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Diving Porto Marie, Curacao 2012
A beautiful beach near Coral Estates, Curacao. A double reef makes this an excellent dive.
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Casa Dushi   Coral Estates, Curacao
Our house in the Southern Caribbean Island of Curacao. Located in the gated resort of Coral Estates. Available to rent. Please contact John at jwj500@earthlink.net or VRBO to view vacancies and rates.
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Curacao - Through My Eyes...
Islands features and diving
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Sting Ray at Porto Marie
Ray on the Reef
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Cam and Dana's HD
Our friends in Curacao...
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Superior Producer
Over the years many have not been able to find where this ship is located of the coast. Hopefully, this will help in locating where to access your dive and where the ship is. The Superior Producer sunk in 1977 off the coast of Willemstad, Curacao. Cargo ship is 164' long and sits approximately 200' off shore on a sandy bottom parallel to the reef in 100' of water. Visibility was very good this day but the currents were extremely strong getting to the ship.
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Diving in Ft. Lauderdale 12-25-2010_0001.wmv
Beach dive off Lauderdale By The Sea of the first and second reef lines. Visibility wasn't the best this day.
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Dive Center
Scuba Diving Area
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Rainbow River Springs 3-2011_0001.wmv
A 3/4 mile 50 min. drift dive in less then 12 mins.
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Dwight and John in Curacao
Trip to Curacao
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Aisar in Curacao
Diving at Porto Marie
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