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Erectile dysfunction and diabetes
A brief overview on how type 2 diabetes could be reversed by excercise, nutrition, and supplementation.
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Horny goat weed tea, ginseng, ginger, ginkgo
Another video on the benefits that I am experiencing with these herbal teas
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No more moobs man boobs (sauna suit) Sauna suit update.
Using a sauna suit while doing cardio has helped shrink my man boobs.
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Sweet potato made on my George Foreman grill
Sweet potato that I gonna eat later on today
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Here's help with your memory/anxiety issues
I layout some dietary guidelines to help with memory and anxiety issues.
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Watermelon natural viagra and other benefits
Health benefits of watermelon.
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20 hour intermittent fasting
My first 20 hour intermittent fasting
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My experience with the brand NEW Bx LA FITNESS
My experience with the LA Fitness in the Bronx.
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Why am I hungry after sex (going balls deep)
After a night of sex I am so hungry.
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BMR and intermittent fasting
If your about to do intermittent fasting, find out about your BMR.
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Response to the Hodge twins on not eating like Bros
How I personally feel about eating certain foods and how it affects everything that you do.
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No more viagra or cialis us watermelon rine juice instead
A brief description on how you can get your libido up with watermelon juice
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P.O.G Response video on intermittent fasting
Response video on Chris Jones Vince Garza opinion on intermittent fasting
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How much would you pay for a gym membership
He question that I posed to the YouTube community on how much when you spend on a gym membership.
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Intermittent Fasting and ketogenic diet fast weight loss
Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting fast weight loss.
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Childhood obesity rant
Childhood obesity in the Bronx
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Hungry during intermittent fasting
What I sometimes do if I'm hungry during intermittent fasting.
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Organic foods vs inorganic foods
My opinion on eating Organic vs inorganic foods
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Bodybuilding protein cottage cheese
A little healthy snack with cottage cheese and a fruit salad
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Carrot, cucumber, apple juice watermelon smoothie
A healthy beverage for a healthy body.
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Kali muscle showstopper Rant
A rant on the B.S. that Kali Muscle is trying to get over on the YouTube community
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Calorie reset for weight loss effectiveness
A brief description how to reset your calorie needs to help speed up weight loss.
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Epic fail doing my Intermittent fasting ketogenic diet.
Hunger got the best of me doing my fast and ketogenic diet.
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The best intermittent fasting window is 18:6
What I believe is the best intermittent fasting protocol.
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A tour of my Lehman College class room
A brief description on how I make myself comfortable in my classroom
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Coconut oil, banana, kale smoothie
A high protein vegan shake
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Cucumber lemon water great for skin issues
A look at what I have been drinking to correct skin dryness
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Horny goat weed, 85 pounds lost, going to UALBANY
brief description of my weight loss and what I'm sipping on
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Horny goat weed tea and ginseng tea post workout
Some tea to boost the libido and bring vitality to the body.
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Real lemon real cinnamon cayenne pepper tea and more
A brief description of what I'm eating and drinking today
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My experience with an Eviction
A brief description on my experience serving my tenants with an eviction notice
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Is vegan eating making me weaker
A description of my workout in the gym and on a vegan diet making me weaker?
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Fellas don't like using condoms
A young men group that I mentor most dudes don't like using condoms.
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3 Tips on losing weight
My opinion on three things you should master if your trying to lose weight.
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My response on Vegan Gains calling out the Hodgetwins fake natty
My response on Vegan Gains calling out the Hodgetwins being fake natty
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Gallbladder surgery vs holistic remedies
On May 1st my wife had gallbladder surgery
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Guys addicted to masturbation (jerking off)
Topic of discussion masturbation.
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Jon Venus responds to Kinobody. Not all vegans hate him
Watched a Jon Venus video responding to Kinobody
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Korean woman rapes husband for 29 hours
A Korean woman rapes husband for 29 hours. http://nypost.com/2015/10/28/south-korean-wife-charged-with-raping-her-husband-for-29-hours/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow
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McDonalds serving up pornography
A McDonalds in Switzerland accidentally had pornography showing on the TV while customers enjoying their burgers http://nypost.com/2014/12/09/customers-accidentally-get-a-side-of-porn-at-mcdonalds/
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Planet Fitness giving away bagels and cream cheese
A brief walk by planet fitness and seeing they are giving away bagels and cream cheese
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Baked ziti with ground turkey
A brief description on what I am serving my family for dinner on Wednesday November 5th 2014.
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Testosterone boosters Do they work?
Brief description of some testosterone boosters that I have used and the results I received
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Man super glues vagina
A 44 year old British man super glued a womans vagina. http://m.nydailynews.com/news/crime/man-accused-supergluing-woman-genitals-article-1.2011937?utm_content=buffer57e31&utm_medium=social&utm_sourc
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Vegan Gains vs Kali muscle
Videos made by VEGAN GAINS and Kali Muscle I found entertaining
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Steroids is Amazing
My account of someone I know taking steroids and the benefits he gained.
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I knew the Hodgetwins would eat meat again.
I knew the Hodgetwins would fail in being vegetarian/vegan
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Response to TMW on maintaining an erection
Brief description on how to maintain an erection naturally using diet exercise and nutrition
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Lose weight with glycogen depletion.
A quick and easy way to lose weight by restricting carbohydrates.
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Carbohydrate depletion Diet  (glycogen depletion)
A brief description on my carbohydrate depletion for weight loss.
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