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2004 Kia Rio Radio removal
How to remove Kia Rio Radio, since there were no other simple videos made to show you, we made this. Update May 10, 2018. I started recording after he took off the trim, but if you've ever tried to remove this specific trim, you'd know it can be tough to get it out without breaking it unless you start from the top to pry it off. I honestly did not expect 3,000 views, so I apologize for the bad quality of video. I'm definitely going to watch the quality before I upload, but now I've got ideas on improvement for future videos on car repairs.
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My daughter walking
Ariana walking!
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My Clash Royale Stream
Watch me play Clash Royale!
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Quick look at omnitracs on a Freightliner cascadia
Freightliner Qualcomm quick look
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Transmission pan quick look at drain pan for Sebring 2001
Just showing the transmission pan with drain plug preinstallation
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Talking to Jr the cat
#Cats #pets
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Just Unwrapping Bioshock 2 for 360 case
Just Unwrapping a case
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Earthbound Longplay Part 1. 10 min
Played from beginning skipped the gygas title sound, and kept going until it got to daylight. My first video game vid, I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, just never had time to learn. I watched my video, and I realized that it messed up at 10:00 so stop watching right there because I don't know why it kept doing that repetitive button mashing.
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Brief testing of live youtube pc camera logitech using a c270
First live test on my pc using the logitech c270 video camera
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Sebring 2001 oil drain
Just draining oil safely
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Ariana swinging saying dada
I almost thought she forgot
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