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Free Chilton Manuals Online
You need a Library card and you're all set. It sure beats opening up Chilton books at a parts store then having to pay for it because you did. Best of all you can do this all at home. A MUST FOR HOME MECHANICS! Direct link: http://www.anythinklibraries.org/24-7-library
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Romper Room tutoral Photoshop Elements
How to put like different heads on bodies and stuff. I just figured this out today. Hope this helps someone. Elements is awesome. It's all I would ever need.
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How to remove window crank 1998 Volkswagen Jetta
I looked all day at the internet for a solution even the Volkswagen dealer tells me about a metal clip get a knife in there. So after staring at a picture of a replacement crank I figured it out on my own. Please reply on other years and models this applies to also. I quite like that it's rather easy but then people can take your crank rather easily too. Still,replacing a door window in these cars is rather easy and you need to know how this comes off so I hope this helped somebody.
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My coaster brake on Cronus
A little video on what a bike motor will eventually do to a coaster brake. Easy fix. Lots of grease packed in then it was like new again. Funny how a coaster brake needs grease for it to work right.
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First  Ride Video Titan Front Wheel Drive Buggy Bike with CVT mod
I have to get used to this thing. You have to let your engine rev a little high so that the CVT catches up with your speed. I have to say it's quite eerie but at the same time it just RULES. Notice I use a 5 speed cluster wheel because it freewheels. The freewheel makes pedaling this trike like there's no engine when I need to turn my engine off like when I'm entering a park or flea market! Later plans call for getting this gearing a little lower by changing the 15 tooth jack shaft sprocket to a 16 tooth.
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70cc bicycle engine clutch mod
I rigged a better clutch cable design on my 70cc bicycle engine. The original way get's too close to the engine and has a pretty hard kink before the cable reaches the clutch arm. This design allieviates the kink and another benefit is the absolute ease of engaging the clutch now. More information here: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=100405#post100405
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Riding a Penny-farthing  in the Colorado Snow
Look at what I seen today while waiting for the bus.
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BIG Bass in Colorado locally
Adams County Fairgrounds. And I couldn't catch any. I need to get a better lure. It can't be me. NO WAY!!
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Buggy bike CVT Titan initial install
This Titan kit mod is a bolt on. The 10 tooth sprocket that comes with the Titan kit is a bolt on. The CVT clutch housing and mounting bolts also a bolt on. Still need to flip the carrier so the CVT sprocket will line up to the Titan jack shaft sprocket. Then maybe I'll retain the 3 speed eh eh eh!!!!
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Me and Cronus on TV!!!
Sorry I don't have a decent editing tool for my Mac but you'll find me and cronus at about 4:50 in the video. I feel like I rule right now!
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Denver Trails
My Motored Bike Cronus,on the trail The engine is a Titan Rack mount from thatsdax.com. This engine is so quiet for a 4 stroke,if you listen over my singing,the chain noise you can hear over the engine. I used my camera phone. Even my voice comes clear.
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Walking around the flea market
Man was it ever crowded today. Just walking around with my host home guy.
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Buggy Bike on a stand
To the curious,my Titan mod 12 tooth to the jackshaft to help out the 28 tooth gearing on the wheel. It worked out quite nicely!
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Fuel mileage on my Titan
I rechecked my Map Quest again and I had actually travelled 26 miles,just 4 miles short of 30. This tank takes a liter of fuel or 1/4 of a gallon of gas or in today's prices about what? 85 cents to fill up? Range should be 40 miles. That's 160 miles per gallon boys and girls.I'm thinking it's more,though. And I weigh 275 at the moment. Can anyone say "Stick it to the man?" Check out the Titan at thatsdax.com
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Northglenn Colorado Trail
Going North from 84th street to 92nd street via bike trail
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First real attempt at lacing a wheel
Gotta give props to these guys: http://www.bikewebsite.com/build.htm Those boys made it rather easy. I took my time but it didn't take that long at all. Now I have a 3 speed 20 inch wheel for my buggy bike! It's gonna have gears! Stay tuned.
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Buggy Bike Ride with drum brake fixed wheel 36T and 15T Jack Shaft
The CVT is still not going to top gear but it does get close. When I install that freewheel on the jackshaft I think I'm gonna go with a 16T. It's nice to finally have front brakes. I still need to switch out that thick chain on my pedals but that's it.
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 1
Welcome to my mind. Ride along as we discover just what is going on inside Large Filipino's head.
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Knife how to
Butterfly knife how to. No sound for done off my digital camera but anyone can figure it out.
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St Patty Day 2010 Parade Downtown Denver
Some clips put together today.
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I'm showing what I done with my Buggy Bike. Highlight here is the 16T freewheel sprocket on my Titan kit. I may need to go with a 14T for the 16T is geared way low. Also that CVT adjustment.
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My Buggy Bike!!
Named after the developmentally disabled man that passed away,this was his bike. He called me "Buggy" whenever he said hi. I motorized it! Engine borrowed from Cronus. Carrier from Cronus. Cronus has a new Chrome Carrier. When funds become available,Cronus will get a new engine. But for now,swapping is no big deal. For more info on this Titan engine visit ThatsDax,com First ride with Dozer as a passenger. Dozer is a Dashound one of five little dogs that I own.
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Duane on the buggy bike!
Duane from thatsdax met up close to where I live so he can check out the buggy bike!
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 2
I'm getting wet. But it's okay. I'm saving gas! There is something wrong with me.
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My EMO moment riding Cronus
And passing a cop on his cruiser on the bike trail. Did I get stopped? No. We waved at each other. You'll see that at about 3:10 in the video.
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Denver Trails 4
Further down Speer trail nearing Cherry Creek,I get all excited about my bike.
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Midnight Club 3
PS2 still rules.
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BB ride
Sorry my finger cut this video off when I was riding but you see how she runs. Up a slight hill the CVT wants to stay in low gear. Top end is good but down low I'm literally crawling so I may need to switch my 16T freewheel to a 14T. That 14T I'll be able to keep up with scooters how crazy is that?
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Criusing on the Buggy Bike with goggies!
Right now my gearing is quite high. This is at 1/4 throttle going easily 25 mph. With this gearing I've seen 35 with some juice left. Way too tall gearing for me. Will fix soon. Anyway,short video with Baby and Jo Jo on board!
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Returning home from the flea market with Cronus
I bought 3 cantaloupes and a watermelon!!
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Flat Tire
Extra thick slime tube. 40 psi of air. It exploded. I was actually 7 miles away from home. I really think my 280 pounds of weight is just too much for what I'm asking my rear tire to do with most of my weight on there and having my drive engine on there too. Tire is Kelvar. I'll go back to a NoMoreFlats tube. Problem with those is sometimes you can't get them perfectly aligned. But it won't leave you flat. And that's more important to me. I really did to buckle up and lose some weight. For real if I want to continue riding. My front tire incidentally is my original tire and wheel. 6,000 plus miles and still good thread. Back wheel has been changed 4 times it's a wheelman wheel now and I've gone thru 6 tires. Go figure.
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Riding the Buggy Bike in 1st gear
Just finished walking the dogs now cruising on the Buggy Bike. Today ruled.
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 3
I made it. I'm too wet to get inside. But I dried up in the bathroom. Later the sun came out so overall The ride was extraordinary. Highly recommended.
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3 speed Buggy Bike
My riding video of my recently converted 3 speed buggy bike thanks to an old school 3 speed hub I laced on a newer rim. Yes.
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Our Chiuawa popped 6 puppies. Dad is a Dashhound.
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Insane Hail storm in July
Returning to Colorado from New Mexico we spot this huge hail cloud that seemed to reach beyond the sky. We entered it like you would enter a cave then suddenly we had to pull over for we couldn't see in front of us at all. I almost caught a semi Jack Knifing in front of us but he corrected. Boy was hauling ass. Rental car had no damage. Thank god I vouched not to get the insurance.
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The Mugtoe Club
Mugtoe club. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
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Riding Cronus in the rain PT 1
It's raining but it's okay. I'm gonna save me some gas. I'm sticking it to the man!!!
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A Choo Choo Train running at the Train Museum in Golden,Colorado. I enjoyed it. You will too. Or else. Trains are fun. Say it. Trains are fun.
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The Bumblebee
Dudes. It's been like 5 years since I last saw a Bumblebee. And they are like extinct almost cause of all the stuff going on in the world. So this is like a big deal. When was the last time YOU saw a bumblebee. Think about that for a while,then let me know.
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Winter riding my Buggy Bike
Come rain come snow come cold come whatever,NOTHING will stop me and my Buggy Bike... except maybe a tornado.
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Denver Trails 2
Riding thru a seedy part of the trail. Homeless hang out right here in droves. You wouldn't think it was this way just looking.
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My crocs and my friend's crocs. This makes me look cool. I'm cool.
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My Goggies
Ollie,Arial,Baby,JoeJoe and Dozer!
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At the Flea Market with Cronus
I made it!
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Cinco De Mayo Fair in Downtown Denver
They do this every year close down the streets. It's rather fun with games,rides and free concerts and stuff.
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Large Filipino teaches how to Hypermile!
Large Filipino teaches the world how to hypermile a full size f-150 Ford Truck that gets 15 mph with the a/c running. And co-starring croc two! Make this your favorite video. Do this now.
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Riding Cronus without engine
Short video to show how relatively easy it is to ride cronus with engine off. No chains were removed. I simply had my engine shut off. My cruiser is a single speed coaster with 44/16 gearing. Within the park I don't dare ride my bike with engine running. Just another versatility to my bike. Motor up to the park then get you can get your excersise in when you get there. Sticking it to teh man!!
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Riding North Side with Cronus. Part 4
Ride along with Large Filipino while he tells you what is in his mind...
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Waiting on the bus from Downtown Denver
Just waiting for the bus ride home. Today was fun. Doing absolutely nothing downtown beats watching movies and playing video games at home any day of the year.
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