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KLM - Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - Wet takeoff at AMS for last Welcome Flight KL9899
Today 22-11-2015 there were 3 welcome flights of one hour for people who were interested (sold out in no time). This was the 3rd flight KL9899 at 16:00. This is PH-BHC, named Sunflower / Zonnebloem, delivered: 13-11-2015. This is my first takeoff video of the first 787-9 for KLM. I also filmed the delivery flight.
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Challenge Air - Bombardier Challenger 604 - Rocket Takeoff at AMS
My first Challenger 600 video is: D-AEUK, delivered in 2006. Filmed on 27-09-2015. This thing took off like a Rocket. CLS / Challenge Air as 4 Challengers.
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(Stored) Surinam Airways - Airbus 340-300 - Dry + Wet Takeoffs (PZ-TCP)
My last 3 unreleased videos of PZ-TCP (Palulu) which entered the fleet on 09-12-2009, (ex F-GLZG AF) The dates filmed in this order at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are: 25-10-2014 + 20-06-2015 + 22-11-2015. 8 days later on 30-11-2015 it was withdrawn from use, and stored at MZJ on 08-12-2015, 6 years after it entered the fleet, and +21 years after it’s first flight. PZ-TCP was replaced by another A340.
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Finnair - Airbus A350 - OH-LWA First takeoff at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
This brand new A350 was delivered 07-10-2015 and I filmed it today on 09-10-2015 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It's the first visit of an Airbus A350 at Schiphol, and this is the first A350 for an European Airline, and the first commercial flight of the Finnish A350! This visit is part of a promotional tour from Finnair. Sorry for the shakes in some parts. Flight AY842.
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Lufthansa Regional - Embraer 195 - Landing & Takeoff at AMS (D-AEMD + D-AEBR)
D-AEMD - 18-10-2014 / Delivered: 07-08-2009 to Augsburg Airways. D-AEBR - 12-09-2014 / Delivered: 27-07-2012 to Lufthansa Cityline. My first upload of a LH Embraer. All recorded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands, Europe.
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Condor - Boeing 767-300 ER - Landing + Close-up + Takeoff at Frankfurt
24-06-2015 D-ABUB, delivered 04-12-1992. Runway Northwest 25R. 25-06-2015 D-ABUI, delivered 12-01-1995. Runway North 07C. Condor is part of Thomas Cook. This is the first Heart Livery. Filmed at Frankfurt Airport Germany. Those Winglets look nice don't they?
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HOP! - Embraer 145 - Thrust Reversers (with and without) Landings
F-GUBF - 20-11-2014 at 14:18 - Emb. 145EU with Thrust Reversers. F-GRGD - 20-11-2014 at 14:28 - Emb. 145MP without Thrust Reversers. Recorded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. F-GUBF Delivered: 27-12-2002 to Air France Regional. F-GRGD Delivered: 23-02-1998 also.
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Garuda Indonesia - Boeing 777-300 ER - Perfect quick landing at AMS (PK-GIA)
PK-GIA - 14-12-2014 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Delivered 27-06-2013. I really like how the Tail is painted of Garuda, the Airline which was requested by Adam's Blog. Do you have a request for an Airline/Airplane?
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TAM - Boeing 777-300 ER - Landing + Close-up at Frankfurt (PT-MUH)
This is my first video ever of the Brazilian Airline TAM Linhas Aéreas, and I was very happy with this catch because TAM doesn't fly to AMS. This PT-MUH was delivered on: 21-11-2012, and I filmed it on: 24-06-2015 at Frankfurt Airport Germany.
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Final takeoff + Flyby: Martinair Cargo - Last MD-11 F :( PH-MCP ) at AMS
Today 08-07-2016, The Dutch MD-11 era has come to an end, with the departure of the last MD-11 CF to the Californian Desert as flight MP6751 via MIA. It is PH-MCP, the first MD-11 for Martinair, delivered on: 02-12-1994, and today I filmed her last departure + a special flyby that looked amazing. Please watch the video till the end, cause this is a special, but sad moment. The Dutch and maybe all MD-11’s will be missed for sure at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The only Plane in Martinair Cargo Livery left, is a Boeing 747.
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New: KLM Cityhopper - Embraer 175 + First commercial landing at AMS Schiphol (PH-EXG)
Today on 27-03-2016 at 13:30 the first Commercial landing of the first Embraer 175 (+ with new winglets) for KLM Cityhopper landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, coming from Stavanger as flight KL1200. It is PH-EXG, delivered on 20-03-2016. It was quite windy and hard to film without shakes on this first cold day of the summer schedule. KLM Cityhopper ordered 17 of these.
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Corendon - Boeing 747-400 - Last landing ever of (PH-BFB) ex KLM at AMS
This is the last landing ever of PH-BFB, a Boeing 747-400 that was delivered to KLM in June of 1989, so it was the oldest 747-400 still in service. It was withdrawn from use on 26-11-2018. It was flown to Rome to be painted in the Corendon Livery, and today 14-12-2018 it came home for the last time at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This 747 will be placed at the Corendon Village Hotel at Badhoevedorp, near the Airport, somewhere in the beginning of 2019. So this landing of a 747 in Corendon Livery is Unique.
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Volga-Dnepr - Antonov 124 - Rare takeoff at AMS Schiphol (RA-82044)
This is my first ever Antonov 124 upload. Filmed on 23-04-2018 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. RA-82044 is from 1992. Airline codes: VI, VDA, VOLGA. This was flight VDA4196 to CAY via SMA.
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Air France - ( Airbus A318 + A319 + A320 + A321 ) - Landings and Takeoff
A318 - F-GUGP - 20-11-2014 / Delivered: 14-12-2006. A319 - F-GRXL - 12-09-2014 / Delivered: 23-11-2006. A320 - F-GKXT - 20-11-2014 / Delivered: 06-05-2009. Old Livery. A321 - F-GTAK - 11-01-2015 / Delivered: 18-01-2002. Old Livery. All recorded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. I did something like this before, but that was with my old 720p camera.
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Egyptair - Boeing 737-800 - Tricky windy landing at AMS (SU-GEC)
SU-GEC - 01-04-2015 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, RWY 27. Delivered: 10-02-2012. Look at those Nose Dives!
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Garuda Indonesia - Boeing 777-300 ER - Fast takeoff at AMS Schiphol (PK-GID)
I was still zoomed in when the beautiful winged Machine suddenly rotated at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on 27-03-2015, earlier that I thought. It was PK-GID, delivered on: 15-10-2013. It was a Garuda.
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Royal Air Maroc - Boeing 747-400 - Rare approach + landing at AMS
Yesterday on 08-09-2016 I went to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to see this Rare visitor at AMS. It lined up the runway in a way I’ve rarely seen, and this visit was also very rare. CN-RGA is the only 747 from RAM. Is it the presidential Aircraft? Earlier this year I saw 3 RAM Planes for a special visit, see the pictures.
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Air France - (Airbus A318 + A319 + A320 + A321) - AMS Landings (old camera)
Watch a better version at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84BduBz81Ng F-GUGO - Airbus A318 - 09-03-2014 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. (old camera) F-GRHJ - Airbus A319 - 03-08-2014 - Callsign: AirFrans. F-HEPC - Airbus A320 - 30-04-2014 - Current Liveries. F-GTAU - Airbus A321 - 05-06-2014 - Old Livery.
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LOT Polish Airlines – FIRST Boeing 737 MAX 8 takeoff at Amsterdam Schiphol
Today 06-12-2017 was the very first visit of a Boeing 737 MAX at Amsterdam Schiphol. The New SP-LVA was delivered on December 2nd of 2017. LOT is the second European Airline to receive a Boeing 737 MAX. Some visible differences in comparison to the 737-800 are: Bigger Engines - New Engine Nacelle and Pylon - Nose Gear extension for more Engine ground clearance - Reshaped Tailcone to reduce drag - New Winglets, which are different in comparison to the split scimitars. Copyright.
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Russian Tall Ships (Sail 2015): Mir + Kruzenshtern + Sedov leaving Amsterdam
23-08-2015 North Sea Canal, The Netherlands. Wiki writes: (STS Mir (Russian: Мир, meaning Peace) is a three-masted, full rigged training ship, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was built in 1987 at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, Poland. + The Kruzenshtern or Krusenstern (Russian: Барк Крузенштерн) is a four-masted barque and tall ship that was built in 1926 at Geestemünde in Bremerhaven, Germany as the Padua (named after the Italian city). She was surrendered to theUSSR in 1946 as war reparation and renamed after the early 19th century Baltic German explorer in Russian service, Adam Johann Krusenstern (1770–1846). She is now a Russian sail training ship. Of the four remaining Flying P-Liners, the former Padua is the only one still in use, mainly for training purposes, with her home ports in Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) and Murmansk. After the Sedov, another former German ship, she is the largest traditional sailing vessel still in operation. + The STS Sedov (Russian: Седов), formerly the Magdalene Vinnen II (1921–1936) and the Kommodore Johnsen (–1948), is a 4-masted steel barque that for almost 80 years was the largest traditional sailing ship in operation. Originally built as a German cargo ship, the Sedov is today a sail training vessel, training cadets from the universities of Murmansk, Saint Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. She participates regularly in the big maritime international events as a privileged host and has also been a regular participant in The Tall Ships' Races). You can also play the song: I am Sailing, while you watch this video.
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Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at Frankfurt
25-06-2015 Frankfurt Airport Germany. The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, visited Frankfurt City and look how many vehicles and security they used in a convoy to arrange this visit. Police, Cars, Motorcycles, Limousines, Helicopter, Ambulance. And how they closed the Highway for a while. There's also a McLaren 650 in this video. This is part 2/3 of the visit. TheYottaTube. Copyright.
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Air Arabia Maroc - Airbus A320 - 2 Landings at 2 Runways at AMS (CN-NMI)
Yesterday this Plane had to return to AMS, apparently for no reason: CN-NMI, Delivered to Air Arabia 12-07-2012, and to Air Arabia Maroc on: 26-03-2015. Filmed on 10-05-2015 at the Polderbaan + 16-06-2015 at the Kaagbaan at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. What happened on 05-12-2015 you can read at: http://www.avherald.com/h?article=49060520&opt=1
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WAMOS Air - Boeing 747-400 - Rare landing at AMS Schiphol (EC-KQC)
Today I was happy to catch my first WAMOS! EC-KQC, built in 1994, ex 9V-SMZ. In 2008 it was sold to Pullmantur Air, which changed names into WAMOS in +/- 2014. Filmed on 23-04-2017 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This was flight PY 9940 for Surinam Airways.
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Air Baltic - Boeing 737-500 - Landing + Takeoff at AMS (YL-BBE + BBQ)
20-11-2014 - YL-BBE - Ex: F-GJNS Air France. 23-04-2015 - YL-BBQ - Ex: N948UA United + C-FCGS Canjet. AIR BALTIC CORPORATION (airBaltic) is a stock company that was established in 1995. The primary shareholder is the Latvian state with 99.8% of stock. Filmed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Polderbaan (18R - 36L)
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Tunisair - Boeing 737-600 - Landing at AMS + Takeoff at DUS (TS-IOR)
Here you can see TS-IOR (Named: Tahar Haddad, delivered in 2001) at 2 Airports: 16-06-2015 landing at Amsterdam Schiphol + 19-03-2016 taking off at Dusseldorf Airport. Airline codes: TU, TAR, TUNAIR. I haven’t uploaded Tunisair in more than 2 Years!
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Jetairfly - Embraer 190 - 2 Takeoffs at Brussels (OO-JEB + OO-JEM)
These were my first catches of an Embraer in TUI Livery. OO-JEM + OO-JEB, both delivered in 2013. The Airline changed its name in: TUI Airlines Belgium. Filmed on 26-09-2015 at Brussels Belgium. Airline codes: TB, JAF, BEAUTY.
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Kenya Airways – Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – 3 RWY landings at AMS (5Y-KZA)
Here you can see 3 landings on 3 different Runways of 5Y-KZA, named: The Great Rift Valley, delivered in 2014. Filmed on: 04-Nov-2016 (Polderbaan 18R) + 19-Mar-2017 (Oostbaan 22) + 25-Mar-2017 (Aalsmeerbaan 36R). Airline codes: KQ, KQA, KENYA.
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KLM - NEW + Old Livery - Boeing 777-300 ER - Takeoff and Condense Landing (PH-BVA)
PH-BVA - 27-03-2015 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Polderbaan. PH-BVA - 02-12-2014 - Landing at a foggy Kaagbaan. Delivered: 16-02-2008. ( Today is 38 years after 27-03-1977 )
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Kenya Airways - Boeing 777-300 ER - Perfect landing at AMS (5Y-KZY)
25-01-2015, 5Y-KZY, delivered: 03-05-2014, named: Victoria Falls. Filmed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. What a 'Smooth Operator'. To see more of the last part of this video, go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/PSatBAviation
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Jet Airways - Airbus A330-300 - Takeoff at AMS Schiphol (VT-JWT)
Jet Airways from India is a new Airline at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 27-03-2016. They left Brussels Airport with all their 3 flights, but that was decided before the attacks. This is my first video of a regular flight. This one went to Toronto as flight 9W 234. This is VT-JWT, delivered on 02-02-2013 and filmed on 02-04-2016. My first video of an A330-300 from Jet Airways.
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Icelandair (White Belly) - Boeing 757-200 - Takeoff at AMS Schiphol (TF-FIC)
A nice sounding Boeing 757-200, with a white belly! It's TF-FIC, named Magni, which was firstly delivered to American Trans Air on 23-06-2000. (ceased operations in 2008) Much later it went to Icelandair (which full livery lookes a bit like the former ATA Airlines :) I filmed it on 05-06-2015 (June) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
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Cityjet NEW Sukhoi Superjet 100 (EI-FWC) Rare landing at AMS Schiphol
This is a very new Sukhoi Superjet 100, EI-FWC, delivered on 27-10-2016, but ferried VCE-DUB on 02-11-2016. Filmed 2 days later = today 04-11-2016 at a cold Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This was a special flight for Denim Air: DUB-AMS-LRH. This is the first footage on YouTube of EI-FWC from Cityjet. It's nice to see one land, after I flown in one.
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Alitalia - Airbus A320 - Smooth landing + Fast takeoff at AMS
EI-DTH, 10-05-2015 Landing. Delivered: 26-09-2009. EI-DTK, 23-04-2015 Takeoff. Delivered: 24-03-2010. Filmed at the Polderbaan at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The CEO of Alitalia has left the Company.
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Delivery flight: Arke - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - Lands at AMS (PH-TFM)
PH-TFM - 27-03-2015 - Flight OR7873 from PAE, first landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is the third B787 for Arke, named: Driemliner. Arke is part of the TUI Group, and is the first Dutch Airline that flies with Boeing 787's.
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Etihad Cargo New Livery - Boeing 747-400 F - Crosswind landing at AMS (N476MC)
My first Etihad 747-400 F + New Livery catch! N476MC, delivered: 06-02-2015, leased from Atlas Air. Built in 1999. I also liked the approach shots at the beginning and the little Nose Bounce after landing. Filmed on: 18-12-2015 at the Polderbaan, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands.
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Farewell: Malaysia Airlines - Boeing 777-200 ER - Takeoff at Amsterdam Schiphol (9M-MRM)
Today 26-01-2016 the last Boeing 777-200 ER from Malaysia Airlines departed from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Europe and Anywhere. All the 777's are grounded. The person talking in the beginning made the last Photo of flight MH17 9M-MRD, but this is 9M-MRM, flight MH19 to Kuala Lumpur, delivered: 24-04-2001, filmed on: 18-12-2015 (my last recent video of it). Flight nr MH17 had to be changed into MH19 because of the Disaster. Malaysia Airlines flew since 1997 with the 777-2H6ER, also daily to AMS Schiphol. But now the Airline has stopped flying passengers to and from Amsterdam. While seeing this Airplane, I always had to think about bad memories. But I did buy a Model of it as you can see.
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Turkish Airlines - Airbus A330-200 - Takeoff at AMS (TC-JIO)
TC-JIO - 23-04-2015 - My first TK / THY A330-200 video. Delivered 27-06-2014, ex TAM PT-MVM. Filmed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Polderbaan.
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Aeroméxico (Quetzalcoatl Livery) – Boeing 787-9 – Lands at AMS Schiphol (XA-ADL)
AeroMexico is slowly upgrading their flights to Boeing 787-9’s since this month. And this is a special Dreamliner: XA-ADL with the Quetzalcoatl Livery, delivered on 12-10-2016. It was the 2nd visit of this one at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. And ofcourse this visit made me go the Airport today, my first 787-9 catch from AeroMexico!
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Delta Air Lines - Boeing 767-400 ER - Landing + Takeoffs at AMS (N825MH)
N825MH, delivered on 14 Dec 2000. The fleet number 1801 can be seen on the top of the Tail.(The Tail which is 1 Meter higher than the 763) Delta has 21 Boeing 767-400 ER’s. The first 2 shots are filmed on 05-06-2016, and the last on 26-06-2016 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. (DL - DAL - Delta Air Lines).
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KLM - NEW + Old Livery - Boeing 747-400 (M) - Lands at AMS (PH-BFT)
PH-BFT - 06-03-2015 - First B747 landing in the New Livery at AMS! PH-BFT - 20-11-2014 - Landing in the "old" Livery at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, runway 18R, Polderbaan. The first video is Flight 9866 from SZB (Subang, Malaysia) where it had maintenance and where it was painted. Originally delivered: 15-05-1997 to KLM. Named: City of Tokyo.
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Delta Air Lines - Boeing 767-300 ER + 767-400 ER - Landings at AMS
Two types of 767's, because of 767 subscribers and a request from Toon Veen. 1st you see a B767-300 N182DN, delivered: 05-11-1992, filmed on 05-06-2015. 2nd Plane is a B767-400 N834MH, delivered: 06-11-2000, filmed on 16-06-2015 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
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Etihad Airways - Airbus A330-200 - Crosswind + Normal Landing at AMS
A6-EYR - 30-09-2014 / Delivered 13-01-2009 / Today = 13-01-2015. A6-EYN - 20-11-2014 / Delivered 18-06-2007. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. I really like this livery, maybe more than the new one.
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Last Take-off KLM - MD-11 - PH-KCE from AMS to Montreal Canada
PH-KCE KLM 95 Years sticker - 25-10-2014 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Delivered: 18-11-1994. Named: Audrey Hepburn. This is the last commercial flight departing from AMS (Flight KL 0671) to Montreal at 15:39, with a McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Now MD stands for Missed Dog :( There goes another Tri-jet passenger version. Greatings: TheYottaTube
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ANA All Nippon Airways - Boeing 777-300 ER - Landing + Taxi + Takeoff at Frankfurt
Something positive now: My first upload of Boeing 777’s from ANA. JA733A, filmed: 24-06-2015 + JA784A, filmed: 25-06-2015, both at Frankfurt Airport Germany. (ANA from Japan does not fly to AMS) Code: NH.
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Surinam Airways - Airbus A340-300 - Takeoff at AMS
PZ-TCP - 05-10-2014 - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Polderbaan. Delivered: 08-04-1994 to Air France / 15-12-2009 to Surinam Airways. Named: Palulu, the only A340 in the fleet. One of the few A340's left at AMS.
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Icelandair - Boeing 757-200 Winglets - Landing + Takeoff at AMS (TF-LLX + FIZ)
TF-LLX - 15-09-2014 = Delivered to Iberia 13-09-2000. TF-FIZ - 05-10-2014 = Delivered to Iberia 06-12-2000. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This B757 from Icelandair was requested by NT-aviation (DCA).
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Cityjet - Sukhoi Superjet 100 - A special Scenic flight over The Netherlands
The Aviation Factory arranged a special flight over The Netherlands on October 2nd 2016, with a Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100 from Cityjet, for people who were interested in this new type of Aircraft at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Cityjet is the first user of the SSJ100 in Western Europe. It was EI-FWA, delivered on 02 June 2016. This one can have 98 passengers, and the plane was almost fully booked. There was plenty of legroom for me, and I could stand up entirely in the middle path. The interior was designed by Pininfarina. Flight WX9364 / BCY took off at +/- 20:00 on RWY 36L (later than planned [18:30] - due to the bad weather + 20 minutes of taxiing) with a lot of power, and was steady in the Air, heading to Hoorn – Joure – Drachten – Eelde. At Eelde we went South-West to Meppel – Zwolle, and after Zwolle NW over Elburg – Dronten – Swifterbant – Lelystad – heading to Huizen and Almere and heading west over Amsterdam Bijlmermeer to RWY 27 at 20:38. After touchdown they really hit the brakes hard! It was like we were landing on a very short Runway, but we weren’t. This was my first inflight video with this Camera which I bought in 2014, and it resulted in my longest video ever! And it is my first flight in a Russian Airplane. In this video you can also see a photo of the cockpit and I filmed a Model I bought onboard.
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Brussels Airlines - Airbus A330-300 - 2 different takeoffs at Brussels Airport
Today, 14 years ago on 07-11-2001 Sabena ceased operations. Today 07-11-2015 I share with you my first Brussels Airlines video. The Airline that has roots in Sabena. First you’ll see OO-SFV filmed on 26-09-2015 at BRU, delivered to LTU in 1995, (+ other Airlines) and delivered to Brussels Airlines in 2010. OO-SFO filmed on 23-06-2015 at BRU, delivered to Air Inter in 1994, and to Sabena on 12-11-1997 and later to the current Airline with Callsign: B-line.
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SkyWork Airlines – Saab 2000 – Lands at AMS Schiphol (HB-IZD)
This is my first Saab from SkyWork video. HB-IZD was built in 1994 and had several owners. Delivered to SkyWork Airlines on September 6th, 2016. Filmed on September 7th, 2017 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. SkyWork almost ceased operations for the Winter Schedule one month later, but I am glad they are back in business. Airline codes: SX, SRK, SKYFOX. Those Saabs are becoming quite rare at AMS.
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KLM's 2nd New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - Takeoff at AMS (PH-BHA)
My first catch of the second new Boeing 787-9 for KLM = PH-BHA, filmed on: 18-12-2015. Delivered on 10-12-2015, named: Carnation / Anjer. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
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