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Erectile dysfunction and diabetes
A brief overview on how type 2 diabetes could be reversed by excercise, nutrition, and supplementation.
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Horny goat weed tea, ginseng, ginger, ginkgo
Another video on the benefits that I am experiencing with these herbal teas
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Sweet potato made on my George Foreman grill
Sweet potato that I gonna eat later on today
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No more moobs man boobs (sauna suit) Sauna suit update.
Using a sauna suit while doing cardio has helped shrink my man boobs.
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Breaking my intermittent fasting with some green juice
I'm breaking my intermittent fast with some high quality high nutritious green powder
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Here's help with your memory/anxiety issues
I layout some dietary guidelines to help with memory and anxiety issues.
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P.O.G Response video on intermittent fasting
Response video on Chris Jones Vince Garza opinion on intermittent fasting
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Response to the Hodge twins on not eating like Bros
How I personally feel about eating certain foods and how it affects everything that you do.
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My experience with the brand NEW Bx LA FITNESS
My experience with the LA Fitness in the Bronx.
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20 hour intermittent fasting
My first 20 hour intermittent fasting
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Horny goat weed tea and ginseng tea post workout
Some tea to boost the libido and bring vitality to the body.
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Why am I hungry after sex (going balls deep)
After a night of sex I am so hungry.
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The best intermittent fasting window is 18:6
What I believe is the best intermittent fasting protocol.
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Watermelon natural viagra and other benefits
Health benefits of watermelon.
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Carbohydrate depletion Diet  (glycogen depletion)
A brief description on my carbohydrate depletion for weight loss.
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BMR and intermittent fasting
If your about to do intermittent fasting, find out about your BMR.
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How much would you pay for a gym membership
He question that I posed to the YouTube community on how much when you spend on a gym membership.
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Intermittent Fasting and ketogenic diet fast weight loss
Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting fast weight loss.
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Childhood obesity rant
Childhood obesity in the Bronx
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Organic foods vs inorganic foods
My opinion on eating Organic vs inorganic foods
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Hungry during intermittent fasting
What I sometimes do if I'm hungry during intermittent fasting.
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No more viagra or cialis us watermelon rine juice instead
A brief description on how you can get your libido up with watermelon juice
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Real lemon real cinnamon cayenne pepper tea and more
A brief description of what I'm eating and drinking today
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Kali muscle showstopper Rant
A rant on the B.S. that Kali Muscle is trying to get over on the YouTube community
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Epic fail doing my Intermittent fasting ketogenic diet.
Hunger got the best of me doing my fast and ketogenic diet.
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Horny goat weed, 85 pounds lost, going to UALBANY
brief description of my weight loss and what I'm sipping on
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Fellas don't like using condoms
A young men group that I mentor most dudes don't like using condoms.
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Cucumber lemon water great for skin issues
A look at what I have been drinking to correct skin dryness
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My experience with an Eviction
A brief description on my experience serving my tenants with an eviction notice
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Is vegan eating making me weaker
A description of my workout in the gym and on a vegan diet making me weaker?
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Carrot, cucumber, apple juice watermelon smoothie
A healthy beverage for a healthy body.
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Stop Fucking taking supplements and stick to food.
Novice bodybuilders believe they need to take supplements to make gains in the gym. Just stick to whole foods and you be aight.
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3 Tips on losing weight
My opinion on three things you should master if your trying to lose weight.
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Gallbladder surgery vs holistic remedies
On May 1st my wife had gallbladder surgery
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Guys addicted to masturbation (jerking off)
Topic of discussion masturbation.
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Bodybuilding protein cottage cheese
A little healthy snack with cottage cheese and a fruit salad
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McDonalds serving up pornography
A McDonalds in Switzerland accidentally had pornography showing on the TV while customers enjoying their burgers http://nypost.com/2014/12/09/customers-accidentally-get-a-side-of-porn-at-mcdonalds/
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Planet Fitness giving away bagels and cream cheese
A brief walk by planet fitness and seeing they are giving away bagels and cream cheese
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A tour of my Lehman College class room
A brief description on how I make myself comfortable in my classroom
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Ben Field (deputy) fired for excessive force
A Deputy was fired for excessive force http://nypost.com/2015/10/28/deputy-caught-on-video-violently-flipping-schoolgirl-will-be-fired/
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Coconut oil, banana, kale smoothie
A high protein vegan shake
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Man super glues vagina
A 44 year old British man super glued a womans vagina. http://m.nydailynews.com/news/crime/man-accused-supergluing-woman-genitals-article-1.2011937?utm_content=buffer57e31&utm_medium=social&utm_sourc
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Testosterone boosters Do they work?
Brief description of some testosterone boosters that I have used and the results I received
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Baked ziti with ground turkey
A brief description on what I am serving my family for dinner on Wednesday November 5th 2014.
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Weighted vest and ankle weight cardio.
Went out for a walk with my weighted vest and ankle weights
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Vegan Gains vs Kali muscle
Videos made by VEGAN GAINS and Kali Muscle I found entertaining
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Steroids is Amazing
My account of someone I know taking steroids and the benefits he gained.
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Watermelon, lemon, ginger, cherry post workout smoothie
A healthy beverage after my workout
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I knew the Hodgetwins would eat meat again.
I knew the Hodgetwins would fail in being vegetarian/vegan
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Response to TMW on maintaining an erection
Brief description on how to maintain an erection naturally using diet exercise and nutrition
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