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Thud Rumble Invader
At the World Maker Faire, we got to see DJ Qbert & Yogafrog’s new high tech DJ mixer, the Thud Rumble Invader. Combining micro controllers, turntables, digital music libraries and time coded vinyl, DJ’s can leave behind their record crates and laptops. It’s where old school meets the next school.
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Isamu Noguchi
Isamu Noguchi’s coffee table is an icon of modernist design and has been in production since 1947. But you shouldn’t think of it as his legacy, because Noguchi’s portfolio goes much deeper.
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Payola | Past & Present
In the 1950s, Payola made headlines as radio DJs were accused of taking bribes from to promote particular records. Payola still exists today, but without DJs, it's all about promoters and playlists.
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Robert Young Pelton
There are two types of war correspondents: 1. Anchors who report from the lobby of the Four Seasons 2. Adventurers who strap on flak jackets and go to the front lines Robert Young Pelton is an adventurer and may just be the biggest badass of them all!
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An Ever Closer Union? Article 50 - Brexit Begins
In about 250 words, Article 50 lays out the process for a nation to leave the European Union. It’s never been used before, but Brexit is changing all of that.
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Viagra Spam and Generic Drugs
After nearly 20 years on the market, my inbox is still full of Viagra spam. Why isn’t there a cheap generic dick pill yet? Turns out our legal system is a real ball buster.
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Demoscene 101
If you’re interested in computer graphics, art, or incredibly well optimized programming, you have check out the demoscene. It’s kinda like if Jem and the Holograms existed IRL.
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Tech or Tricks?
Tech is great, but are we kidding ourselves? So far, the best applications of Artificial Intelligence are for scheduling meetings and identifying when you’re using passive voice. Chat bots are basically newsletters. And voice assistants are hands free stereos.
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Clean Air Ain't Cheap
In this special episode, Steve steps out from behind the camera to chat with Neal about emissions regulations and the true cost of clean air. Clean air is so important that it's the entire point of _Space Balls_. Yep, your third favorite Mel Brooks movie is a scorching satire of a dystopian future where we've backed ourselves into a corner, ecologically. Which brings me to my real point: why was it so hard for car manufacturers like VW and Fiat/Chrysler to comply with emissions regulations without cheating? As an engineer with a little experience in this area - I worked on Caterpillar's Tier 4 & 2007 On-highway Truck Emissions Control program - the answer is two fold: 1. We had to invent, test, and build entirely new technology in very short time frames. 2. We had to convince people to pay for new equipment they didn't value in a margin sensitive business.
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The Amazing Grace of Charleston
On today’s episode, Richard explores the origins of the hymn, Amazing Grace, and its relationship to Charleston’s slave trade.
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War, Games and Sport
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SXSW 2017 For Normals
What is SXSW in normal people terms? What happens there? Is it worth going? What should you eat? Richard’s got all the answers in today’s episode.
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Mo Sports Mo Problems
No doubt there is a lot of money in pro-sports. However, that doesn't mean that everyone in the industry is making bank or that the right bills are getting paid.
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Jalebis | The Sticky Sweet Indian Treat
Last weekend, we visited Ganesh Sweets in Moradabad, India to learn about jalebis, a classic Desi treat. 😋
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How to Pick a Lock
At last weekend’s Maker Faire, the folks from TOOOL showed us how to pick padlocks! As any MIT grad or DEFCON attendee will tell you, lock picking is the original hack and a very useful skill.
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Drone Racing
Our final stop at World Maker Faire is the Aerial Sports League to learn about FPV drone racing! Described as “one part X-Games, one part NASCAR, and one part MMA,” drone sports have it all: Mario-kart style racing, combat games, and design challenges.
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Meet the Black Ops Photographer
Unlike Norman Rockwell, artist & geographer Trevor Paglen isn’t interested in classic Americana. In fact, his subjects—top secret military and government projects—don’t officially exist. Paglen’s most popular works explore uniform patches worn by test pilots at Area 51 and the hidden orbits of spy satellites. Is it crazy to look for beautiful in the military industrial complex? We don’t think so.
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UN Security Council Resolutions
At the UN, 15 nations are tasked with maintaining international peace and security. So yeah, good luck?
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Software Bites
Marc Andreessen wrote that “software is eating the world,” transforming how we live & do business. But software isn’t perfect. It amplifies the consequences of human behavior, whether good or bad.
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The Impracticality of Space Travel
In our second podcasting experiment, two inveterate nerds (Neal & Steve) lament the grim reality of space travel. Physics, space junk, time, money, technology—everything seems stacked against long term journeys. We’re optimistic about the future of Von Neumann probes, 3D printing ships, etc. - but probably not in our lifetime. The difference between landing on the moon and reaching another solar system is HUGE. Podcast Liftoff in 3…2…1…GO!
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