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Versace Show - Guns N' Roses - KOHD
Guns N'Roses performing at the Versace Show a few years back. I don't have the full video as I got this as is and decided to share for your viewing benefit. Guns N'Roses forever.
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Guns N'Roses - Nice Boys [Full Song - Tokyo Dome 2009]
An audio version of the song recorded from Axl's earpiece, you can also hear the band talking amongst themselves. Live @ the Tokyo Dome, Dec 19th, 2009 (Total playing time 3h 37m)
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Guns N'Roses feat. Taylor Swift-  Better
Mash up of Mean by Taylor Swift and Better by GN'R. I don't own the copyrights nor have I created this mashup but it's so wicked cool, figured I'd share it too.
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Guns N'Roses - Nice Boys/My Michelle /TWAT [Tokyo 2009]
Audio clips from Nice Boys, My Michelle & TWAT from the legendary 3 hrs 37 mins concert held at the Tokyo Dome on the 19th of December 2009. All Pictures are from the Asian Leg of the Chinese Democracy Tour 2009. Guns N'Roses Forever. F.ck the Naysayers.
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Guns N'Roses - Patience [Full Song - Osaka 2009]
Patience from the legendary concert held at the Kyocera Dome on Dec 16th, 2009.
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Guns N'Roses - Don't Cry feat. Shannon Hoon ( Chicago 1992)
Guns N'Roses w/Shannon Hoon. Live @ Chicago 1992. Guns N'Roses forever.
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Guns N'Roses - Nightrain [Tokyo - 2009]
An Audio clip from the Dec 19th, 2009 concert at the Tokyo Dome, Japan.
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Guns N'Roses - If The World [Tokyo - 2009]
A short audio clip from the legendary 3hrs 37 mins concert held at the Tokyo Dome on the 19th of December, 2009.
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Guns N'Roses - Welcome to the Jungle [Proshot]
A short clip from the Dec 16th, 2009 concert in Osaka, Japan.
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