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How to remove window crank 1998 Volkswagen Jetta
I looked all day at the internet for a solution even the Volkswagen dealer tells me about a metal clip get a knife in there. So after staring at a picture of a replacement crank I figured it out on my own. Please reply on other years and models this applies to also. I quite like that it's rather easy but then people can take your crank rather easily too. Still,replacing a door window in these cars is rather easy and you need to know how this comes off so I hope this helped somebody.
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Buggy Bike Ride with drum brake fixed wheel 36T and 15T Jack Shaft
The CVT is still not going to top gear but it does get close. When I install that freewheel on the jackshaft I think I'm gonna go with a 16T. It's nice to finally have front brakes. I still need to switch out that thick chain on my pedals but that's it.
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Walking around the flea market
Man was it ever crowded today. Just walking around with my host home guy.
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First  Ride Video Titan Front Wheel Drive Buggy Bike with CVT mod
I have to get used to this thing. You have to let your engine rev a little high so that the CVT catches up with your speed. I have to say it's quite eerie but at the same time it just RULES. Notice I use a 5 speed cluster wheel because it freewheels. The freewheel makes pedaling this trike like there's no engine when I need to turn my engine off like when I'm entering a park or flea market! Later plans call for getting this gearing a little lower by changing the 15 tooth jack shaft sprocket to a 16 tooth.
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Easy Titan chain adjustment
You can eye ball it when adjusting your chain but if you have that Monk condition I actually do to a point and you want to adjust your carrier PERFECTLY then watch this video. When you adjust it this way you really can just leave it be. I still check my adjustments daily before every ride. Check with your nut and bolt and you can pick up everything and catch possible loose nuts whatever in about 15 seconds.
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I'm showing what I done with my Buggy Bike. Highlight here is the 16T freewheel sprocket on my Titan kit. I may need to go with a 14T for the 16T is geared way low. Also that CVT adjustment.
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BB ride
Sorry my finger cut this video off when I was riding but you see how she runs. Up a slight hill the CVT wants to stay in low gear. Top end is good but down low I'm literally crawling so I may need to switch my 16T freewheel to a 14T. That 14T I'll be able to keep up with scooters how crazy is that?
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Riding the Buggy Bike in 1st gear
Just finished walking the dogs now cruising on the Buggy Bike. Today ruled.
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Insane Hail storm in July
Returning to Colorado from New Mexico we spot this huge hail cloud that seemed to reach beyond the sky. We entered it like you would enter a cave then suddenly we had to pull over for we couldn't see in front of us at all. I almost caught a semi Jack Knifing in front of us but he corrected. Boy was hauling ass. Rental car had no damage. Thank god I vouched not to get the insurance.
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Waiting on the bus from Downtown Denver
Just waiting for the bus ride home. Today was fun. Doing absolutely nothing downtown beats watching movies and playing video games at home any day of the year.
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Flat Tire Two Hours Later
I haven't eaten or drank anything this entire day. Two hours into my walk home I'm experiencing severe dehydration because my legs are just cramping up man. When I finally made it home an hour later after shooting this video I drank from the garden hose and tended to my cramped legs. Dehydration is no joke. No joke whatsoever. But this video I think is lol. I'm determined to lose weight. I'm currently 280 and I'm 5 foot 8 I need to drop to about 200. Then maybe I won't get so many flats. I need to do this if I want to do the distance daily on my motored bicycles.
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Wal Marts!
Rode the Buggy Bike to Wal Marts!
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My bikes
Gotta work on them today. easy fixes. Too cold for riding today anyway.
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The You Tube Communication Thread!
Communication. It rules. http://www.asylumnation.com/asylum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=52076
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waiting for the bus
This fool ran the stop sign and like people don't know how to make a full stop. This corner during the week is littered with kids for there's a convenient store behind me. People are dumb.
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Walking 16th street mall and talking very good.
It's March 14th 2009 and we just missed the St Patty's day parede but there's still stuff going on. We are taking a walk and I am talking very nice.
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Walking Cronus in Downtown Denver 16th street
I rode 75 miles this day on Cronus here I'm walking down 16th street looking for where I want to eat lunch.
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MOOP2 suffered a bad rod bearing a few months ago so it sat around. DAX gave me a nice deal on some broken down salvage engines and I put this puppy together over a few months. I had to hold my camera phone to my mouth so sorry about the sky shots. Today feels like summer man. Some of the noises are my chain hitting my rear fender but I kinda like all the extra noises. It really feels like I'm riding an antique motorcycle.
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A Moment of Meditation
I have found reality and it is glorious.
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Driving Luther to Brighton Colorado
Going to pay my property tax. It's fun filled.
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July 4th in New Mexico
Compared to Colorado.New Mexico throws down. You can't do this in Colorado without SWAT coming to your home after lighting off just one. Sorry dark video.
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Snow Dam part two!
Yes today is the best day of my life.
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pride fair 3
Denver Colorado Downtown
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Snow Dam!
I like snow. Snow is fun. You can have fun too.
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I just planted 36 red salvia's in front of my house and 2 rose bushes and enjoyed it for exactly one day because the very next day a $%^#ING HAIL STORM STRIPPED MY SALVIA'S OFF ALL OF IT'S BEAUTY!! It will grow back. It will grow back.
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pride fair 1
Denver Colorado Downtown
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Denver Zoo
I made a friend today. He was mimicking what I was doing. It ruled.
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Waiting on the bus again
It's March 14th of 2009 and we are going downtown. We already missed the St Patty's day parade but we are gonna check it out anyway. It's gonna rule.
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pride fair 4
Denver Colorado Downtown
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My Morning Coffee
Buddy of mine gets me coffee beans it's aromatic yo. There is nothing like fresh ground coffee from frozen beans.
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pride fair 2
Denver Colorado Downtown
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The Spring Blizzard in Colorado today from inside my house.
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Buggy bike CVT Titan initial install
This Titan kit mod is a bolt on. The 10 tooth sprocket that comes with the Titan kit is a bolt on. The CVT clutch housing and mounting bolts also a bolt on. Still need to flip the carrier so the CVT sprocket will line up to the Titan jack shaft sprocket. Then maybe I'll retain the 3 speed eh eh eh!!!!
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Cinco De Mayo Fair in Downtown Denver
They do this every year close down the streets. It's rather fun with games,rides and free concerts and stuff.
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Flat Tire
Extra thick slime tube. 40 psi of air. It exploded. I was actually 7 miles away from home. I really think my 280 pounds of weight is just too much for what I'm asking my rear tire to do with most of my weight on there and having my drive engine on there too. Tire is Kelvar. I'll go back to a NoMoreFlats tube. Problem with those is sometimes you can't get them perfectly aligned. But it won't leave you flat. And that's more important to me. I really did to buckle up and lose some weight. For real if I want to continue riding. My front tire incidentally is my original tire and wheel. 6,000 plus miles and still good thread. Back wheel has been changed 4 times it's a wheelman wheel now and I've gone thru 6 tires. Go figure.
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