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Northglenn Colorado Trail
Going North from 84th street to 92nd street via bike trail
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70cc bicycle engine clutch mod
I rigged a better clutch cable design on my 70cc bicycle engine. The original way get's too close to the engine and has a pretty hard kink before the cable reaches the clutch arm. This design allieviates the kink and another benefit is the absolute ease of engaging the clutch now. More information here: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=100405#post100405
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Fuel mileage on my Titan
I rechecked my Map Quest again and I had actually travelled 26 miles,just 4 miles short of 30. This tank takes a liter of fuel or 1/4 of a gallon of gas or in today's prices about what? 85 cents to fill up? Range should be 40 miles. That's 160 miles per gallon boys and girls.I'm thinking it's more,though. And I weigh 275 at the moment. Can anyone say "Stick it to the man?" Check out the Titan at thatsdax.com
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My coaster brake on Cronus
A little video on what a bike motor will eventually do to a coaster brake. Easy fix. Lots of grease packed in then it was like new again. Funny how a coaster brake needs grease for it to work right.
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BIG Bass in Colorado locally
Adams County Fairgrounds. And I couldn't catch any. I need to get a better lure. It can't be me. NO WAY!!
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Denver Trails
My Motored Bike Cronus,on the trail The engine is a Titan Rack mount from thatsdax.com. This engine is so quiet for a 4 stroke,if you listen over my singing,the chain noise you can hear over the engine. I used my camera phone. Even my voice comes clear.
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Buggy Bike on a stand
To the curious,my Titan mod 12 tooth to the jackshaft to help out the 28 tooth gearing on the wheel. It worked out quite nicely!
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First real attempt at lacing a wheel
Gotta give props to these guys: http://www.bikewebsite.com/build.htm Those boys made it rather easy. I took my time but it didn't take that long at all. Now I have a 3 speed 20 inch wheel for my buggy bike! It's gonna have gears! Stay tuned.
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Me and Cronus on TV!!!
Sorry I don't have a decent editing tool for my Mac but you'll find me and cronus at about 4:50 in the video. I feel like I rule right now!
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 1
Welcome to my mind. Ride along as we discover just what is going on inside Large Filipino's head.
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My Buggy Bike!!
Named after the developmentally disabled man that passed away,this was his bike. He called me "Buggy" whenever he said hi. I motorized it! Engine borrowed from Cronus. Carrier from Cronus. Cronus has a new Chrome Carrier. When funds become available,Cronus will get a new engine. But for now,swapping is no big deal. For more info on this Titan engine visit ThatsDax,com First ride with Dozer as a passenger. Dozer is a Dashound one of five little dogs that I own.
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Duane on the buggy bike!
Duane from thatsdax met up close to where I live so he can check out the buggy bike!
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 2
I'm getting wet. But it's okay. I'm saving gas! There is something wrong with me.
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Denver Trails 4
Further down Speer trail nearing Cherry Creek,I get all excited about my bike.
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My EMO moment riding Cronus
And passing a cop on his cruiser on the bike trail. Did I get stopped? No. We waved at each other. You'll see that at about 3:10 in the video.
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Midnight Club 3
PS2 still rules.
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Criusing on the Buggy Bike with goggies!
Right now my gearing is quite high. This is at 1/4 throttle going easily 25 mph. With this gearing I've seen 35 with some juice left. Way too tall gearing for me. Will fix soon. Anyway,short video with Baby and Jo Jo on board!
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Returning home from the flea market with Cronus
I bought 3 cantaloupes and a watermelon!!
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 3
I made it. I'm too wet to get inside. But I dried up in the bathroom. Later the sun came out so overall The ride was extraordinary. Highly recommended.
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3 speed Buggy Bike
My riding video of my recently converted 3 speed buggy bike thanks to an old school 3 speed hub I laced on a newer rim. Yes.
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The Mugtoe Club
Mugtoe club. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 1
It's raining but it's okay. I'm gonna save me some gas. I'm sticking it to the man!!!
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The Bumblebee
Dudes. It's been like 5 years since I last saw a Bumblebee. And they are like extinct almost cause of all the stuff going on in the world. So this is like a big deal. When was the last time YOU saw a bumblebee. Think about that for a while,then let me know.
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Winter riding my Buggy Bike
Come rain come snow come cold come whatever,NOTHING will stop me and my Buggy Bike... except maybe a tornado.
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Denver Trails 2
Riding thru a seedy part of the trail. Homeless hang out right here in droves. You wouldn't think it was this way just looking.
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My Goggies
Ollie,Arial,Baby,JoeJoe and Dozer!
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At the Flea Market with Cronus
I made it!
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Large Filipino teaches how to Hypermile!
Large Filipino teaches the world how to hypermile a full size f-150 Ford Truck that gets 15 mph with the a/c running. And co-starring croc two! Make this your favorite video. Do this now.
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Riding Cronus without engine
Short video to show how relatively easy it is to ride cronus with engine off. No chains were removed. I simply had my engine shut off. My cruiser is a single speed coaster with 44/16 gearing. Within the park I don't dare ride my bike with engine running. Just another versatility to my bike. Motor up to the park then get you can get your excersise in when you get there. Sticking it to teh man!!
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 4
Ride along with Large Filipino while he tells you what is in his mind...
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My thoughts
My thoughts on some things messing around
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Denver trails 3
Going thru confluence Park then down the Speer trail.
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Large Filipino finds the find of the century!
It rools. Make this your favorite video. Do this now.
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Sticking it to the man!
At the gas station with Cronus,My motorized bicycle. After the video,my reserve canister took 60 cents more. My tank will take me 40 miles minimum. My reserve another 30,so for $1.40 I can go 70 miles minimum.
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 3
Ride along with Large Filipino part 3
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Saturday Downtown Denver 16TH street
Messing around nothing else to do took the bus supafly.
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Fishing with Cronus
I did some fishing this morning at EB Rains park (Webster lake park) in Northglenn,Colorado. Showing off my bike and it's utility.
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 2
Ride along with Large Filipino part 2
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Walking Dozer at the park 2
Only a few feet and Dozer took to this harness. Here I am embracing teh win over me Alpha Male.
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Walking Dozer at the park
Walking Dozer trying out his new harness. This dog likes to squirm out of a regular collar but seems to like this one.
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Riding Cronus to the Flea market
Riding Cronus to the Flea market with trailer came up to an obstacle.
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Walking my goggies at EB rains park in Northglenn
We rode the buggy bike up and it ruled today is tuesday it ruled today yes.
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Where's Mordecai?
Looking for Mordecai at Cherry Creek. I couldn't find him. I bet he was scoring.
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Ignorant drivers..
... don't know how to make a full stop at an intersection. Video was short because my bus was coming but out of like 100 cars that passed by only 2 that I saw made a full stop. Amazing the little things you notice when you are not driving a two ton cage. Frankly I really don't care but cops can have a total free for all here. They watch your wheels to see if they actually stop rotating when you're supposed to make a full stop.
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Thornton Colorado Bike Trail
From the new Wal Mart on 136th street to 120th street going south on the bike trail.
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Walking my dogs
I don't usually yell at them. Just showing y'all how I'm so not threatening to my goggies. This is Baby and Jo Jo. They RULE!!
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Meeting with bacidath pt 2
Mini pissup yo. bacidath in town. Shot the breeze.
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Meeting with bacidath pt 1
Mini pissup yo. bacidath in town. Shot the breeze.
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Avondale Designed this.
And he's not on tee vee! It's not fair! It's not fair!
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Riding Cronus to the bank
It's Thursday and I'm running to the bank to pull some cash for my daughter. It's the start of fall. Things feel cold.
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