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Menhera Fresia / メンヘラフレシア gameplay
I got the game here: http://nekocharon.web.fc2.com//menhera.html also i can't understand japanese at all.
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Misadventures of Circle: Circle goes to school
where it all started.
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Top 10 Status Healing Items in Pokemon
i typed hp but the voice said horse power lol
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Knockoff Golden Freddy plush
I ordered a Golden Freddy plush online and it's fake.
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Totally real FNAF minigame
yeah this is totally real
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Misadventures of Circle: Circle's Birthday
circle was first drawn on september 21th 2016. however, in the series his birthday is october 5th.
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Misadventures of Circle: It's a horrible life
literally the only reason i made this was to prove a point
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Misadventures of circle: HELL-oween
this is canon
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Misadventures of Circle: Circle Christmas 2017
i made this in under an hour
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SPOILERS for misadventures of circle
these are real spoilers. i'm posting this just in case i never make another video again.
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Misadventures of Circle: Mr. Pentagram's revenge
this was supposed to be the second episode, but some stuff happened and got pushed back
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Misadventures of Circle: Triangle's family reunion
the triangle dialogue is very important and you should take some time to decode it. it is very important to the story of misadventures of circle. this message is definitely not a prank.
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Misadventures of Circle: Circle runs a marathon
based on a true story
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I quit (nevermind)
I quit forever. (nevermind)
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Misadventures of Circle: The Last Epsiode
The series finale. It has everyone. I wanted this series to be bigger, developed characters, overarching story, but I guess that'll never happen now. Oh well, I don't really care. So yeah, last episode. That's cool.
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