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Ford Lightning TVS dyno run (PDP) at Fastlane motorsports
2003 Lightning--13'GT500 TVS w/ stock upper, 2lb lower, home ported inlet and TB, JLT CAI, Bassani Midpipe, flows, 60's, 255's, Fastlane Motorsports tune. With 93 octane and 14* timing, made 505/458 (after multiple runs to dial her in). Second run, nice cool down, 93 octane and 11* timing made 494rwhp. Lead for torque was intermittng so no torque read out. Around a 11.8 AF ratio. On stock block but have another engine to go in after I get some ported heads and cams. Hoping on new motor to up the boost and shoot for 600rwhp.
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PDP 03 Ford Lightning dyno tune.
03 Lightning 391rwhp 494rwtq Mods-K&N CAI, 6lb lower, Bassani o/r mid pipe, super 40 muffler,
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PDP Ford Lightning dyno M122 Fastlane Motorsports
M122 swap, 2.59 upper, 2lb lower, Roush plenum, SBTB, Whipple CAI, MAFia, Bassani Mid pipe, Flow catback, 255 pumps, 60lb injectors 93 tune 441/521 Race tune 458/539 STD numbers, take around 10-12 off each and should be close to SAE numbers.
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PDP 2003 Cobra Dyno, Terminator, dyno tune
Sullivan ported Eaton, 2.8, 3lb lower, JLT RAI, port/welded plenum, BAP, Mafia, Bassani X and catback, Tuned at HP Ranch on Mustang Dyno 463rwhp/527rwtq 50 Shot-510rwhp/607rwtq.
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2003 Lightning run (PDP)
On this run, 2.1 60' (bad i know but over powered it) 12.7 at 110mph. The motor cycle sounding exhaust, not mine lol. Temp was around 89 but humidity..probably felt like 95. Track prep was ok at best. Next outing i will have the right wheel lugs and use the slicks.
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Ryan's world toy review
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Squishy scammer
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PDP 05 Mustang GT dyno run
Bolt on's, comp stage 3 cams. Breenspeed tune. Made 338rwhp. Torque lead not working.
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Rubix cube trick
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PDP 97 Saleen dyno tune by Pro Dyno
97 Saleen with an 03 5.4 SOHC. Bolt on's and stage 2 patriot heads. Made 219/366. Sorry for the dark video, but it was dusk. This looks like it was during the night lol.
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October 4, 2018
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How to play w slime
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03 Cobra Terminator, start up after motor pull and install.
Vid of the engine running on my 03 Cobra. POSI port, 2.8 upper, 6lb lower, JLT CAI, Accufab Plenum, SBTB and more.
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2013 Ford Escape 2.0 Turbo BOV
Clip of the bov with the cold air intake installed. Made 212/236 SAE with just CAI and 93 octane.
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Part l card collection
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