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Best iNSANE Workout Music
Great pump up songs for working out.
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Cry Out To Bosnia (Balkan War) Never  Forget
This video is about what Bosnia witnessed between 1992-1995 in the Balkan war againest the Serbian Nationalists. It was the worst Genocide since world war 2, masacares, rape up to 50,000 women, children shot for target practise, civilians executed and kicked out of there own homes. inhuman event, main message in clip is to prevent such tragedies occuring again and to demonstrate the impact of war.
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Avoid GMO Foods The Hidden Truth
This video is about avoid gmo foods
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Afl Great Players Tribute
Slideshow created with Photo Slideshow Director ( http://www.photo-slideshow-director.com)
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The Effects Of War, Embrace Peace!!!
Demonstration of thedramtic effects of war and to embrace peace. The only good part of war is the end. Slideshow with beautiful music
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