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Expedition Rowboat demo video
The Expedition rowboat is was designed by Julie and created for Julie and Colin Angus's seven thousand km rowing from Scotland to Syria. This 18' rowing scull is now available in kit form for those who wish to have the same boat.
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RowCruiser - The Ultimate Sailing Canoe
We've adapted our canoe-shaped rowboat into a performance sailing vessel. This is a very versatile boat that includes a full length sleeping chamber, seven sealed compartments (including the amas) for seaworthiness, and a sliding seat rowing system. The main hull can simply be rowed on it's own as a capable human-powered craft, or the amas and sails affixed for exciting performance. The craft is constructed from straightforward stitch and glue construction and plans and kits are at www.angusrowboats.com
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Oxford Wherry 16
Plans and kits for this boat are available at www.angusrowboats.com. It is a 16' rowing vessel fusing elements from traditional wherries and Whitehalls with modern design. The result is a very lightweight (53 lbs), versatile and fast boat. For those that include functionality in the "elegant" equation, this boat is as elegant as they get.
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Rowing Across the Atlantic on Discovery Chanel
In 2005/2006 Colin and Julie Angus rowed across the Atlantic from Portugal to Costa Rica. Discovery Channel's Daily Planet met them when they reached shore and produced this episode.
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Angus Rowboats Lightweight Drop In Rowing Unit
Colin gives a tour of the Angus Rowboats designed ultralight drop in rowing unit. This 14 lb sliding seat rowing system can be used in many open boats such as canoes and wherries.
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Rowing Across the Atlantic on CBC Sunday News
Mini-documentary on CBC Sunday News highlighting Julie Angus's row across the Atlantic Ocean and her book Rowboat in a Hurricane.
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Canada AM Interview with Julie Angus
Canada AM interviews Julie Angus about her rowing journey across the Atlantic Ocean and her book Rowboat in a Hurricane.
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Maiden voyage of camper rowboat
Maiden voyage of camper rowboat
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Rowed Trip Film Tour Intro
This is the intro film clip for the Rowed Trip tour.
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rowboat stability and capsize demonstration
Expedition model rowing boat (scull) being tested for stability. Boat is also capsized and re-righted to demonstrate ease of recovery. Not one cup of water remains in the cockpit after being completely inverted. Recovery from capsize takes approximately 20 seconds, although capsizing is extremely unlikely. More information on the Expedition Model Scull can be found at www.angusrowboats.com
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Motivational Speaking by Colin and Julie Angus
Julie and Colin Angus draws on lessons learned in extreme environments to motivate and inspire audiences to reach their goals and overcome challenges. They are bestselling authors, adventurers, and documentary filmmakers. Colin completed the first human powered circumnavigation of the planet and Julie is the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland. They are both recipients of the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award. They have addressed hundreds of groups including professional associations, school districts, government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations. For more information see http://angusadventures.com.
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Autonomous Sailboat
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Julie and Colin talking with Daily Planet
Julie and Colin being interviewed by Daily Planet discussing their recent expedition rowing from Scotland to Syria and the boats they used.
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Testing Autonomous Boat with New Drive System
We've now completed many of electronics systems for the autonomous solar boat and have installed them in the prototype for further testing. We have radically redesigned the overall drive system, and have opted to use an inboard motor rather than an external pod design. We have brought on a new sponsor, UK FlowTechnik, who has provided us with a German-made top quality magnetic coupler. This will allow the torque from the motor to be conveyed through the boat hull to the propeller without requiring a hole in the boat, improving efficiency, longevity and ensuring the boat is completely watertight.
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Overview of Autonomous Boat Prototype
We're developing an unmanned autonomous boat and will attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 2018.
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Autonomous Boat Prototype Testing
This is a test of the navigation system for our 24' autonomous boat prototype. We are creating a boat that will attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 2018. The final boat will be solar electric, and will be more robust, along with a self righting system. Average continuous speed of the boat is 4-5 knots depending on solar conditions. Progress of the journey can be followed at www.angusadventures.com
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First Launch of Autonomous Boat Prototype
We're developing an unmanned autonomous boat that will attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 2018.
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The Hour with Colin Angus
George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Colin Angus about his human powered circumnavigation and his book Beyond the Horizon on The Hour.
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Keel and rudder
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Olive Odyssey Trailer
This is the trailer for our documentary Olive Odyssey covering our sailing adventure exploring the mysteries of the olive tree.
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Women in CleanTech Challenge
Julie Angus's introductory video for the Women in Cleantech Challenge. Julie was selected as a finalist and will receive $800,000 in financial resources and support from MaRS and Natural Resources Canada to develop their autonomous energy-harvesting boats and grow Open Ocean Robotics.
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Colin Angus on Zed
Near the beginning of Colin Angus' career as an adventurer, CBC's Zed show follows Angus around as he transforms the hurdle of his publisher's bankruptcy into an opportunity.
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Julie at IdeaCity
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