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"His World" Remake (Acoustic Rap Remix 2)
Here's a remake of a song I did years ago! I hope you guys like it! More music soon! Also little reminder, I will change my username in the near future soon. :P
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Dashboard lights go off when I turn on the lights? INFINITI G35 coupe possible fix/answer!
READ DESCRIPTION TO SAVE EVEN MORE TIME: Hey guys, here's another quick video about fixing something on an INFINITI G35 coupe! Basically, there's a switch to the left of where your left knee should be; near the trunk opening switch. If that doesn't fix it, then it could be something else such as wiring issues behind the dashboard lights or worst case scenario, the whole clusterboard needs to be replaced. I hope I helped you and have a good day! My car is an INFINITI G35 coupe from 2004 with the aero package (spoiler included from factory).
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10 sad rap songs
CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR PART 2!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG-YxbpgIDg&list=UU9678LQ_GCcviN5MfOPL2ig Please listen, these songs are great! I will make a "10 sad songs" for rock and rnb songs. DISCLAIMER; These are NOT the saddest songs ever, but they're just 10 SAD songs, NOT the SADDEST. Hope you guys enjoy. I made this video to prove that not all Hip-Hop is "Swag" shit. Enjoy! Also, if you like videos like this, make sure to check out my second channel called "LeftorRight"! Link to it here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKfxo8mqlURVasGGUG319A
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Wondering - Buckethead (guitar cover)
Here's my "Wondering" by Buckethead guitar cover! :D So far, this is one my favorite covers. I actually just learned this like 4 hours ago on the date I posted this lol. This song isn't as hard as it sounds but, it's not as easy as the tabs tell you... I can play this song even faster and flawlessly but, not when I record it. No matter the song, I always struggle recording myself because I get hella nervous. Anyways, I am NOT a fingerpicker so sorry if my fingerpicking technique is bad lol. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video and check out my fav guitarist Buckethead if you haven't!
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SONIC.EXE Hill Act 1.gym Rap/Hip Hop beat remix! (NEW 2013 Scary RAP BEAT!)
So I decided to make a rap version of this song because I just loved the song since the first time I heard it in Sonic.exe! It turned out to be pretty good even though I used a shitty DAW to make this song (Garageband, yeah, I know lol -_-) However, it's also pretty good since I'm an AMATEUR producer, just started making beats like 7 months ago, if I had a better computer that wasn't soo slow like my macbook, then maybe this beat would've sounded a lil' better. It's a little untimed in some spots, but overall, I like the gangsta scary rap feel to it. I think Eminem or 2pac would sound good rapping over this, hell, I MIGHT even do a Eminem or 2pac remix by editing their vocals over this dope beat! Obviously, I gotta thank the original composer of this nice beat (http://www.youtube.com/user/mihaelkYeah?feature=watch AKA Kyu S.) because without him, this beat would not exist! Hope you guys enjoyed it and please subscribe for more! P.S. Wow, this most be the longest description I've used in a LONG time! PEACE! 10/1/13 UPDATE! These are all RANDOM pictures! That chick with the Sonic.exe doll is NOT me! I am a male and no, I don't even have a Sonic.exe doll! Lol just wanted to clarify, peace!
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How to change the time of day or "weather" in Saints Row IV
Sup guys, so today I am bringing you a video on how to change the time of day in Saints Row IV! Sorry for the shitty quality, my other hd cam wasn't working :( Anyways, so to change the time of day in SR4, first you gotta finish the story first. Once you finish the story, you will be rewarded with a "Simulation Override" option that's really just an option to change the time of day. So how do you get there or do that? Go to the Ship in the real world. Then go to where Pierce is, there should be a computer you can use in his room. Use the computer, go to the "Simulation Override" option, and try all the options out! That I know off, the "Modern" and "Classic" options are daytime. Hope I helped! Please subscribe as I'll do more stuff soon. Peace! Weather Cheat Codes To activate cheat mode, pause the game, and select "Extras" and "Cheats". Select "Add Cheat" and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. lightrain - light rain heavyrain - heavy rain clearskies - clears up the skies overcast - overcast
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Best Rick Rolled Ever!
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Weird Japanese Swan "Party Toy"
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 11/28/13 Here's a video that was meant to be uploaded MONTHS ago. However, due to me being lazy and busy, a weird combination by the way, I delayed the video until now! Hope you enjoy this weird Japanese swan "toy" for children lmao. Expect more videos soon and I'll try to upload more videos regularly. Peace! P.S. This toy is definitely not "kawaii" lol.
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How 2 Download Free Music On Mac
1st tutorial b nice people!
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How to Make a Melody for Beginners (On a DAW/Computer)
Hey! Today I will be teaching you the basics on how to create a melody (for any genre really), and even spice it up a bit! First, pick a key and STICK to that key. Second, use notes in that key to do everything in your song (Melodies, basslines, wobbles, chords, etc). And finally, if you want, you can make the melody sound a little more complex by changing the note lengths, adding empty spaces, and maybe even doing harmonies... I don't explain harmonies in this video but I recommend looking up what a harmony is. And if you want to make your melodies even MORE advanced, then you can get into the sound engineering side of things. You can add filters, glitch effects, play the same notes in multiple presets at the same time, and much more. I also don't get into sound engineering stuff on this video so you're going to have to look else where for that. Anyways, if you have any questions, let me know in comments section down below. If you want me to make a tutorial on something else, let me know. Songs in intro and outro: Both unreleased by yours truly. I'll release them after a little while... ;)
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10 Sad Rap Songs Part 2
You guys wanted it, well here you go! :) I hope you guys enjoy it and yeah that's pretty much it. If you have a song that you want to recommend, leave it down on a comment! I will make more videos like this sometimes and I will also do other things as well. Ok I hope you guys enjoy and peace! Tha CrossRoads requested by codywettlaufer Money Trees requested by tellitubie123 Just Like Me requested by tellitubie123 Dance requested by mammassdf Rock Bottom requested by faouzi lakhlifi Mockinhbird requested by faouzi lakhlifi TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SR2FANOFGTASA4 GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108737315894315404757/108737315894315404757/posts YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/SR2FANOFGTASA4
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♫ Skulltey - Aquatic Mind (Free Trap/Rap Beat Instrumental) ♫
Hey! It's been a while since I uploaded something here. Go ahead and use this song in your videos if you want, it's free! :D All you have to do is put either this link or the download link to this beat; https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/aquatic-mind This track is way simpler musically and technically than my last one, "The Virtual World" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHEw0iXbUoI). However, I really like this one. It's simple but kinda smooth! More stuff coming out since I'm on summer break (finally!) and check out my YouTube Channel for extra stuff! Next song will be a dubstep one, what I'm known for. ;)
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His World Acoustic Guitar Rap Beat Version
Wow, this beat took me two hours! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this RnB/Rap beat. I think it sounds beautiful while it does have some flaws, this one is dedicated to all my friends and subscribers! Allright, now I am a beginner at producing beats so yeah... Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed my "His World" remix and peace out! By the way, the beat was made using Garageband!
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How to Make a Beat in GarageBand for Beginners, Using Better Drums!
Hello guys, today I teach how to use MUCH better drums on GarageBand! We all know GarageBand's stock drums are s**t, so today I teach how to use drum "kits" you find on the internet! It's quite a simple process, but you will need the Unarchiver http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/apps/unarchiver.html, If you have a WINDOWS or PC, and you want to make BEATS, guess what, there's a program called FL STUDIO for you guys which is AMAZING, it's Mac equivalent is LOGIC PRO! Anyways, GarageBand in my humble opinion, is underrated, I mean yes, it's not good for experienced producers, but for beginners, it's a great DAW. I will most likely start to make beats in LOGIC soon, so yeah! Expect more beats soon guys! P.S. If you're a brand new beginner, click on the link(s) to see some beats I made using GARAGEBAND with the drums I get on the internet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaMhOqpkgwg&list=UU9678LQ_GCcviN5MfOPL2ig Rap Beat
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3 Pedal-Point/Neoclassical/drills GUITAR licks (INC TABS)
Just me teaching 3 Pedal-Point/Neoclassical/drills guitar licks (INC TABS). This video is aimed at beginnerish people. :) At the end, I mentioned a tutorial I did in the past describing how to make a melody on a DAW. Here's the link to that; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JkLg05f9LI Finally, my future tutorials WILL get better; this was my first video edited using Sony Vegas lol. I will gradually change my name into Skulltey as you can see. Next week will either be a beat, or a commentary. Take care and share it with your friends if you liked this crap! :) Peace out.
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How to Burn a CD from your Itunes Library!
All the steps. Step 1: Get a CDR (They're cheap and awesome) Step 2: Open up Itunes Step 3: Insert the blank or CDR CD into your Macintosh computer. Step 4: Click on open on Itunes. Step 5: Click or make a new playlist and go to "File" and then click on "Burn Playlist To Disc" Step 6: Set up the settings to your likeing and that's it! Peace! I will soon upload a updated way on downloading music for free on a MAC! It's been requested by a lot of people but if you liked my first video on how to download music for free on a mac, you will LOVE this one! Please subscribe, rate, and comment. Adios!
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How to Favorite/Save a radio station in an Infiniti G35 coupe/older sedans
I'm surprised there's no videos on this topic at all on YouTube so I decided to make one! I'll definitely make more Infiniti G35 videos in the future as well. In fact, I've got another one coming this week for sure. Also, more videos that have nothing to do with my car or cars in general on the way as well. Enjoy your day!
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Dream Builders Car Show 2017 Basic Compilation
Just a small comp of a car show I went to like two months ago lol. Real content from me soon! Comment down below which car you liked the most! Personally, I loved the Nissan 350z, GTR, and the Dodge Hellcat Challengers the most. The Skyline R-32 was pretty neat as well! Song: After Party - Nicholas Hill
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Car Noob reviews his Honda Civic 2001 LX!
I was bored so I decided to make a video; So, what better video than reviewing my car just cause? Lol. In all seriousness, the car's great. It's extremely reliable, and I've only spent $10 in fixes (two fuses that were super old went out). Anyways, I hope you guys have an awesome day! If you have any questions about the car (whether they're about the model or mine specifically), please let me know. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day everyone! More videos in the future! Songs: Love U - Razihel Your Eyes - Geoxor
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♫ Skulltey - The Melodic Stop ♫ (FREE MELODIC DUBSTEP/BROSTEP SONG!)
Hey guys! It's been a while hasn't it? Here's a new song for y'all. As you can see, I'm getting better. :) I'm pretty proud of this one but, I still know I can do more. I hope you guys enjoy and peace! Download link; https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/the-melodic-stop You can use this song on your videos or whatever as long as you link either this video or the song's download link! :) Made on FL Studio 12 for those that care. I used vocal samples from Laurie Webb too. :P Previous Song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2W8fE5by74
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Sara Bareilles "Brave" Remake/Cover/Instrumental FL Stuido 11 (2014)
Hi y'all! This here, is another beat I present to y'all. Let me warn you, it's my first remake done by myself so I don't know if you guys will like it but hopefully you do! I will try to upload the FLP soon to get more views (lol) and so you guys can remix, edit, or whatever to the FLP. I decided to remake this beat because one, I really like this song, two, I wanted to do my first remake, and three, this is an appreciation to this wonderful song as it makes me feel better and this is my way of saying thank you! Anyways, expect more videos soon and soon you'll see some guitar covers! -SkrillFANofS0n1c Oh and ONE LAST THING, I also remade this beat because I was really surprised I couldn't find any remakes of this song that were made in FL Studio 11, well I guess here's the first! :)
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For Beginners; How to Make Your Kick Drums Hit HARDER or HEAVIER on FL STUDIO 12
Hey guys, here's a quick tutorial some people wanted me to make! I' more than happy to answer any questions or concerns so go ahead if you'd like! Also, if you want a tutorial on something else for FL Studio 12 to be taught in a more simple way like I did in this video, let me know too! I hope I helped you and yeah, peace out! :) Intro song and song I mentioned in the end of the video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_l3nIbRnu0
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Sonic.exe FREE download! (PC/MAC) +playthrough! VER 5
Phew! It was quite disturbing to be honest! Here is the game for the those of you brave enough! Hope you guys enjoyed the video, commentary, and please subscribe as I might tell two awesome creepypasta's soon! Alrighty, have a nice day and peace out dudes and dudettes! P.S. If you're younger than 14, DO NOT PLAY THIS SHIT xD MAC: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p87oziir4dv2iv3/SONICMAC500.zip Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3hxy5ei5bnc6ci0/SONICEXE500.zip UPDATE 7/18/13! If you downloaded the MAC VERSION and when you try to open the game up it doesn't work and you get a WHITE SCREEN, CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINK! http://www.mediafire.com/download/xmqw2815h7gd1xx/SONICexe2 P.S. I am playing the VER 4 in the video but, the links in the description are for VER 5! Well enjoy, I am NEVER playing this game again lol peace! First song is Abracadavre by Elena Siegman, and the 2nd song is Hail Mary (Instrumental) by 2pac.
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My First Dubstep Song/Beat ever made in FL Studio 11! (2014)
I like this beat a lot! I think this is one of my best ones! If you want to use/download this or any of my other beats, send me a PM here on youtube and I'll most likely say yes! Anyways, this is my first dubstep song/beat ever made in FL Studio 11 and I'm quite pleased with the result, the wobble in the drop(s) could've been a little better but I still think it's good enough. I have always wanted to make dubstep and well, here it is! This is also a thank you song for all my 200 subscribers! Thank you all and I'll work on some rap, trap, and dubstep beats in the future! I will also upload other types of videos not just music! Peace and have a nice day! Stuff I used: FL Studio 11 My Laptop running Windows 8 Massive 1.3 VST Nexus and I tried to somewhat master the song using FL Studio's EQ thingie!
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Electric Guitar Trap/Rap Beat "It's On" NEW 2014 FL Studio 11
Well, here's another beat! I like this but I don't love it, I wish there could have been more 808 but unfortunately I'm still not too sure on how to use it. But don't worry, I'll learn! :) This is also a thank you 225 subscribers video! I have gotten around 25 subscribers in only 2 weeks! Thank you so much! Now, let's try to get to 300 ok? If we do, I'll upload some FLP's plus another little surprise! ;) If you want to use this or any of my other beats, please let me know.
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Easy Guitar Solos; Crossing Field (SAO 1st INTRO Tabs inc. Kinda...)
Hello guys, and welcome to the first video of my new series; "Easy Guitar Solos"! I'll mainly teach solos that are known but not super known so you guys can learn many styles and add some licks from the solos I'll teach to your inventory. To be honest, the first pattern in this solo is a bit weird. Thus, this tutorial is far from perfect but, I'm sure you'll get it enough to understand and play the solo. :) I included some tabs in the video. However, the tabs are different than how I teach the solo in the video. They're mainly there for people who have experience. I hope this tutorial helped and stay tuned for more better ones in the future. Well, I hope y'all enjoyed and take care! More music and gaming stuff soon! :D
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How to open a file with a different app on a Mac!
How to open a file with a different app on a Mac! Or in other words, how to open a file you downloaded from the internet with a different application! More specifically, change the app a file opens with! Or however you want to look at it! This video was requested by some dude who needed help so, here you go! More videos coming up guys! P.S. Had to REUPLOAD this twice because the first time I uploaded this, it had a crappy quality!
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The Two Friends & I Am Lightyear - Your Song (Skulltey Trap Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Hey guys, it's been a while hasn't it? College has been kickin' my ass lately lol. I've been doing fine (grades wise), but I've actually been working hard for them unlike in high school lol. Anyways, I'm on a one week spring break so here we go with the first upload in my break! It's a remix that I'm pretty proud of. The song only took me like 2 hours lol. I'll do more songs soon. Here's the download link: https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/the-two-friends-i-am-lightyear-your-song-skulltey-trap-remix Have a great day guys! Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P-Yu-FDvrg *This song is COPYRIGHTED, I simply made a remix for FUN. You can download my REMIX for free, but the original is a pay to listen (duh lol).
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Original Dark Trap/Rap beat "The Omen"
Sometimes I forget that I used to make rap beats years ago lol... I'll start doing more again, they're not as difficult and time consuming as edm beats! I make music for fun. Although, I am quite proud of this one. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a nice day! :D
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"Basic Cyborg" Original Dubstep - Brostep song track FREE DOWNLOAD!
Download link! http://www.mediafire.com/download/4d5z799m7idsx4g/Basic.mp3 Hey guys! I am aware that it's been a while since my last video! I'm sorry for the long wait! The reason why I've been gone is because I've been super busy with school work. :/ But, things are a little better now! :) As you can see, here's another dubstep beat after three months. This is probably the best dubstep song I've made so far. I am proud of this one, not gonna lie. But, I know I haven't reached my full potential; I will continue to improve! :D And if you're wondering what happened to my guitar videos, don't worry; I'll be uploading guitar stuff soon! I've been practicing guitar more and I've been getting better there too. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the song and more videos soon! :) If you guys want to use this song, feel free to do so but please link my channel and this video on your channel's description. Thanks! :) P.S., I noticed that the song cuts a bit at the end... I'm sorry about that. The original file ends nicely not abruptly like in this video. :/ Made in Fl Studio
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2000 Light Years Away - Green Day GUITAR COVER
NOTE: The guitar I'm using in this video is an *Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro 2014* model. Hey guys! Good to be back! Here's a quick cover I decided to do. I was listening to my music and then this song came on. For some reason I thought it was really good and told myself that I had to do a cover of it lol. I learned it by ear so some notes could be wrong. If you're a guitar noobie who wants to learn their first Green Day song, I would recommend something else like "Basket Case", "Brainstew" or "Jesus of Suburbia". This song's pretty easy but it's got pretty fast chord changes for a beginner. Keep practicing my friends! :) Oh and one last thing is that I will cover more songs in the future ranging from more Green Day and other bands too. I will also cover MUCH harder songs than this! ;) If you read the whole description, you're awesome. [COPYRIGHT INFORMATION] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use
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My FIRST Drumstep Song/Beat/Track "We All" FREE DOWNLOAD!
DOWNLOAD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/we-all Another video in my "My First 'insert certain genre here'!" XD To be honest, I think this song is meh. I have much better crap that I haven't uploaded yet... ;) I hope you enjoy and you're free to use this song in your videos as long as you give me credit! More stuff soon! :) LAST WEEK'S SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1G--... WILL CHANGE MY USERNAME TO "SKULLY-ZEE" SOON!...
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Skrillex Imma Try it Out (feat. Alvin Risk) MIX Bass BOOSTED
This here is Skrillex (Alvin Risk REMIX) Bass BOOSTED! The song belongs to there respective owners, all I did was simply edit the song and put more bass! This isn't SUPER BASS BOOSTED but thats simply because if I put to much bass, the song will distort and sound bad :( Hope you guys enjoyed, and this song is also heard in Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2). However, this is NOT the ORIGINAL "Imma Try it Out" Here is the original; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB3SOMlZjII IF I GET ENOUGH LIKES AND VIEWS, I WILL BASS BOOST OTHER SONGS AND EVEN MAKE A TUTORIAL TO SHOW YOU GUYS HOW TO BASS BOOST SONGS YOUR SELFS! SIGNING OFF PEACE- SR2
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Dreamy/Classy Dubstep beat/song
Hey guys! Here's a random beat I made yesterday! For my guitar cover fans, don't worry, there will be more coming lol. I am a musician so I like to do all types of music lol. Anyways I don't I have much to say except for enjoy the music! And finally, I only make music for fun so sorry if this sucks lol.
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Kid Jukes Himself with a Rainbow trick!
Lol here's just a quick video showing you guys that I am STILL here lol. I will soon upload three videos, 10 sad rock songs, a funny wtf Japanese toy I found, and, a pretty big update including a lil' GTA V glitch that you do NOT want to miss. I hope this brought some laughs and peace!
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Melodic Guitar Soloing to clean track and new EDM song teaser!
Just me soloing on my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro on my iPhone to a backing track made by me! Next video will be a beat, commentary or some sort of gameplay! Yes, the soloing is sloppy but that's cause I was playing on the spot lol. I hope y'all enjoy that short little demo of that dubstep song I'll release sometime (at the end of this video). Later! P.S, WILL BE "SKULLTEY" SOON! :)
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MW2 Bloopers and camping spots
the mw2 bloopers camping spots and a extra tactical knife match! all material in this match belongs 2 ther respective owners thanx! by the way thank u subs!
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Video Game Characters in Real life
Video Game Characters in Real life!!!!! I haven't seen a lot of these videos at all in youtube so I decided to make one :) I did miss out some quality characters which I apologize but making this video was a MUCH HARDER than I thought. Maybe one day I will make part 2! :) And to my subscribers, I am sorry that I don't upload a lot of videos lately but I have been pretty busy but I am getting in the mood to put more youtube stuff lately :) Hope you enjoy and happy gaming! If you have a question who some these characters are, leave a comment asking and I will answer.
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USMC Riot Shield Training
Hi guys, this here is a US MARINE CORPS Riot Shield Training session. This was filmed by my UNCLE, but he gave me permission to upload this. Hope you guys enjoy the video! PEACE.
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Soothsayer - Buckethead (Small quick Improv/Cover)
I've been playing for 1.75 years, and I've only been "shredding" since 6 months ago lol. Before that, I could only play power chords and easy slow bluesy solos. Anyways, I just wanted to upload this so you guys can see the progress I've been making. :) Expect more guitar covers, and other stuff soon!
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My first Electronic Beat made in FLSTUDIO MOBILE (IOS)
Well I haven't uploaded anything in a while but here you go, another beat! I will make more soon and expect more videos coming your way! Also, a Green Day guitar cover will come soon too! And, I will soon upload a video on how to download music for free on a Mac :) Hope you like this o.k. beat and have a nice day if you read this! :)
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The Rock Show Blink-182 Guitar Cover MY FIRST ELECTRIC GUITAR COVER
Dedicated to Paul Walker and his family, R.I.P. buddy. :( I always wanted to be a street racer when I was a kid thanks to him and the rest of the crew in the Fast and the Furious movies... Anyways, here's my first electric guitar cover I've done so far, it's not the best but good enough to be uploaded lol, hope you guys enjoy and more covers and videos coming up this upcoming week!
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♫ Skulltey - Wat Do? (FREE DUBSTEP SONG) ♫
Yo guys! Here's another dubstep song! It's pretty good, but I know I can do better. ;) This song takes ideas from many styles of music and I tease some potential genres I could crossover to in the future as well... Anyways, I have some sick ideas that I haven't done yet but, I am working on getting them done. :) Enjoy this song, and feel free to use it in your videos or whatever as long as you credit me somehow in your video's description! More music, gaming, and guitar stuff soon! DOWNLOAD LINK; https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/wat-do P.S, The song sounds a lot better when you download it. :P
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Pierce the Veil - Bulls in the Bronx (guitar cover!)
I'm not used to playing weird rhythm chords but I've been trying to get better at that by playing melodic songs like this! Just recently got into this band, I'm really liking them so far! The cover has some mistakes but it's good enough in my opinion lol. Have a good day and more music and gaming soon! :D
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Original Hard Rock Riff/Idea Thing lol
Pretty self explanatory lol. I have some much cooler stuff on the way but I still wanted to upload something for now. I've been pretty damn busy over the last two weeks but I think things are starting to clear up now. Take care and better stuff soon! P.S, If anyone wants me to teach this riff or make a full song out of it, let me know lol. P.P.S, If anyone's wondering why I haven't done any guitar covers in a while, it's because my virtual amps on my pc sound TERRIBLE while played over a song... I'm trying to fix that. If you read this long, have a nice day and peace! -Skulltey
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♫ Skulltey - Dancing Marches (FREE DOWNLOAD! DRUMSTEP) ♫
Hey y'all! Here's another beat! I made this one like 5 months ago, since then, I have improved a ton lol. I still have beats that are WAY better than this, I promise you this! Well, I hope some you enjoy it and here's the download link; https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/dancing-marches COPYRIGHT NOTICE; You CAN use this song on your videos or whatever as long as you either link the download link or this youtube link on your video's description. Thanks! :)
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Ibuki vs Squidward vs Goku vs Dr.Eggman SSBB
Ibuki vs Squidward vs Goku vs Dr.Eggman SSBB just as the title says! Another modded character fight in SSBB was requested, so here it goes! I choose these characters because Ibuki is my favorite female character, I choose Squidward because he's my favorite SpongeBob character, I choose Goku because he's my favorite hero (tied with Sonic the Hedgehog to be honest lol) and I choose Dr.Eggman because he's my favorite bad guy of all time. There's also an extra fight with Shadow the Hedgehog, Cell, Ronald McDonald, and Mewtwo! The song names are narcissistic cannibal by Korn (Skrillex remix), and Get Up by Korn ft. Skrillex. Enjoy!
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BO3; Opening up 10 rares and 1 weapon bribe; spoiler alert, it SUCKS (lol)
Hey guys, in this video you will see me opening up 10 rare supply drops and 1 weapon bribe thanks to the special contract. Spoiler alert, I get basically NOTHING lol. This will be my first and last supply drop opening video ever so enjoy lol. I'll still do BO3 commentaries but I won't really do videos like this anymore (showing something off from that game). If you think I sound salty in this video, well I do lol. I just think it's bullshit how Activision makes millions of dollars off of regular people and yet, won't even increase the chances of getting a useful item for us... ( I also think some items you can get off of supply drops are pretty OP imo...) If supply drops were better (as in getting actual good items the majority of the time), then I wouldn't mind them really. But, they're obviously not lol. Oh well, enough of that rant lol. Have a nice day and next video will be something musically related. Probably a song... ;) Song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCxRIWb68rI&index=16&list=PLZ5IbtpKK3-WYkmHxZqbjxC-EIh_-yEBJ
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Guitar Soloing to Melodic Dubstep
The melodic dubstep track you hear in the background was made by me. :) Yes it's a full track and will be released in the future for free (without guitar of course). More guitar stuff soon... Sorry for the shitty camera angle, that's my bad. C ya guys!
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♫ Skulltey - 2nd Decision ♫ (FREE Future Bass, Trap, EDM song)
Hey guys, here's a new beat for y'all! I've been real busy lately but I somehow manged to make some time for this one here. Expect more stuff in the future! More future bass, trap, and other genres as well in the near future! More gaming stuff and guitar stuff in the future as well! Download link; https://soundcloud.com/skulltey/2nd-decision You're free to use this song in your videos as long as you credit me somehow. Enjoy! :) Second Channel; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKfxo8mqlURVasGGUG319A
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