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Kids First Guitar Lesson "One Finger Chords" A First Lesson and Beyond
"A sense of achievement from the very first lesson" from http://teachwombat.com The first two chords that a beginner should learn, backing tracks and a plan for the first couple of months of lessons from teachwombat
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How To Write Rock Chord Progression on Guitar for Guitar Teachers
Build a Major Chord on each degree of the Pentatonic Minor Scale. Its as simple as that! A bunch of chords that just sound "right" straight out of the box and the simple theory behind them that lets your guitar students explore their creativity and compose original songs and riffs
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Easy Kids Guitar Lesson. First Blues Lick
Kids easy guitar lesson. Here is a simple Blues guitar figure for kids from guitar teacher's resources website http://teachwombat.com. Good for developing independent left hand finger movement and (just as importantly) fun to play.
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First Music theory Lesson Plan for teachers
A video for Music Teachers from http://musicteachingresources.com designed to help music students to understand how to correctly identify any note on the keyboard. If they get the basics of music theory right then they are in a strong position to develop an effective functional understanding of the subject. White notes can have only a single name while black notes can be given one of two names depending upon circumstance. When music theory students understand this then they are ready to work on understanding whole and half step intervals. From there they can move on to scale construction and then to develop an understanding of how Major and minor chords can be built from Major and minor scales. After that they are ready to look at how chords work in different keys
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First Music theory Lesson Plan For Teachers. Note Naming with Free Worksheets
A First Music theory Lesson Plan for Music Teachers looking at "Note Naming" from http://musicteachingresources.com
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Easy Kids First Guitar Lesson  G and Em Best Chords for a beginner
Moving between the chords of G and Em during the course of a first lesson produces a feeling of "Hey I can do this!" in younger guitar students. First in a series of lessons from http://teachwombat.com guitar teachers resources website
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First Easy Kids Guitar Tune. They Love To Learn This!
"Na Na Na Na Na! Easy first single string guitar lesson for kids (they already know the tune I guarantee!) from guitar teacher's resources site http://teachwombat.com All children know this tune and love to play it on guitar. "A sense of achievement from the very first lesson" The lesson uses the classic ant timeless "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na" playground song. During guitar lessons with groups of kids I make it a little more fun by refusing to show them how to play the tune unless they promise never to play it in front of grown ups? I also make them "promise" never to play it while sticking out their tounge. You can guess what happens?
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Best  Easy Guitar Chords For A Beginner To Learn First
The best guitar chords for a beginner to learn from http://teachwombat.com the guitar and bass teacher's resources website
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