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NV Dems "Caucus 101"
Adjacent to a fern, the NV Dems Caucus training team gives a brief overview of how the caucus works in Nevada.
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Full Context: Sharron Angle Runs Away From Reno Media
Just 24 hours after declaring her media stonewall was over, Sharron Angle has again run from the press and Nevada voters to avoid discussing her extreme and dangerous agenda. Complete video of the end of her event, Reno media attempting to talk to her.
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It's Always Sunny...on Caucus Day in Nevada!
With just one month (yes, literally 31 days) to go before the #NVDemsCaucus, we released a new video today to show Nevadans what Caucus Day will look like for them when they show up to help pick our Democratic nominee and 45th President of the United States.
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Nevada Republicans on Race and Voter ID
This video is about My Movie
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MSNBC: Heller Has "Managed to Insult Every Spanish-Speaking person in the State of NV"
Last night, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow called out Sen. Dean Heller over his papering over his record on immigration issues on his Spanish-language website -- something Heller failed to do on his English-language one.
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Heidi Harris: "Sharron Angle's Campaign Has Gotten Off To A Terrible Start"
Conservative talk show host Heidi Harris lays into Sharron Angle and her campaign team on MSNBC. Per Harris, "This is not the city council; this is the big leagues."
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Dems Trade Chickens For Checkups At Sue Lowden's HQ
Nevada Democrats try and put Sue Lowden's health care bartering "plan" to work by attempting to trade a goat and four chickens in exchange for some health care procedures. Sadly, Sue was of no help. In case you missed it, last week Sue Lowden suggested that Nevadans "barter" with their doctor as a way to obtain health care and reduce costs. To learn more about Sue's bartering plan, check out this link: http://bit.ly/bKO1Np
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KLAS: State Sen. Greg Brower Did Legal Work For Firm Under Investigation For Robo-Signing
Nathan Baca of KLAS Channel 8's I-Team reports on Nevada State Senator Greg Brower doing legal work for Lender Processing Services, a company being sued by Nevada's attorney general for engaging in the practice of "robo-signing," which has been responsible for thousands of wrongful foreclosures nationwide.
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Democrats: The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act - Maritza Perez
Maritza Perez a student at the University of Nevada Reno explains why the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is important to her and what impact it will have on the lives of Nevadans.
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Adam Laxalt-The Reviews Are In
Adam Laxalt-Not Qualified
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Vote Early. Vote Now
To find your nearest Early Vote Location go to nvdems.com/vote
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Nevada U.S. Senate Debate
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BACKLASH: NV Media Calls Out Heller For Election Year Attempt To Mask True Beliefs
Dean Heller is facing full-scale media blowback for trying to paper over his support for ending Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies and protecting taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil.
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NV GOP Chair Confirms Rep. Paul Ryan to Speak at State Convention
Nevada Republican Party Chair Michael McDonald confirms Rep. Paul Ryan will be speaking at the NV GOP State Convention in Sparks, NV.
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Angle Openly Mocked Health Coverage For "Autism"
Angle callously trashed the notion that insurance companies should have to cover "Autism" (the "air quotes" are hers, not ours) [Winnemucca Tea Party Express Rally, 8/29/2009]
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Hey Donald...
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Hugh Hewitt: I'm Going to Support Primary Challenger, Democratic Candidate Against Dean Heller
"Whoever's running against you in the primary, I'm for them, and then I think the Democrat ought to win. I think Dean Heller ought to be out of the Senate. Absolutely, 100 percent." From July 18, 2017
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