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My Experiance With Tysabri for Multiple Sclerosis
Be sure to check out my blog at http://www.mattsms.com !!!!
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Living With Multiple Sclerosis - I CAN HAS LDN!
http://www.mattsms.com/2011/07/i-can-has-low-dose-neltrexone.html That's right! I CAN HAS LDN! Saw a new doctor in Palm Springs Today and FINALLY got some REAL help! I hope this works!
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Living With Multiple Sclerosis - Another Flair Up of Symptoms
Having another flair up, I can barely walk....
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MS Walking Progress -- Walker, Cane, No Hands! 4/7/12
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Matts MS: Living With Multiple Sclerosis - Where Have I Been?
http://www.mattsms.com Alright so trying to briefly catch everyone up because I realized I never explained that I am not doing as well now as I was a few months ago when I was filming myself out on hikes and what not. Tried to keep it As brief as possible!
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis - Exacerbation 2.0: MS HUG
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Double Vision, Vertigo, Walking, Multiple Sclerosis Sucks!
http://www.mattsms.com VISION LOSS: http://www.mattsms.com/2012/05/multiple-sclerosis-and-vision-loss.html
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis - First Copaxone Self Injection
http://mattsms.blogspot.com/ - This is technically my second injection of Copaxone however, it is my first time injecting myself using the AutoJect 2 self injection device. I will be posting a more instructional and informational video on self injecting very soon, this is more of a journal/ documentary kind of video for my blog, thanks for watching!
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Matt's MS - What it's Like Living With Multiple Sclerosis Part 2
mattsms.blogspot.com Just updating my opinion on what it's like living with multiple sclerosis (based on my experience), feel free to ask me ANY questions you like!
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Ankle AFO for Foot Drop - Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
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Lemtrada Day 234 Roughly 7 Months Post
Be sure to check out my new blog mattsmultiplesclerosis.com - It's a work in progress
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis: Vision Flare Up
Had some vision issues, thanks heat... http://www.mattsms.com http://www.mattallengphoto.com
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MS Symptom - Fine Motor Skill Loss - Progress
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Hospital, MRI, Spasticity, Botox, Change?
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Matt's MS - How to Help Beat MS With Non-Controversial Stem Cells!
http://www.mattsms.com http://www.giveforward.com/msisbsmattcanhasstemcells# My name is Matt, I am 22 year old, and for 2 years now, I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis. To learn more about what MS is, what stem cells are, and how you can help Matt (me) get a stem cell treatment to try o beat his (my) MS, watch this video and then visit the above links! Thanks!
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Noise Sensitivity & Tysabri Update
Have a severe noise sensitivity? Let me tell you what it really is! Been doing physical therapy and finally my 1 year update on Tysabri and wether or not the drug is killing me :p
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Tysabri Has Made Me SO MUCH BETTER! Hike??
http://www.mattsms.com Yeah, looks like the Tysabri and ACTH is changing my life, I never though I would see this day!
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Multiple Sclerosis Walking Progress - 4/11/12 - CANE
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Matt's MS - Spasticity and Pain, Oh Yeah, Stem Cells??
http://www.giveforward.com/msisbsmattcanhasstemcells http://www.facebook.com/stemcells4mattsms THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis; 2 Days Post Lemtrada
Feeling so sick...
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Matts MS - Update - Was in Hospital Again
http://www.mattsms.com Listed my symptoms, medication, and oh, went back to hospital, yay. At least the move is over and things LOOK like they are turning around... Knock on wood...
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Lemtrada Year 2 - 1 Week Post
My first week after my second year of Lemtrada was not too bad at all.
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Video Update -  Had a Great Day! Insomnia, Flexeral, snd Amantadine
http://www.mattsms.com Had a great day the other day, the next day sucked and I am slowly trying to reach that "baseline again. New Meds for MS symptoms, they kind of help but kind of suck...
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis: REMISSION
mattsms.blogspot.com - A Very Important announcement!
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Quick Update; Relapse, Cannabis Oil, Starting Lemtrada
OK, as you will quickly notice, I am exhausted and it shows in my speech. It's hard to not slur and even harder to say what I am trying to say. Hopefully this relapse will be over sooner than later http://www.mattsms.com
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Multiple Sclerosis and Sound Sensitivity (Test)
This is kind of what my noise sensitivity can be like. Sudden noises like plates or cupboard doors trigger my sensitive startle reflex. Sometimes it all sounds mixed together, it stresses me out! http://www.mattsms.com
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis - How I Have Been Since Ireland
Just checking in... It's been so long, I know, but I am still trying to figure out how to start fresh. I explain in the video haha... http://www.mattsms.com
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis; Lemtrada Day 1
First day of Lemtrada, finally! This was a very last minute video; things did not go according to plan as far as posting a video goes. Either way I would say my first day went pretty well, http://www.mattsms.com ---- My Blog
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Matts MS - Matt is In Ireland and Feels Great!
As the title says, I am in Ireland and I feel GREAT! http://www.mattsms.com/2013/03/my-ms-heat-intolerance-stress.html
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Matt's MS - Copaxone: How to Self Inject With the Autoject 2
http://mattsms.blogspot.com/ - This is a follow-up video on my first Copaxone injection, it's more of a educational video on how self injecting works using the Autoject 2 device but remember, you should always attend yourself injection training orientation!
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Lemtrada Round/Year 2
Year 2 of Lemtrada - 3 day recap
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis - Matt's Home Peripheral Vision Test
mattsms.blogspot.com - This is my own peripheral vision test I made to help me monitor the progress of my eyesight while waiting to see an optometrist lol.
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Progress - Walking, Vision, Piano, and Fatigue
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Matt's MS: Shortness of Breath - Keeping Busy!
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What it's Like Calling CA State Disability
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Acthar (ACTH) Injection for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day 1&2 - What is It?
Video 1: Day 1 & 2. Check out Mattsms.com for more!
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Matts MS - Lemtrada Day 33 - BPPV?
Trying to catch up, also it's starting to look like I may have BPPV which would mean my vertigo has nothing to do with MS. http://www.mattsms.com
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Lemtrada Year 2; 10 days post - Side Effects; Rash
A quick update, 9 days after my infusion and I got the rash...
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I Was in Colorado
I visited Colorado, it was kind to my MS! READ ABOUT IT; http://www.mattsms.com/2014/04/i-am-in-colorado.html
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Walking Progress
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Matts MS - Symptom Update: Depression and cog Fog
It has been a crappy week...
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis - Post Lemtrada Day 12
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mattsmultiplesclerosis BLOG: http://www.mattsms.com http://multiplesclerosis.net/author/MattAllenG/
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Matt's MS - Walking Update 5/2012
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Matt's Multiple Sclerosis; Lemtrada Day 2
Day 2 of Lemtrada! Very un-eventful day; not sure if that is a good or bad thing?.. Sorry about the poor audio and weird cropping, something went wrong with the aspect ratio... http://www.mattsms.com
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