosterone and the possible solutions.
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Derek Beckstrom & Andreas Cahling
Back training at World Gym, Vista.
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Andreas Cahling sobre la Testosterona en Español
Andreas compartir sobre la Testosterona en tu idioma.
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Andreas Cahling in "Better by the day - day 3" by Rich Piana
With Rich Piana by our booth at Muscle Beach International Classic.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - posing freaky muscle
Compulsory bodybuilding poses and a few more.
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Andreas Cahling - abs without abs training
Just a few words on sharp abs.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - dumbbell biceps curls
Off season high rep set for biceps.
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Andreas Cahling - Testosterone and steroids part 2
Talking about hormones.
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Andreas Cahling - organic pancakes and eggs
Organic pancakes, organic eggs, ginger juice and wheatgrass juice.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - Posing in the gym #5
Daily practicing the moves and groves until the transitions are like artistic emissions coming in droves.
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My Ric Drasin Original Tank Top comes off
Starting up my posing practise again.
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Andreas Cahling speaks Testosterone in Swedish
Testosteronbrist ar ett utbrett problem bland Svenska man i alla aldrar.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - Ich liebe dich
Just off season flowing to music. This song is in german by Dana Winner.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - strangers in the night
Off season posing.
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My Hormone Replacement Therapy
For many years some of you who have followed me have wondered how I am able to maintain my physique despite my age. A long time ago I became aware of the relationship between aging and decreasing hormonal levels. I have for many years been on a doctor prescribed Hormone Replacement program. Today I am on a complex physician guided hormone replacement program through Apollo Lifestyle consultants. So, what is the difference between doing cycles of so called Anabolic Steroids vs a physician guided hormone replacement therapy program? Synthetic anabolic steroids mimic the effects of the male sex hormone, testosterone which is a natural anabolic steroid, which can increase muscle mass and strength in short periods of time. There are some highly toxic synthetic anabolic steroids as well as some with very low toxicity. However they all have the common side effect of disturbing your own body’s production and balance of hormones. Hormone replacement therapy does not have to use a synthetic testosterone steroid, but can use a pure form of testosterone, identical to the testosterone produced by your own body, it is called bio identical testosterone and comes without additives from a Compounding pharmacy (contrary to testosterone obtained at a regular pharmacy). The difference between hormone replacement therapy and the use of so called anabolic steroids has a lot to do with non-medical versus medical use, and the use of synthetic forms of testosterone versus the use of pure bio identical testosterone. So there are good and there are bad steroids. There are no common traits (benefits and risks) when it comes to steroids that goes across the board. The subject of legality is mostly about expired patents, competing drugs with current patents and other economic and political factors. There’s no getting around the fact that our bodies age. For men, as we get closer to the middle age mark, natural testosterone production in the body begins to slow down by about one to two percent each year – though this can vary widely. Physicians have been seeing this occur with alarming frequency in much younger men. Some of them as young as the late 20’s to early 30’s. Even some teenage boys today suffers from low testosterone levels. Around age 50 or so, about one-half of men will experience what’s known as “andropause,” which is the result of declining levels of androgenic hormones in the body. The symptoms of andropause will vary from one man to another but may include a decrease in energy (lethargy), diminished libido or less interest in sex, erectile dysfunction (ED), muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings or depression and more. Because of the symptoms’ similarity to what women experience in menopause, andropause is sometimes referred to as the “male menopause,” The goal of hormone replacement therapy is to return abnormal hormone levels to a patient’s previous physiological peak normal and to treat certain medical conditions. Hormone replacement therapy has been used for reductions of heart disease, abnormal blood fat levels, high blood pressure, strokes, type-2 diabetes, and early death. HRT starts with a blood test and medical examination to determine testosterone levels and uncover any potential health risks. This is an important-and necessary–step in order to be certain that testosterone deficiency is indeed the root of the andropause symptoms and not diabetes, hypertension or the result of taking certain medications. HRT has proven beneficial to men suffering from symptoms of andropause resulting from a testosterone deficiency in a number of ways including: Increasing sex drive Increasing muscle mass Increasing strength Improving mood Increasing bone density These are just some of the benefits that are associated with a properly-administered, medically-supervised HRT regimen. Once treatment begins, HRT recipients are monitored for possible side effects or adverse reactions to the treatment. Generally though, this is not the case. The overwhelming majority of HRT recipients are very satisfied with the results, generally reporting few, if any, negative side effects or consequences. If you think you have some of the symptoms of a hormonal deficiency or a hormonal imbalance that I have described above or if you are self medicating, do yourself a favor and seek a consultation with the trained physicians at Apollo Lifestyle Consultants and investigate hormone replacement therapy as a way to greatly improve your life, health and how you feel. https://goo.gl/EKQGNz
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Andreas and Urey - cable push downs part 3
triceps, training, exercise
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - one arm dumbbell rowing
One arm dumbbell rowing is a basic back exercise.
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At 62 - light weight high rep barbell curls.
Biceps barbell curls.
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At 64 - Posing in the gym.
Off season freestyle posing.
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92 years old dancer - Zydeco Blues Patrol
Local San Diego Zydeco Cajun Louisiana Style Music. Energetic 92 year old.
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Cahling - Master Roshi, Muten-Roshi, Kame-Sen'nin,
Andreas Cahling at 60 posing to Dragonball Z music.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - Posing in the gym #26
A few more poses. 28 days after the IFBB Masters Mr Olympia, 2012. www.andreascahling.com
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At 62 - posing practice at World Gym, Vista.
Off season posing in the gym.
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Andreas Cahling - back training session
Back training routine at Berry's Studio, Oceanside, California.
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Andreas Cahling - forearms barbell curls.
Forearms barbell work at World Gym, Vista.
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Andreas Cahling - HGH and Insulin in Bodybuilding
Andreas talks candidly about Growth Hormone and Insulin while mentioning IGF-1 and Research Chemicals used by athletes and regular citizens as well.
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Andreas Cahling - high rep chest training
Andreas doing a progressive high rep incline dumbell flyes set for a serious muscle pump.
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Copy of Andreas Cahling at 60 - dumbbell biceps curls
Off season high rep set for biceps.
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Andreas Cahling - coaching Urey doing chin ups
Back training at Coach Berry's Studio, Oceanside, California.
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Rich Piana & Andreas Cahling meet again.
Reunion on Muscle Beach, Venice, Ca.
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Andreas Cahling - one and two legs presses
Legs training at Berry's Studio, Oceanside, Ca.
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Andreas Cahling - Testosterone and steroids
Andreas talks about anabolic androgenic steroids.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - Posing muscle control #4
Interpretative and improvised posing of Swedish muscian dr alban's hit song "I'ts my life".
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - posing mit liebe
Off season shape update to German music by Dana Winner.
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Andreas Cahling - cable work for shoulders.
Variations of cable shoulder raises filmed at Coach Berry's Studio.
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Kung Fury - IMDb All time most popular short film
Andreas and director Titus Paar talk about the inctedible popularity of Kung Fury and their upcoming joint project "Legend of Dark Rider" to be filming the winter of 2016/2017.
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Andreas Cahling
Andreas Cahling Magazine Covers.
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Andreas Cahling at 60 - posing to Roxy Music #1
Free improvised posing interpretation of "Virginia plain" by Roxy Music
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Cahling - Urey and I blasting with the arm blaster
Using the arm blaster at Berry's Studio, Oceanside, California.
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Ed Corney in Muscle Beach Hall of Fame 2015
Ed Corney starred in Pumping Iron. One of the all time greats.
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Urey - Pull ups on Venice Muscle Beach 2015
Venice Muscle Beach contest Labor Day 2015. Urey competed in the women's bodybuilding category.
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Andreas Cahling - Urey and I doing leg extensions
Leg training at World Gym, Vista, California.
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Andreas Cahling - The true survivor.
Posing to Kung Fury music at Berry's studio.
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Andreas Cahling - light weight shoulder raises
Light weight high repetition dumbbell shoulder raises. Off season training at World Gym in Vista.
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