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Mother Cat Walks Through Flames five times to Rescue Her Kittens From Fire
Courtesy Of: http://trendingzoo.com/mother-cat-walks-through-flames-to-save-kittens/ Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com This cat in New York might have a bigger heart than some humans. Meet Scarlett the cat who became a world famous mother in 1996 when she selflessly walked through flames to rescue all five of her kittens from a burning building. She is living proof of the strength and willpower of motherly love. Scarlett's harrowing ordeal began when she and her kittens were living in an abandoned garage possibly used as a crack house in Brooklyn, NY when suddenly a rapid fire started to sweep over the building. As the NYC Fire Department began to gain control over the fire, they noticed Scarlett carrying each of her kittens one by one out of the fiery garage. Taking a closer look, Scarlett's eyes were blistered shut, her paws were burned red, and her fur was badly singed. Her face was missing nearly all of its fur. It was clear that Scarlett's five trips through the flames left her badly scorched, yet she still touched each of her kittens with her nose to make sure they had all made it out safely. She then became unconscious and collapsed. David Gianelli, a firefighter who noticed Scarlett, took her to the local animal rescue shelter, North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY. The facility happily took in the feline family and began to treat their wounds. After three months of intensive care and treatment, Scarlett and all but one of the kittens had made a full recovery, and were ready to be adopted! Thousands of letters poured into the shelter offering to adopt the family, and each of the surviving cats found nurturing homes to live out their days. Scarlett herself was adopted by a kind woman named Karen Wellen, who had been in a traffic accident herself and consequently vowed to take in a special needs animal. Scarlett was her perfect opportunity! Needless to say, Scarlett lived a long and happy life after her heroic motherly deeds.
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Homeless Man Finds Baby Girl While Digging through Garbage, Raises Her as His Own
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Seven years ago, a homeless man in China was scavenging in a garbage bin when he found something that would change his life forever -- a tiny baby girl! He was so overcome with emotion that he decided to raise her as his own child. 50-year-old Xiong Jianguo now lives under a bridge in Nanchang City with his seven-year-old adopted daughter, whom he named Yanyan. "I guess she was one of those children that was born to a family who didn't want a girl," said Xiong. "I had lifted the top of the rubbish bin and was looking to see if there are any plastic bottles I could sell to recycle, when I heard a baby. She was in a box in a blanket and I was absolutely stunned." The box, apparently, contained a single note: "Was born on October 15, 2007." The baby looked so helpless that Xiong took her home; at the time, he lived with his wife in a tiny room. The couple bought a baby bottle to feed her, and that's when he knew that he wanted to look after her for as long as he could. "No matter how hard it is, I intend to make sure that I raise her until she is old enough to stand on her own two feet. I don't believe she would have had a good life in an orphanage," he said. All the same, Xiong does worry that without a fixed address Yanyan doesn't have much of a chance to attend school. He's barely literate himself, but he's doing the best he can to teach her to read, write and do basic math along with the help of a few other homeless friends. The little cutie can apparently recite poems and sagas as well, greatly entertaining her neighbors under the bridge. "She is really bright, she learns very quickly," said Xiong. Life hasn't exactly been kind to Xiong -- his parents died when he was very young, so he was only educated until the third grade. His wife left him in 2012, and the house where they lived was demolished as well. So he was forced to move to a spot under the bridge, along with Yanyan. But in spite of all his hardships, he doesn't intend to give up on Yanyan. Even though life on the streets is tough, Xiong says that Yanyan never complains. They barely manage to make ends meet and often, there isn't even enough food to eat. Once, a reporter who visited her noticed that she had mosquito bites all over her skin. At age four, the child fell dangerously ill, but recovered quickly and has been healthy ever since. Yanyan is heart-warmingly positive in the way she perceives her life. "Whatever happens, every year on my birthday, which is the day he found me, I get a small cake and a trip to a photo studio so that my picture can be taken when I get my birthday present, and so I can have a memory of the day," she said. "As long as it is my father's place, I'm home." Of course, Yanyan isn't officially adopted. Because Xiong doesn't meet the required conditions for adoption, the police cannot handle their accounts. Even the Nanchang City Civil Affairs Bureau hasn't been of much help in the matter. For now, father-and-daughter duo have developed a special life of their own -- they earn a livelihood by recycling and in their spare time, they study books under the streetlight. Xiong hopes that someday, Yanyan will have a steady job and become a useful person to society. I do hope his dream comes true!
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English Farmer Builds Incredible Hobbit House for Just 150 Pounds
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com At a time when housing rates are hitting the roof, an English farmer has gone and built a house for almost nothing. 59-year-old Michael Buck spent a measly £150( $250) to construct a small, yet cozy house in the garden of his Oxfordshire home. The former art teacher drew plans for the house on the back of an envelope. He didn't need any special planning permissions since it was classified as a summer home. Buck spent two years gathering natural and reclaimed materials for construction. It took him an additional eight months to construct it with his bare hands; he didn't use any power tools at all. To make the base, he learned the ancient technique of cob from a book. The technique comes from prehistoric times and involves a mixture of sand, clay, water and earth. Clay based subsoil is mixed with sand, straw and water and then ladled onto a stone foundation. Workers and oxen then trample upon the mixture -- a process known as cobbing. The layers of cob gradually build up and harden over time. For the 300 sq. ft. floor space, Buck rescued the floorboards from a neighbor's unused skip. He retrieved the windscreen of an old lorry and converted the glass into windows. The walls are painted with a mixture of chalk and plant resin. The roof is a simple wooden frame thatched with straw from nearby fields. Buck had not planned to spend any money on construction at all, but a few miscalculations resulted in the £150 expenditure. The amount of straw he needed for the roof was more than expected, so he had to buy some. He also spent money on nails to keep the thatch attached.The hobbit house has no electrical fittings, no running water and no gas connection. But residents of the house really don't need these because there are alternatives for everything. Free running water is available at the hut 24/7, thanks to a diverted nearby spring that gurgles out of a pipe outside the house. There is no central heating, but the cob walls and thatched roof provide excellent insulation. The wood burning stove can be used for cooking and it is strategically placed beneath the bunk style bed. This makes sure that residents stay warm throughout the night. Candles and lanterns provide light. A shallow well located few yards away from the front door serves as a natural fridge for preserving food. The house comes with a composting lavatory in a separate thatched outhouse with a view of the Oxfordshire countryside. A tin tub hangs on the wall outside for bathing. Buck says his intention was to prove that paying for a house shouldn't take a lifetime. "A house doesn't have to cost the earth, you only need the earth to build it. I wanted to show that houses don't have to cost anything. We live in a society where we spend our lives paying our mortgages, which many people don't enjoy." He also wanted the house to fit in with the landscape rather than intrude upon it. The house, he says, could last forever with proper care and maintenance.
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John Dumelo Expresses His Gratitude for Yvonne Nelson's Amazing Friendship
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Isn't it sweet that you have someone who pampers you? John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson have a very good friendship together. And considering they are both single still searching, fans have for sometime urged the two to potentially have a relationship together which they often just laugh off. That nonetheless hasn't affected their friendship in anyway and John took time out yesterday to express how much he adores Yvonne: "U 'abuse' me when u have to and pamper me WELL after that. Lol. I know someday my future wife might be jealous of our friendship but I'll just tell her to relax because u got me. Really appreciate our friendship.....Really Do!"
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11, Year Old Boy Dies Saving Sister In Hit-and-run At Bus Stop - La'darious Wylie
MORE: http://nollygrio.com/?p=668 A brave 11-year-old boy died after he pushed his little sister out of the way of an out-of-control car as the two siblings were waiting for their school bus, his family said Wednesday. Little La'Darious Wylie sacrificed his short life last week, shoving his 7-year-old sister, Sha'Vonta, to safety as a hit-and-run driver barreled into his tiny body at a South Carolina bus stop, the children's mother told The Herald. "He knew to look out for her," devastated mom Elizabeth McCrorey said. The fifth grader was struck on the corner of his family's home last Tuesday morning and died from his injuries the next day. He was remembered as a hero as he was laid to rest Thursday. "He saved his sister, and he ended up being the one that's where he is now," aunt Felicia Mobley said. The youngsters were waiting to go to school when police say 57-year-old driver Michelle Johnson veered into them and then fled without calling for help. Johnson was arrested Thursday and charged with hit and run resulting in death, according to The Herald. She was released on a $25,000 bond and has no criminal record. La'Darious's organs were also donated to save another child, his family said. The little boy who was a good student and loved playing football "had his whole life ahead of him," loved ones wrote in a GoFundMe page started to help the family pay for funeral costs. "He fought a great fight, but God had a greater plan," says the fundraising page, which has collected nearly $21,000 in a week. “He gained his wings and flew away to be with the lord." Family and friends left reeling by the tragedy are now trying to keep his legacy alive by getting the boy's favorite playground named after him. "Coping with it day by day, so we can't really say what's going to lie ahead," Mobley told WBTV. "We just have to deal with it day by day."
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Faithful Dog Refuses to Leave Graveside of Owner Who Died Six Years Ago
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Capitán, a dog who has remained by his deceased owner's graveside for the last six years, proves an animal's love and loyalty transcend the boundaries of life and death. Although he still has a family to go back to, the canine simply refuses to leave his master's side. Dogs' devotion to their human owners never ceases to amaze me. In early 2011, when Brazil was devastated by floods and landslides, we posted the story of Leao, who made international headlines when photos of him lying next to his deceased master's grave went viral. Later that year there was the story of a Chinese dog who wouldn't leave his owner's graveside even when other villagers tried to feed him, and today I came across another heartbreaking tale of canine loyalty. Capitán, a German shepherd from the Argentinian town of Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, has chosen to remain close to his master, even though he died over six years ago. The man's wife told La Voz that Capitán disappeared from their home soon after her husband died, and after searching for him, she and her son believed he was either killed by a car or adopted by another family. But when they went to visit her husband at the cemetery, there was Capitán. They couldn't explain how he had managed to locate the right grave, but there he was, by his master's graveside. Capitán's incredible tale of undying loyalty began in 2005, when Miguel Guzmán brought the small German shepherd home, as a present for his son, Damian. During the short time they spent together, the pup developed a special relationship with Miguel, but on March 24, 2006, disaster struck. Miguel passed away, but apparently Capitán wasn't going to let a thing like death pull him away from his best friend. He left his home, somehow managed to find Miguel's grave in the local cemetery, and decided nothing was going to separate them ever again. Although Miguel's wife Veronica, and his son Damian tried to take Capitán home with them repeatedly during the last six years, it soon became clear he wanted to stay by his owner's graveside. He would sometimes follow them home a short distance, but eventually he turned back and returned to the cemetery he now considered his home. Damian, now 13, admits he would love to have Capitán return home, but says he understands his immense love for his father. Hector Baccega, the administrator of the Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba cemetery, told the press that Capitán has won the affection and respect of all the cemetery caretakers, who always make sure he's properly fed and up-to-date with his immunizations. At one point they even brought in a vet, after Capitán showed up with a broken leg. Baccega says Capitán walks with him through the cemetery every day, but as night approaches, he always returns to Miguel's graveside and lays his head down next to the headstone. He feels this amazing dog is teaching humans a valuable lesson about cherishing the memory of their loved ones. This reminds me of the heartbreaking story of Hachiko, the famous Akita Inu who waited for his Japanese owner until the day he died. His story inspired the heartbreaking film "Hachi: A Dog's Tale", starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen. The first time I saw this movie, it was dubbed in Spanish, and although I hardly understood a word, it still made me cry like a baby, it's that powerful. "A wait that lasts a lifetime. Cruel is the fate that allows a creature to yearn reunion but yet not understand the mortality which separates them." This is a comment posted on a YouTube clip from Hachi that I think best describes the film and Capitán's story.
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Pregnant Mercy Johnson & Her Kids In Lovely New Photos
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60-year old Nigerian Woman Gives Birth Through IVF
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com 60 year old Mrs Omolara Irurhe (pictured above) who had been looking of a child for over 30 years reportedly gave birth to a baby girl this past Monday June 16th through the Invitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment at a Specialist Hospital in Lagos. The Nation reports that Mrs Irurhe, who has been married for 31 years, started the IVF treatment in 2010 and said her faith in God and her believe in modern medicine helped her go through the process, after many years of childlessness in marriage. She said her husband, Mr Adekunle Irurhe's Catholic belief of one man one wife made him not to marry another woman and stood by her through all the years. "I believe we should not limit God and what the doctors can do in this modern age. I believe this is the appointed time. I was very hopeful throughout the years I was childless and I remained focused on God. We went to many hospitals but we didn't give up," she said An elated Mr Adekunle Irurhe said though there were pressures to get another wife, he was determined to stay with his wife alone as that was the practice of his own parents. He said his wife's belief in the In vitro fertilization method made him support her. "I supported her throughout because my wife was dogged and she believed in herself. When I saw her faith, I had no choice but to go with her. She kept telling me she would have her child. I wasn't thinking of another wife. I came from a monogamous family and I decided she is all I will have. The family was understanding too and we fought together to get this baby". Mrs Irurhe has made history as the oldest woman in Africa to give birth to a child via Invitro Fertilization.
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Top Most Curvy African Female Celebrities
SEE MORE HERE: http://nollygrio.com 1- Princess Shyngle (Ghanaian) 2- Joselyn Dumas (Ghanaian) 3- Corazon Kwamboka (Kenyan) 4- Peace Hyde (Ghanaian) 5- Tracy Obonna (Nigerian) 6- Daniella Okeke (Nigerian) 7- Vera Sidika (Kenyan) 8- Matilda Quaye (Ghanaian) 9- Didi Ekanem (Nigerian) 10- Grace Msalame (Kenyan) 11- Anita Joseph (Nigerian) 12- Tango Ncetezo (South African) 13- Judy Anyango (Kenyan) 14- Risper Faith (Kenyan) 15- Agnes Masogange (Tanzania) Most Curvy African Female Celebrities
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Black and Blond -- The Origin of Blonde Afros in Melanesia
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com About a quarter of the Melanesian population in the Solomon Islands archipelago has an extremely unusual trait -- dark skin with blond hair. The archipelago, located east of Papa New Guinea in Oceania, consists of a thousand islands inhabited by over half a million Melanesian people. They have the darkest skin in the world outside of Africa, but strangely, about one-fourth of the inhabitants sport blond afros. This rare Melanesian characteristic has baffled scientists and genetic experts for years. Up until now, they have attributed the trait to inheritance -- from the Europeans, especially the British, German and Australians, who have been associated with the island for hundreds of years. Several of the islands were under German jurisdiction in the 19th century. In 1893, the UK took southern Solomon Islands under their wing, declaring the region a protectorate. The rest of the islands were added to the protectorate at a later stage. And in the early 20th century, Australian and British companies set up coconut plantations on many of the islands. So it isn't entirely unbelievable that the dark-skinned Melanesians got their blond hair from the growing influx of 'outsiders'. The locals, however, prefer not to go by that theory. They have been insisting for years that their blond hair is a result of a diet rich in fish and constant exposure to the sun. As it turns out, both theories are quite far from the truth. According to a recent investigation, random mutation might actually be the answer to the mystery of the Melanesian blonds. Sean Myles, the author of the study and geneticist at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, pointed out that there is almost no variation in the shades of blond hair. This suggests that the hair color is governed by genes. "It looked pretty obvious to me that it was a real binary trait," he said. "You either had blond hair or you didn't." To locate this underlying blueprint in the Melanesian genetic pool, Myles and his colleagues collected saliva and hair samples from over 1,200 Solomon Islanders. From these samples, they compared the genetic makeup of 42 dark-haired and 43 blond islanders. What the scientists discovered was pretty phenomenal -- the two groups possessed very different versions of a crucial gene, TYRP1, which coded for a protein involved in pigmentation. Just switching one letter of the genetic code (a 'T' instead of a 'C'), marked the difference between dark hair and blond hair. Only one amino acid in the protein is different (arginine replaced by cysteine). So 25 percent of the Solomon islanders carry two copies of the mutant recessive gene. That means the blonds could have inherited their hair color from both parents. "It's a great example of convergent evolution, where the same outcome is brought about by completely different means," said Myles. Jonathan Friedlaender, an anthropologist at Philadelphia's Temple University, explained that the mutation probably arose by chance in one individual. It appears to have gained in frequency because the original population of the island was pretty small. Myles added: "If you can find a gene for blond hair that exists in Melanesia and nowhere else, then there's no reason why those sorts of genes don't exist all over the world in underrepresented populations, and affect not only hair pigmentation, but also disease-related traits." The study also traced the origins of the Melanesian people in an effort to understand the mutant gene. They discovered that while all humans outside of Africa have genes passed down from the Neanderthals, Melanesians are the only known humans with a different prehistoric ancestry. They are believed to have evolved from an interbreeding of the Denisova hominin, Neanderthal man's distant cousin. So the islanders have slightly different genes, which gives them their unique blond hair.
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145-Year-Old Man May Be the Oldest Living Human in Recorded History -  Mbah Gotho
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Pregnant Mercy Johnson Shares Adorable Family Photo Abroad
Heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson has shared adorable picture of herself and her family picture at Ireland international airport. The mother of two who is currently pregnant with her third child and her family attended the Miss Nigeria Ireland on Friday, 2 October 2015. She gave birth to her first child, Purity Okojie on December 30, 2012. Her second child, a boy Henry Okojie, was born on October 15, 2014. Meanwhile after the news of her pregnancy broke, many of her fans have castigated her saying she is not observing proper child spacing. Mercy Johnson replied saying she is old enough to decide on what is good for her.
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Feast Your Eyes on the Most Amazing Wood Carving Ever Created
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com China has a long-standing tradition in wood carving. For centuries, its chisel-wielding masters have been turning bland pieces of wood into awe-inspiring masterpieces, but none as impressive as the mind-blowing creation Zheng Chunhui. This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years painstakingly carving a detailed replica of Along the River during the Qingming Festival, a famous traditional Chinese painting, into a 12-meter-long tree trunk. The breathtaking beauty of his work simply cannot be expressed into words, you just have to see it for yourself. As you can imagine, Zheng Chunhui needed mountains of patience to complete his wooden masterpiece, but it was all worth it. Apart from the praise of everyone who got to see the artwork up close at its recent unveiling, the Chinese artist was also honored by the Guinness Book of Records with the new world record for the longest wood carving. It measures 12.286 meters long, 3.075 meters high and 2.401 meters wide.
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North Sentinel Island -- The World's Hardest Place to Visit
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com It's hard to believe that there are people in this world who have no idea about the internet or cell phones. These are tribes that are completely cut-off from global civilization and do not welcome any kind of contact from the outside world. North Sentinel Island, a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal Ocean between Myanmar and Indonesia, is home to one such tribe. The Sentinelese people are so hostile to external contact that the island has been dubbed the 'hardest place to visit' in the world. The Sentinelese are thought to be direct descendants of the first humans who emerged from Africa. They have lived on the tiny island for almost 60,000 years. Their exact population is unknown; it could be as low as 40 or as high as 500. It doesn't matter whether you are friend or enemy, whether you arrive at the island shores on purpose or by accident, the locals will greet you the same way -- with spears and arrows. Gifts of food and clothing are of no importance to them. They were even hostile to rescue missions after the tsunami in 2004. In the aftermath of the disastrous tsunami that had hit the Indian Ocean in December 2004, a group of rescuers reached out to the Sentinelese in an Indian Navy helicopter. They wanted to find and help survivors, although chances were slim. They tried dropping food parcels to the ground, but they were met with hostility. A sole Sentinelese warrior emerged from the dense jungle and shot an arrow at the helicopter. Not much is known about these tribal folk; their language is alien and their habits unknown. Their settlements are hidden in the thick jungle, so we have no clue about how they live. All we know is that the Sentinelese are hunter-gatherers; they do not farm. They live on fruits, fish, tubers, wild pigs, lizards and honey. India has sovereignty over North Sentinel, but I doubt these people even know what India is. After several failed attempts to make friendly contact with them since 1964, the Indian government has finally backed away. All visits to the island are banned. The Indian Navy has enforced a 3-mile buffer zone to keep tourists, explorers and other meddlers away. Accidental encounters still do occur, and none of them end well. There are several horror stories of how the Sentinelese have treated their guests. People either return from the island terrified and injured, or not at all. In 1896, an escaped convict from the British prisons of The Andamans drifted on to the shores of North Sentinel by accident. A few days later, a search party found his body on a beach, punctured by arrows and with his throat slit. In 1974, a group went there to make a documentary, and the film's director took an 8-foot arrow in the thigh. A few of the recordings from that visit were included in the larger documentary, Man in Search of Man. Indian anthropologist T.N. Pandit conducted several government-sponsored trips to the island in the late 80s and early 90s. "Sometimes they would turn their backs to us and sit on their haunches as if to defecate," he said. "This was meant to insult us as we were not welcome." Surprisingly, there has been only one instance where outsiders did not have to face an aggressive reception. On January 4, 1991, 28 men, women and children approached Mr. Pandit and his group. "That they voluntarily came forward to meet us, it was unbelievable," he said. "They must have decided that the time had come." Unfortunately, the last contact with the islanders in 2006 didn't go as well. Two fishermen were killed while illegally fishing within the range of the island. The Sentinelese are among the last of the uncontacted people -- communities who live without contact with globalized civilization -- left in the world. Perhaps it's best to leave them alone; bringing them out into civilization might not be the best thing for them. They might not be immune to several diseases and adapting themselves to the modern world could be extremely difficult. It's amazing that even in the most drastic conditions, the Sentinelese do not want any help. I find this behavior very curious. I do wonder how they view outsiders and the world around them. I wonder what they call themselves, or if they are aware that we call them 'Sentinelese'.
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Meet The World’s Tiniest Person – Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley
READ MORE: http://tinyurl.com/pbz6hko Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley stands just over 3-feet tall and is the same weight as a 2-year-old. The tiny 12-year-old has defied medics since she was born weighing only 2.5lbs and measuring 28 centimeters, less than a school ruler’s length. When Kenadie was born, her 36-year-old mom was cautioned her daughter, who was so tiny nurses named her ‘Thumbelina’ was not likely to survive more than a couple of days. Medics stated she was prone to have brain damage and wasn’t expected to live, so her parents had her baptized that day. Eight months afterward, Kenadie was diagnosed with primordial dwarfism, a condition leading to underdevelopment of limbs that affects roughly a hundred people globally. But in spite of having learning difficulties and thin and weak bones, she swims, plays hockey, and enjoys going to school. But despite her doctor’s gruesome diagnosis, Kenadie is thriving today in a normal classroom with other kids her age. Kenadie weighs 21lbs and puts on clothes fit for a newborn, but has a busy social life and take swimming lessons, skating classes, and plays with pals after school. Currently in 7th grade, her brother Tyran aged 10 towers over her, but she does not allow her tiny size get in her way. Kenadie as well faces some serious medical threats as those suffering the condition are at risk from thin and fragile bones.
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The Incredibly Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings of Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Although he started drawing with pencils after the age of 40, Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez -- a Madrid based artist, quickly mastered this technique. Using only colored pencils, he now draws life-like characters, bubbles, reflections and ripples of water that often get confused with hyper-realistic oil paintings and even photographs. His mind-blowing creations include incredibly realistic waves and drops of water, distorted reflections as well as some very accurate depictions of statues and extremely detailed complex pieces such as two hands on a pile of hay with every straw carefully contoured, or the pages of a book where the artist really took the time to fill the pages with words and drawings. "I only recently discovered this Spanish artist and, really, what else is there to say about his work except -- 'WOW!' Done in a very realistic style, all of his drawings look like paintings and many of them are almost impossible to tell apart from a photograph. I find not only his work, but also his interpretations and expressions of the love he feels for his many subjects, to be incredibly inspiring," fellow pencil artist Lissa Rachelle Robillard wrote about Rodriguez's work.
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The Manchineel -- World's Most Dangerous Tree for Several Reasons
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com The Manchineel tree, native to the Western Hemisphere, is known as the most poisonous tree in the world. In places where it grows -- Florida, the Caribbean and the Bahamas -- the manchineel is often marked with a red band to warn passersby not to get too near it. The tree is poisonous on so many levels that if you ever spot one, it is better you stay at least a few yards away from it. Its fruit resembles a small apple, but eating one could land you right in the emergency room. It was supposedly named 'manzanita de la muerte' (little apple of death) by Christopher Columbus. But it might just be the least dangerous part of the tree. The manchineel's milky white sap is incredibly caustic and poisonous as well -- even a drop could cause skin blisters, dermatitis, swelling or burns. This happens a lot with unsuspecting travelers who use the tree for shelter from the rains. The sap is so caustic that even the rain drops coming from the branches can cause burns. The bark is poisonous too -- burning it releases a smoke that causes temporary (and in some cases, permanent) blindness. Considering all the ways it can hurt you, it's no wonder the manchineel currently holds the Guinness record for world's most dangerous tree. Legend has it that one of the most infamous deaths by manchineel poison was of Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon. He returned to Florida in 1521 in search of gold and to lay claim to the area he thought he had discovered. Of course, the natives weren't exactly going to hand over their land to him. In the struggle that took place, an arrow laced with manchineel sap struck Ponce de Leon's leg, leading to his long drawn out death. Nicola H Strickland, a consultant radiologist, published an article in the British Medical Journal about how she ate manchineel apples during a holiday to the Caribbean island of Tobago. "While searching for exotic shells and coral fragments, I saw some green fruits among the scattered coconuts and mangoes lying on the beach," she wrote. "They were round, the size of a tangerine, and had apparently fallen from a large tree with a silvery bole and oblique based leaves." "I rashly took a bite from this fruit and found it pleasantly sweet. My friend also partook (at my suggestion). Moments later we noticed a strange peppery feeling in our mouths, which gradually progressed to a burning, tearing sensation and tightness of the throat." Nicola wrote that the symptoms had worsened over the next two hours, and they couldn't swallow any food because of the excruciating pain in their throats. Milk was the only thing they found somewhat soothing. It took eight hours for all the symptoms to slowly subside. Manchineel trees have shiny green, oval leaves and can grow over 50 feet tall. They apparently lure people into a trap -- providing shade and fruit that tastes sweet at first but later has devastating effects. Fortunately, injuries have been rare thanks to the warning signs about the tree's dangers.
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Meet Yacouba Sawadogo -- The Man Who Stopped the Desert
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Yacouba Sawadogo is an exceptional man -- he single-handedly managed to solve a crisis that even scientists and development organizations could not. The simple old farmer's re-forestation and soil conservation techniques are so effective they've helped turn the tide in the fight against the desertification of the harsh lands in northern Burkina Faso. Over-farming, over-grazing and over population have, over the years, resulted in heavy soil erosion and drying in this landlocked West African nation. Although national and international researchers tried to fix the grave situation, it really didn't really make much of a difference. Until Yacouba decided to take matters into his own hands in 1980. Yacouba's methods were so odd that his fellow farmers ridiculed him. But when his techniques successfully regenerated the forest, they were forced to sit up and take notice. Yacouba revived an ancient African farming practice called 'zai', which led to forest growth and increased soil quality. Zai is a very simple and low-cost farming technique. Using a shovel or an axe, small holes are dug into the hard ground and filled with compost. Seeds of trees, millet or sorghum are planted in the compost. The holes catch water during the rainy season, so they are able to retain moisture and nutrients during the dry season. According to the rules of Zai, Yacouba would prepare the lands in the dry season -- exactly the opposite of the local practice. Other farmers and land chiefs laughed at him, but soon realized that he is a genius. In just 20 years, he converted a completely barren area into a thriving 30-acre forest with over 60 species of trees. According to Chris Reji, a natural resources management specialist with the Center for International Cooperation, "Tens of thousands of hectares of land that was completely unproductive has been made productive again thanks to the techniques of Yacouba." Yacouba has chosen not to keep his secrets to himself. Instead, he hosts a workshop at his farm, teaching visitors and bringing people together in a spirit of friendship. "I want the training program to be the starting point for many fruitful exchanges across the region," he said. Farmers from neighboring villages visit him for advice and good quality seeds. "If you stay in your own little corner, all your knowledge is of no use to humanity." In 2010, award-winning filmmaker Mark Dodd created a documentary based on Yacouba's experiences, called 'The Man Who Stopped the Desert'. It tells the story of how a single man's efforts saved thousands of farmers across Africa's Sahel region -- one of the worst hit by desertification in the world. The film helps defy the notion that Africa needs outside help to solve its problems. "We must stop teaching and telling, and instead start learning and listening to what the farmers have to say," said Reji. The film has helped raise awareness about Yacouba's work and also resulted in more donations. With the support of Oxfam America, he is now promoting the use of stone bunds that slow runoff, so water from the pits trickle into the soil. This has proven to be a very successful technique. "What Yacouba has done can also be done by many other farmers across the Sahel. The big challenge is that in the next 5 to 10 years, we will have to try to motivate millions of farmers to invest in trees because it will help them to improve their food security, and at the same time it will also help them adapt to climate change," said Reji. But making this happen isn't as easy as it sounds. In spite of the success of the documentary film, Yacouba is facing problems from several quarters. A recent expansion project has taken up a considerable portion of the forest he spent years growing. Homes are already being built on his land, with meagre compensations. Despite these setbacks, Yacouba hasn't lost hope. He is currently trying to raise $20,000 to purchase his forest back. He knows that his work is important -- he has doubled his cultivation efforts, expanding into nearby barren lands. Yacouba's understanding of the future of the environment and conservation is profound. "If you cut down ten trees a day and fail to plant even one a year, we are headed for destruction," he said.
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China Unveils World's Largest and Longest 3D Street Painting
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Nanjing city, the capital of China's Jiangsu Province, is the new home of the world's largest and longest 3D street painting. The artwork, named 'Rhythms of Youth' was unveiled on June 11; it is a whopping 365 meters long, covering over 2,500 square meters on the campus of the Communication University of China (CUCN). It has set two new Guinness World Records - one for the largest, and the other for the longest street painting in the world. The technique used to make the 3D painting is known as 'anamorphic' -- the artwork is painted in a distorted fashion so it will only look right from a certain point of view. The team that created it was led by famous Chinese artist Yang Yongchun. "It took my team more than 20 days to finish the painting on the ground," he said. "Every day, we worked on it from daybreak when we could barely tell the colors apart until it was too dark to see anything. We've devoted all of our time, energy and attention to this painting." Yang also said that the painting was made in honor of the upcoming 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing in August. The painting includes themes from the games such as the mascot (Lele), major architectural and scenic attractions in Nanjing and the Yangtze River that runs through the city. It stretches all the way down the lane towards the end that connects to a major road. So the students on campus invariably walk towards the street art every day. "We didn't expect there would be so many students walking around there," said Xu Yanting, Yang's student. "So we've figured out a way to incorporate the pedestrians into our creation. We extended the painting to the busy road over there, and combined the reality with the art in this way." The painting will stay open on the campus for the next two months. The makers were awarded their world record certificates from Guinness representatives last Tuesday. "It was a great honor to do it and I am pleased that so many people, particularly young ones, are pleased with it," said Yang. "I have seen them taking photos of themselves upon it. The 3D art work shows scenes of life in the city, a flowing river, cars, trees, people and buildings." Ho Meng, a student of the university, said: "It is so much nicer to look out at this rather than the chipped grey stone beneath. I think more of our streets should get such makeovers!"
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20 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Muslim
Hope you like my video, please give valuable comment and don't forget to share this video after watching also subscribe for more future videos, Thank You 1. Shaquille O'Neal 2. Muhammad Ali 3. Dr. Oz 4. Zayn Malik 5. Dave Chappelle 6. Janet Jackson 7. Ice Cube 8. Malala 9. Ellen Burstyn 10. Mike Tyson 11. Lupe Fiasco 12. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 13. Mos Def 14. Akon 15. Cat Stevens 16. Aasif Mandvi 17. Busta Rhymes 18. Jemima Khan 19. Snoop Dogg 20. Faran Tahir
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Obese Man Loses 115 Kilograms, Becomes Professional Fitness Trainer- Mike Waudby
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com By working out and kicking his drinking habit, 31-year-old Mike Waudby, a former morbidly obese man from Kingston upon Hull, England, lost a staggering 18st -- about 115kg, in just 18 months Excited about his accomplishment and determined to maintain his new physique Mike weighed 33st (209kg) has become a professional fitness trainer. Mike's weight problems started in his young adulthood and by the time he was 21, he weighted about 140kg. He worked various jobs including as a car valet and security guard for a supermarket but as he kept putting on weight, he soon found himself unable to fulfill his job duties. With no employment prospects in sight, he barely left his room, eating whatever his mom cooked for him and drinking alcohol he ordered online. He says it was the booze that made him fat, as he used to drink a whole bottle of whisky and 6 cans of beer every night. Feeling lonely, he decided to go out one night out but was disappointed to discover how judgmental some people could be of his appearance. "I used to go out but, one night, a girl came up to me and asked me to leave the bar I was in. I asked why and she told me I was making her and her friends feel sick," he relates. This incident left him even more bitter than before and drove him to an attempted suicide. "One night, while listening to Guns N' Roses, I thought to myself, "What kind of a life is this?" he explains. Tired of being laughed at, he was prepared to end it all. "I had terrible pains but I was too scared to go to the gym and do anything about my weight, as people pointed and laughed at me in the street," he told reporters. After describing how he ingested two bottles of whisky, eight cans of Stella and as many tablets as he could find, Mike remembers waking up with no headache, no pains, just a sickening feeling that he was still there and not dead. This experience was the much-awaited wake-up call he needed in order to take control of his life again. Mike stopped drinking altogether and began working out on a cross-trainer that he had ordered online. "Every session on the cross-trainer ended up with me taking my XXXXL dripping wet T-shirt off and just looking down at my belly crying. But, each time, I picked myself up and carried on," Mike says. After working hard for 18 months, training and staying away from alcohol, he was in the best shape of his life. However, he still felt unsatisfied with his looks because of the excessive skin leftover from losing so much weight. Mike told the Daily Mail that "I felt just as disgusting as I did when I weighed 33 stone. I needed to do something, and I ended up paying for skin on my stomach and upper arms to be removed." Now, he's still insecure about his thighs but he's much happier and healthier. His confidence regained, Mike -- now called "Mr. Muscles" by his friends, regularly posts pictures of his progress on his Facebook profile and even has a girlfriend who "hates people who judge others based on their appearance", which apparently was the first thing that attracted him to her. He also eats healthier and drinks only "a couple of beers at the weekends." Wanting to help others, Mike has become a personal trainer and hopes to assist others struggling with the same problems he had to deal with not so long ago.
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Would You Let This Incredibly Talented Tattoo Artist Permanently Ink You Freehand
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Jay Freestyle, a South African tattoo artist based in Amsterdam, creates incredible, ethereal tattoos. And here's the surprising bit -- he works without a plan. It's impossible to tell by looking at his work, but the 29-year-old inks freehand, making it all up as he goes. He works with only one motto: "Give me a piece of your skin and I'll give you a piece of my soul." It doesn't matter how many ideas you have in your head about your tattoo before you visit Jay. Once you speak to him and realize what he can do, you're just going to turn around and say 'Go for it, I trust you blindly'. So far, he has never disappointed a single client. Jay, who grew up in a conservative Chinese family in Johannesburg, moved to Amsterdam over 10 years ago. He has been living and working there ever since, but he's also traveled widely, using his experiences to refine his tattoing skills. He taught himself the art of inking by observing the works of top artists from around the world. That's why his technique and style are so unconventional. Because of the spontaneity of his work, each one of Jay's tattoos is unique. Before taking a chance on his inspiration and doing freehand tattoos, Jay says he was perceived as a broadly skilled tattoo artist. But now he's working on narrowing down his focus and developing his own personal trademark -- to use a simple image and bring it to life through an abstract inking style. His work is largely inspired by traditional painting techniques such as watercolor and liquid ink, to which he brings modern, graphic elements. "Most describe my style as watercolor, and it definitely holds elements of such, but personally it is more," he said. "I prefer to combine various styles, such as geometrical shapes and pointillism, while at the same time mixing realism with abstract, but at the end it all depends on the client." Since Jay's style of inking is so unique and specific, he realizes that it might not be for everyone. "Usually, from the first couple of minutes of talking to someone, I can see if they want 'my style' or if they want me to do something realistic or traditional," said Jay. "Normally when I'm abroad people ask much more for my style; whereas here in the Netherlands most know me for a variety of styles I've developed and done over the past years -- Japanese, Black and Gray, Realism, Neo-Traditional -- you name it." Whatever the style, there's only one way to get tattooed by Jay -- without a clue as to how it will turn out. Would you be willing to take the risk?
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Flavour & Girlfriend, Anna Banner Expecting His Second Child Together
As most of you know the two were madly in love sometimes back and the love might have resulted in some seed been sown and as they say, the rest is history. The beauty queen was expelled from her Dubai university because it is against the ethics of the school to have pregnant women, Flavour has since moved her to south Africa where she is said to already be in her 2nd trimester of her pregnancy. Congrats to the couple cant wait to see and write about their pretty child
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Heartbroken Parents Killed Themselves After Son Died Of Brain Cancer - Cristian Dimitris Arava
READ MORE: http://nollygrio.com/?p=757 The bodies of a grief-stricken couple were found beside their dead nine-year-old son after he died of cancer. Young Cristian Dimitris Arava had been diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just two years. The tumour grew continuously and doctors said surgery would be impossible. Eventually he died and his parents, Arava and Vali were so devastated they took their own lives. Neighbours found the couple, both aged 46, next to the child's body at their family apartment in Constanta, Romania. Prosecutor Sadic Zafer said it appears Vangheli hanged herself and her body was laid next to her son's and covered with a blanket while Nicholas was found hanged in the kitchen. Investigators found a 13-page farewell letter from the parents in which they told of their heartbreak, which began several years ago when their son was diagnosed with a brain tumour. On a computer blog written seven years ago, the boy's mother said: "I felt like I was dying myself when I heard the diagnosis." The last words posted on the blog by his mother were: "Our only hope that Cristian is a lucky child and the tumour will stop growing is now shattered. The thought that every moment could be fatal, it drives me crazy."
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SULTRY! These New Photos Of Curvy Ghanaian Actress Moesha Boduong Will Get You Wondering
Highly-curvy Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong, is one of the sexiest upcoming actress in Ghana at the moment. The beautiful actress who has the right curves in the right places is very active on photo-sharing social medium, Instagram. She majorly takes her time to post photos which accentuate her massive butts and her amazing frontal features. The upcoming actress enjoys lots of attentions whenever she posts these photos. Various men profess their ‘love’ for the actress while some just make it known how the actress makes them lust after her body. Well, the actress is our beauty of the day and here absolutely beautiful photos of the gifted beauty:
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Narayanan Krishnan -- The Selfless Hero Helping India's Helpless
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Hero is a very strong word, but it fits 34-year-old Narayanan Krishnan perfectly. During the last 12 years, he has served over 1.5 million meals to India's homeless, mostly people abandoned by their families, either suffering from mental conditions or too old to care for themselves. Back in 2002, young Narayanan Krishnan was already an award-winning chef working in a high-class restaurant for the prestigious Taj Hotels, and close to securing a job with another 5-star hotel, in Switzerland. Just before heading off to Europe, he traveled to his home town of Madurai, to visit his parents, where witnessed a scene that changed the course of his life forever. "I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food," Krishnan told CNN. "It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do the rest of my lifetime." Although he was a Brahmin -- an upper class Hindu -- destined for a successful career as a chef, Narayanan decided to give it all up and dedicate his life to helping those who couldn't help themselves. Shaken by the scene he has witnessed in Madurai, he quit his job within a week, convinced his destiny wasn't to cook elaborate dishes for the rich and famous, but provide sustenance to those who needed it most. "That night I thought, what am I doing? I am selling a plate of fried rice for ten dollars in my hotel where people come and have food for fantasy, fun, joy and recreation. Not for hunger. They eat only half portion of it and leave half of in the plate. It was a spark, a very powerful spark that I had," the young chef said about the event that made him what he is today. By 2003, Narayanan Krishnan had founded Akshaya Trust, a nonprofit through which he has already served over one and a half million meals to India's homeless. The name of his organization is Sanskrit for "undecaying" or "imperishable", and was chosen to signify that human compassion should never decay or perish. Also, according to Hindu mythology, the Goddess Annapoorani used her Akshaya bowl to feed the hungry, without it ever depleting. Krishnan's day begins at 4 am, every morning, as he and his team cover 125 miles in a donated van, scouring every nook and cranny of Madurai in search of homeless people in need of a hot meal. The dishes he prepares consist of simple, vegetarian food he cooks, packs and oftentimes hand-feeds himself to over 400 "clients" per day. He is frequently forced to work in temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and deal with hostile and paranoid people suffering from mental illnesses, but these difficult conditions only strengthen his resolve. "The panic, suffering of the human hunger is the driving force of me and my team members of Akshaya," Narayanan says. "I get this energy from the people. The food which I cook ... the enjoyment which they get is the energy. I see the soul. I want to save my people." Apart from food, he also carries a comb, scissors and razor, and is trained in eight different haircut styles to give his clients that extra bit of dignity they so desperately need. Providing food for hundreds of people every day costs money, and according to a 2010 report by CNN, the sponsored donations received by Akshaya Trust only cover 22 days out of the month. The rest he subsidizes himself with the monthly rent he receives for a house his grandfather gave him. That leaves him with virtually nothing for himself, but luckily he can still rely on his once unsupportive parents for help. "They had a lot of pain because they had spent a lot on my education," he said. "I asked my mother, 'Please come with me, see what I am doing.' After coming back home, my mother said, 'You feed all those people, the rest of the lifetime I am there, I will feed you.' I'm living for Akshaya. My parents are taking care of me." "I used to think everything is alike -- beggars... mentally ill... so I used to think everyone alike but he taught me the difference" Narayanan Lakshmi, Krishnan's mother, told ABC News. I was not a teacher, he was a teacher to me. People used to ask me, how did you brought up your... I didn't bring up my child. He only brought up me. (laughing) That is the irony". In 2010, Narayanan Krishnan made the CNN Heroes 2010 list, a distinction that made his story known to the whole world, and helped raise awareness to India's homeless problem.
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Lake in Africa Turns Animals into Stone Statues
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com When photographer Nick Brandt first visited Lake Natron, in Northern Tanzania, he was shocked by the macabre animal statues he saw aligned across its shoreline. He later found out something even more shocking -- those were real animals calcified by the lake's alkaline water. Natron, which gives the lake its name, is a naturally occurring compound found in volcanic ash. It's the same mineral the Egyptians used to preserve their mummies. The lake's alkalinity is similar to that of ammonia, with a pH between 9 and 10.5, and the temperature of the water can reach 60 °C. No animal can withstand this caustic environment and venturing into the acidic environment is usually fatal. As soon as birds and bats plunge into the waters of lake Natron, the minerals start turning their flesh into stone and preserving them exactly as they were in their final moments. Flamingos sometime use the predator-free salt islands that sometimes form on the lake for nesting, but it's a risky gamble, as the photos below clearly show. Only invertebrates, a few algae invertebrates and some fish that live near the edges of the lake can survive this environment. "The notion of portraits of dead animals in the place where they once lived is what also drew me to photographing the creatures in the Calcified series," Brandt explains. "I unexpectedly found the creatures -- all manner of birds and bats -- washed up along the shoreline of Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. No-one knows for certain exactly how they die, but it appears that the extreme reflective nature of the lake's surface confuses them, and like birds crashing into plate glass windows, they crash into the lake. The water has an extremely high soda and salt content, so high that it would strip the ink off my Kodak film boxes within a few seconds. The soda and salt causes the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they dry. I took these creatures as I found them on the shoreline, and then placed them in 'living' positions, bringing them back to 'life', as it were. Reanimated, alive again in death." The amazing photos of Lake Natron's calcified animals, as well as other photographs taken in Eastern Africa are included in Nick Brandt's latest book, Across the Ravaged Land.
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Identical Twin Gives Birth To Her Own Set Of Identical Twins - Michelle Cook
In what experts have described as 'almost unheard of' in two generations, an identical twin has given birth to her own set of identical twins. Michelle Cook, 33, who has a twin sister, Sarah, couldn't believe it when the doctors said she was pregnant with twins. She said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when the sonographer said that I was pregnant with twins. Then to find out that I was pregnant with identical twins was just unbelievable. I rang my identical twin Sarah and told her and she just screamed down the phone. She couldn't believe it either.’ The odds of having identical twins is about 3 in 1,000. The 33-year-old who lives in Cobham, Surrey, and also has daughter Evie, gave birth to Elsie and Marni in September. The twins were delivered by Caesarean in September at the Kingston Hospital in Surrey, Marnie weighing a healthy 5Ib 2oz, and Elsie weighing 4Ib 7oz. They looked so alike when they were born, she even painted Marnie’s fingernail pink so she could tell them apart. Mrs Cooke hopes that her twin girls will be as close as she and her sister, who has two children Oliver, four, and Poppy, two, with her fiance James Griggs, 41. ‘Sarah and I were so close when we were growing up and we still have that really special close bond. We would swap classes at school and swap clothes at parties to confuse people, and even our boyfriends. ‘We think like each other too - we will often finish each others sentences, and we have the same tastes in clothes and furniture. ‘Our own mother can’t even tell us apart still sometimes, especially on the phone. 'I’d love my girls to have that closeness too. An identical twin bond is a really emotional bond to have and I’m thrilled that my daughters will experience it too. ‘When I tell people that I’m an identical twin and I’ve just given birth to identical twins, they can’t quite believe it.’ A spokeswoman for The Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) said: ‘Identical twins don’t run in families and are spontaneous occurrences so for an identical twin to go on to give birth to identical twins herself is incredibly rare.’
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Rihanna Proves That She Will Make A Good Mom
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Rihanna is on full-time mummy duties now. She is so inlove with her niece that she has not left her side since she was born last week. She nicknamed them "pinky and the brain" says they watch cartoons instead of the World Cup, sleep and wakeup together. I hope the real mum is not jealous of her daughter bonding with Rihanna. See pictures
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Mr. Ibu Offers To Sponsor One of Late Muna Obiekwe’s Children
During the Burial Ceremony – laying to rest of Nollywood Veteran Actor, Late Muna Obiekwe, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu, while giving a short speech offered to sponsor one of Muna’s children. Though He Spoke in Igbo Language, and our friends from Inside Nollywood helped us with the translation. He also encouraged his colleagues to do same instead of blaming the death. This gesture was greatly appreciated by fans that were in attendance. How Generous of Him.
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Tchidi Chikere And Nuella Njubigbo Expecting Their First Child
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Close sources to the couple say, Tchidi and Nuella Chikere are expecting their first child. Nuella is said to be in the early stages of her pregnancy. "Yes she's pregnant and they are very excited. They are so in love and so happy together. She's not showing yet because she's in her first trimester." Chidi and Nuella tied the knot in a traditional ceremony on March 29th but did their introduction in January 2014. This will be Chidi's fourth child as he has 3 boys with his ex-wife.
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A Feast for the Eyes -- The Beautiful Glass Gem Corn
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Few cereals can be described as stunningly beautiful, but the multi-colored Glass Gem Corn is definitely one of these rare exceptions. Also known as Rainbow Corn, these unique strain of corn features kernels of many different colors that sparkle like tiny pieces of blown glass. The story of Glass Gem corn began with Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer from Oklahoma who noticed that every once in a while some of his corn cobs had strangely-colored kernels, and dedicated his life to creating the agricultural wonder you see below. Nobody knows exactly how many years Barnes spent worked on the unique cereal, how many successive seasons he carefully chose, saved, and replanted these special seeds, but one thing is for sure -- his painstaking efforts had a truly mind-blowing result, a new breed of corn that most people consider a work of art rather than a cereal. Before he died, Barnes, passed on his precious collection of Glass Gem Corn to Greg Schoen, a fellow corn breeder, entrusting him with a very important mission -- to make sure his amazing discovery was not lost. Carl's protégé stayed true to his promise to safeguard the stunning corn breed and eventually passed on several unique corn varieties to fellow seedsman Bill McDorman, who owned Seed Trust, a small seed company in Arizona. He had never seen the actual corn cob, but curious about the odd name of the breed, he planted a few seeds just to see what it looked like. "I was blown away," the farmer remembers. "No one had ever seen corn like this before." Mr McDorman is now head of Native Seeds/SEARCH, a non-profit organisation which tries to preserve the agricultural heritage of Native Americans, including Glass Gem Corn. Native Seeds/SEARCH sells Glass Gem Corn seeds through their website, but ever since word about its uniqueness spread through the internet, the variety is constantly sold out. When the first photos of this stunningly beautiful corn variety went viral, the demand was so great that the organization's website went down from the sudden increase in traffic. You can Glass Gem Corn seeds for $7.95 per packet and use it to make popcorn or flour, but it also makes an impressive gift or souvenir.
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Chinese Girl Gives Up Her Successful Life as Luxury Goods Designer to Become a Buddhist Monk
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com 24-year-old Ting Tien has done something that's not really expected of girls her age -- she's gone and given up all her material comforts to become a monk. In her former life, Ting lived in luxury; she was a fashion designer with access to the best of clothes and make up. But the shine of material objects wore off quite soon in Ting's case and she chose to look for inner peace instead. Ting, a native of Jinan City in Eastern China, attended the Qingdao University in Shandong Province, specializing in luxury goods design. But when she graduated, she became disillusioned with the lifestyle that she and her friends were leading. She found everything around her increasingly materialistic and too much to handle. Yearning for enlightenment and inner peace, Ting made a very unusual choice for most Chinese girls her age - she joined Xinlongdongzhi Temple, a remote Buddhist place of worship located at on a snow-covered mountain, at 13,000 feet above sea level, in Sichuan Province. She shaved her head, shed her designer outfits and adopted the simple life of a monk, filled with sacrifice and prayer. To complete the transformation, Ting even changed her name to Caizhenwangmu, and set finding spiritual fulfillment as her ultimate goal in life. Ting's story gained a lot of attention after photos of her before and after the dramatic change were posted online. She became an instant hit across China, where most people live their lives in the pursuit of materialistic goals and successful careers. Ting's story struck a chord with many internet users who praised the girl for her brave choice, but, obviously, there are also those who just can't understand why she would do such a thing. When asked about why she decided to give up her promising career to live isolated in a Buddhist temple, Ting's reply was simple: "I just feel the need to gain an understanding of life and death, and what it's all about," she said. "I'm also eager to do what I can to make the world a better place for all living creatures. What's more, believing in Buddha makes me a monk."
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Meet This Ghanaian TV Presenter With The Hips Of Life!
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Meet Peace, a British-Ghanaian TV presenter who is known for her smooth words as well as her beautiful curvy hips! Do you think that she is competition for Toolz?
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Woman Gave Up Her Job, Sold Her House, Car to Take Care Of Stray Animals -Ha Wenjin
Ha Wenjin, a dog lover from China, has given up her job, sold her house, car and jewelry to take care of over 1,500 dogs and 200 cats. The middle-aged woman says she started out with just a few dogs that she could tend to in her spare time, but as their number kept growing, she had to give up her career and spend her entire day caring to the dogs’ needs. Before she knew it, she practically had her personal animal shelter, complete with 10 workers who look after the dogs, and 2 more who take care of the cats. LIFE Magazine first reported on Ha Wenjin‘s amazing animal shelter, in 2006, and the resourceful woman managed to keep the facility outside Nanjing running until now. She had a number of volunteers coming in at least once a week to check on the dogs, and people donated most of the food. But now, the 1,500 dogs and 200 cats have to move to a new home, as Chinese government officials reclaimed the land the shelter is built on, and threaten to close the place down. Ha Wenjin had to act fast, and find a cheap but large enough space, where her beloved pets could relocate to. She managed to find it in Houyu village, far away enough from human settlements, because she admits 1,500 dogs are not quiet. Now all she has to do is find enough volunteers to help her move the dogs with the help of four buses, and clean the vehicles afterwards. Ha Wenjin definitely has her work cut out for her, but she has no intention of giving up in her fight to save as many stray dogs and cats as she can. Back in 2006, LIFE Magazine reported it cost around $37,500 a year to take care of the dogs, but now, with more than double the number of animals, you can imagine how tough it is for Ha Wenjin to keep her animal center open, especially with no help from local authorities. Luckily, most of the food comes from donations, but there are many other things that cost a lot of money. Just to be clear, the animals are not as crowded as the photos show. It’s only like this at feeding time. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Please comment or subscribe!
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Checkout The Actress Who Looks Like Mercy Johnson
Star actress, Mercy Johnson says people have been telling her of how Keira Hewatch of ‘Lekki Wives’ looks like her. So, the last AMVCA gave the two actresses to meet each other. How true is the speculation? For Keira, Mercy Johnson is her doppelganger and meeting her was just magical. She wrote… “So something Iconic happened to me on the #Amvca Red Carpet. It saddens me that I could not capture that moment. I was standing with a few other lovely celebrities in front of a giant fan, trying to cool off from all the lights!- Lol! It was hot though!- I had my back turned to the floor when someone tapped me gently on the shoulder and a friendly girly voice said “Hiii!” So I turned around to say hi back, with an automatic smile on my face induced by the friendly voice… And my jaw dropped. Literally. It was my Stunning Super Star Doppelganger; @mercyjohnsonokojie; A flawless, curvaceous vision in White! She said “Gosh, I love you in Lekki Wives!” Oh, that did it! I started blubbering all over the place! You don’t even know the half of it! I’m not sure I rightly remember what I said to her! (There was a lot of “oh my God!” #Lmao!) I always thought I’d be cool when I finally met her! For wia! If I hear! Cool fire! I was a puddle! She gave me a hug, said “aww, don’t cry hun!” And posed for a picture with her phone… Don’t even ask me where mine was. I totally forgot it in my hand! She’s awesome. So do they really look alike?
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Bobby Brown and Estranged Daughter Bobbi Kristina's Emotional Reunion
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Since Whitney Houston passed on 2 years ago, Bobbi Kristina and father,Bobbi Brown have been estranged.Three months ago, he didn't even know she was married.. However, they seemed to have settled their differences as they hung out on Father's day with Bobbi later tweeting the emotional photos with caption "My face says it all. I love you daddy" So sweet ..don't you just wanna *shed a tear*
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World's Dirtiest Man: 80 Year Old Iranian Man Hasn't Bathed in 60 Years; Smokes Animal Poop
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com 80-year-old Haji believes that "cleanliness brings him sickness." That's why he hasn't bathed at all in the past 60 years. He lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in the Southern Iranian province of Fars. Haji hates contact with water. Even the suggestion of a bath makes him very angry. And all these years of escaping bath time have taken their toll -- Haji is almost the color of earth. He has managed to completely blend in with his surroundings. In fact, it's easy to mistake him for a rock statue if he sits very still. It's not just bathing that Haji dislikes. His disgust for fresh food and clean drinking water is unmistakable. Instead, he prefers his favorite meal of rotten porcupine meat. He drinks 5 liters of water a day for health purposes, but only from a large rusty oil can. He likes to fill his smoking pipe with animal feces instead of tobacco. To trim his hair he doesn't use clippers; he just burns it off over an open flame. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter. Haji doesn't really have a house -- the earth is his home. He lives in a hole in the ground, much like a grave, to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life. Sometimes he sleeps in an open brick shack that the villagers constructed for him out of pity. Locally, he is known as Amou Haji. 'Amou' is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man. Haji's lifestyle of choice is very unique. The villagers say that he had suffered severe emotional setbacks in his youth, which led him to make these extreme choices. Even so, he does seem a lot happier than some people who live in large homes with comforts and conveniences. Haji doesn't seem to have a care in the world. He has nothing to lose, nothing to fear. Makes you think about what's really important in life, doesn't it? Haji isn't the only person in the world who hates bathing. Two years ago, we wrote about Kailash Singh, an Indian man who hadn't taken a bath in 38 years.
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25 Facts That Are Hard To Believe
#1 The Spanish national anthem has no lyrics. #2 It's possible for corpses to get goosebumps. ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 SUBSCRIBE to the Nollygrio network: ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 ------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 Tupac Shakur's ashes were smoked (along with marijuana), by his friends. #4 Jousting is the state sport of Maryland. #5 Breathing through your nose, you always inhale more air from one nostril than the other. #6 It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, each sucking once, to completely drain the average human of blood. #7 Harry Truman didn't accept any sort of paycheck once he left office. #8 By the age of 12, Andre the Giant could not fit on a school bus. #9 When George Washington died, Napoleon ordered 10 days of mourning in France #10 Neil Armstrong carried a piece of the Wright Brother's first airplane when he walked on the moon. #11 Lichtenberg figures can appear on someone’s body after being struck by lightening. #12 The smell of a fart is good for your health and can help prevent cancer and strokes. #13 James Harrison got a blood transfusion at age 13 and therefore vowed to donate blood as an adult. #14 One researcher found that the Mona Lisa actually did have eyelashes and eyebrows. #15 Saudi Arabia imports many of its camels from Australia. #16 A full head of human hair is strong enough to support 12 tons of weight. #17 The full-length national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. #18 According to Conneticutt state law, a pickle has to bounce in order to qualify as a pickle. #19 Most of the time, cats only meow to communicate with humans - not other cats. #20 Kangaroos can't jump backwards. #21 Dolphins are known for coercive sex: Sometimes, they even sexually assault humans swimming near them. #22 Dalmatians are generally born white, without spots. #23 The woodpecker's tongue folds around its brain when it's at rest. #24 Blue whales are the largest animals on the planet - and have been throughout history. #25 Male capuchin monkeys urinate on themselves to attract mates. Hope you like my video, please give valuable comment and don't forget to share this video after watching also subscribe for more future videos, Thank You ------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/hkg2tm9 Facebook: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/ja9hwb9 Subscribe: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 -------------------------------------------------------------------
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Beautiful And Deadly Creature Washed Up On A Beach - The Blue Dragon
The small sea monster that washed up on a beach in Queensland, Australia is even creepy than it appears. First of all it has a pretty name, it is referred to as The Blue Dragon, and its scientific name is Glaucus atlanticus. In other words it is, in fact, a type of slug. It still appears really awesome, though, the weird stripes on the skin of the slug are not for decoration. They camouflage the blue dragon in order that predators both above and below cannot eat him. The Blue Dragon floats on the surface of the ocean belly-up, displaying its deep blue abdomen that blends in with the blue of the sea. Its back is striped silver, meaning that it is hard for underwater predators to see them against the water surface. The way it appears though is not the weirdest thing about the Blue Dragon. The sea slug feeds on the venom in the stinging cells of the jellyfish. It’s favorite meal being the Portuguese Man o’ War’s, especially painful venom. The Dragon eats a little of the venom; however, the majority is centered in its own tentacles. This concentration causes it to be even more powerful and makes the Blue Dragon able to reduce a whole grown adult man to a sobbing child if you are unfortunate to come into contact with one. The disclosed effects of blue dragon poison are: burning, hives, and also dark, damaged skin patches of. So as awesome as they look I would not suggest touching one. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Eastminster by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100719 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Russian Makeup Artist Proves Anyone Can Look Like a Celebrity with the Right Makeover
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com You might think Hollywood stars are natural beauties but you are dead wrong. Russian makeup artist Vadim Andreev does incredible transformations demonstrating that everyone can look like a celebrity with a little bit of makeup. The talented young man believes that "every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity," adding that he wants to help everyone to see their own beauty. Vadim -- who lives in Saint Petersburg, started developing his skills since he was just 16 years old. "It was my hobby. I really loved to transform people ever since I was I child," he says. "When I grew up I decided to go into professional make-up and hair styling." And that he did -- Vadim soon became well-known for his amazing talent and advanced makeup skills. He even started holding workshops, tutorials and masterclasses to teach others how to properly use makeup for some truly incredible results. He was also featured on Russian TV shows where he worked his magic on various local celebrities. His website features makeup services for special occasions such as weddings and parties, as well as examples of his best works, like the famous before and after pictures you see below. "I started taking these photos to show people they can change, be more attractive, look and feel happier," the young makeup prodigy explains. During a makeover, Vadim takes before and after pictures to show the client that with a little bit of strategically placed makeup, a person can be just as glamorous and beautiful as any star. His main goal is to enhance their natural beauty not mask it under a ton of makeup. He explains that "[The photos] don't mean women should do heavy make-up all the time. There are little make-up secrets for everyday. Everybody can use them." His techniques are a trade secret but he's happy to share a few tips and tricks with anyone who wants a fresh and natural look. "My secret is in the eye, I guess. I can see the beauty inside each person and show it to everybody," the 29 year old explains. "My top tips for the everyday woman are: use a light under-eye concealer, cream blush on the top of your cheek, and highlight on cheekbones." The makeup guru puts emphasis on bringing out the best features, advising women to put some bronzer under their cheekbones and along the chin and blend well over the face, and put some black mascara on their lashes and apply warm pink lip-gloss on lips. This will apparently give them a fresh, young look. Vadim Andreev is very ambitions and has big dreams for himself. "I have a lot of plans and dreams about my future in make-up, such as writing a book and have my own TV show about makeovers," he relates. "And, of course, my usual work with lovely brides, giving workshops and masterclasses."
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South Korean Twin Sisters Look Unrecognizable after Amazing Plastic Surgery
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com Plastic surgery is so common now, it shouldn't shock us anymore. But you can't help being amazed at certain transformations. Like these South Korean twins' almost unbelievable change. We don't know their names. All we know is that they were participants on the popular South Korean TV show -- Let's Beauty. The show focuses on people who say they feel held back by their appearance, helping them look better and feel more confident. Snapshots of the twins' transformation are all over the internet. Honestly, I think they looked pretty good before the surgery. But they look breathtakingly beautiful now. The photographs show a surgeon analyzing the twins' appearance and going over the procedure. There's a sneak preview of the dramatic difference in the making. And the final pictures show a detailed view of the completely reconstructed faces. The lateral view snapshots show the most difference. While the twins still look identical, the shapes of their mouths, eyes, chins and the overall contour of their faces have completely changed. The TV show has also helped them change their clothes and hairstyle for the complete makeover experience. Lately, South Koreans have been making news for their obsession with plastic surgery. Images of this year's Miss Korea pageant showed all 20 finalists looking exactly the same. A 2012 report by The Economist states that South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita. 20 percent of women in Seoul between the ages of 19 and 49 admit to having had some kind of beauty 'enhancement'. It must be an overwhelming experience to go through such a drastic change. Every time the twins look in the mirror, it must freak them out. They appear happy, but I do hope they realize that their their kids are going to look nothing like the new them.
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15 Crazy Mugshots Of Real Criminals 😁😂
❤️ 💛 💙 💜 SUBSCRIBE to the Nollygrio network: ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you like my video, please give valuable comment and don't forget to share this video after watching also subscribe for more future videos, Thank You 1. Arrest can’t kill your smile, right? 2. He has a lot going on here, including horns, studs, tattooed eyebrows, and a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly trying to run over his landlord with his car. 3. You have to admit, Gucci is a solid brand. 4. If you’re going to commit a crime, maybe wait until the barber is finished. 5. Looks aren’t always deceiving. This forked-tongued offender murdered his best friend and dumped his body in the woods. 6. So this guy asked somebody to implant that thing in his forehead? 7. He looked like he was nine in this mugshot, but he was actually 29 and on his fifth DUI. 8. Had this guy chosen a less conspicuous tattoo, he might not have been so easily identified after a home invasion. 9. This assault and battery suspect wants you to know that loves you. 10. However, we’re pretty sure this guy’s message is different. 11. When the makeup says one thing, but the face says another. 12. Maybe he has some impulse control problems. 13. He’s just showing off for the camera, clearly. Putting your stretched earlobes over your ears isn’t a crime, but marijuana possession and providing alcohol to a minor is. 14. Even when his hair is gone, he’ll always know where it stopped. 15. It only took an open container for this guy to get his half-beard immortalized on the internet. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/hkg2tm9 Facebook: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/ja9hwb9 Subscribe: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 -------------------------------------------------------------------
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10 People with Unique Skin Color You Won't Believe
Khoudia Diop is a 19-year-old from Senegal who has faced bullying throughout her life simply because of the color of her skin. But that hasn't stopped her, and she began working with The Coloured Girl, Inc., a group that promotes self-love and celebrates women of all backgrounds. Since then, Khoudia, who started modeling when she was 17, has won the hearts of many, which earned her a following of over 235,000 people on Instagram. She's also inspiring people to embrace their differences: “If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change.” ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 SUBSCRIBE to the Nollygrio network: ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you like my video, please give valuable comment and don't forget to share this video after watching also subscribe for more future videos, Thank You ------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/hkg2tm9 Facebook: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/ja9hwb9 Subscribe: 👉👉👉 http://tinyurl.com/jor7da7 -------------------------------------------------------------------
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Pastor Caught Pants Down Trying To Sleep With Church Member's Wife
READ MORE: http://nollygrio.com/?p=2617 Congolese pastor caught on a church member's bed in London trying to sleep with the woman He got what he deserved after he went to their house pretending to do deliverance through sex. After striping they called the husband and other church members.
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Mercy Johnson Okojie Welcomes Third Child
With my Hands Lifted up and my Mouth Filled with Praise with a Heart of THANKSGIVING I will Worship you oh Lord. I Hurriedly left Nigeria to witness the birth of my Baby, I was airborne when the Baby arrived. I'm right in the hospital at University of Maryland (St.Joseph Medical Centre) Baltimore. My wife and baby doing very well. Its a sister for Purity.Help me give thanks to God in this month of THANKSGIVING. God bless you all.
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72 Yr-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child After 47 Yrs Of Marriage In India - Daljinder Kaur
http://www.nollygrio.com A couple are celebrating the arrival of their first child – despite both being in their SEVENTIES. Pensioners Daljinder Kaur, 72, from Amritsar, and her 79-year-old husband Mohinder Singh Gill, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on April 19. The couple, from India, have been married for 47 years – but only decided to seek fertility treatment following the end of a family feud. Gill, a farmer, said: “I felt upset as I was unable to produce a child. “After sometime we thought of having a baby, once again.” The couple have been travelling from their home in Amritsar, Punjab, to the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre in Hisar, Haryana, to receive IVF treatment since 2013. Daljinder Kaur is happy to have a baby boy, who they’ve named Arman Singh. The mother said: “It was very important for us. I can live happily now. My life is complete.” Workers at the fertility clinic said they were initially sceptical about offering her treatment until medical reports proved she was a suitable candidate. Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic, said: “I first tried to avoid the case because she was very weak, but then her medical reports were normal and she was fit to conceive.” This is the second case at the centre where a woman in her seventies has delivered successfully following IVF. In 2006, 70-year-old Rajo Devi gave birth to a baby girl from the same centre, making her the world’s oldest mother at the time.
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Nadia Buari Ends Relationship With Jim Iyke Over His Anger
Read More: http://www.GistOnThis.com This is unfortunate news that began making waves yesterday. One of the Ghana's leading journalist, Vincent, is reporting that Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari's relationship has come to an end. "It took me quite a long time to buy into the speculation that Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke were not only banging mates, but were truly in a relationship. Even when my sources close to Nadia Buari confirmed to me that she was in a real relationship with Jim Iyke, I just couldn't bring myself to accept this—and always wondered how Nadia Buari was going to handle Jim Iyke's temper. I only truly accepted that their relationship was real when my sources at a hotel they both stayed in at East Legon (a place I've stayed before) also mentioned that, Jim and Nadia were hiding there in one room—splashing what seems like love all over the place...But that was then! For those who said the Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke's relationship was not going to last, I am somehow sorry to say; you were RIGHT. Nadia Buari has ended her relationship with Jim Iyke, citing his bad temper as the main reason. According to our sources close to Nadia Buari, even though the actress tried to cope and handle Jim Iyke's temper, she felt like she cannot change Jim and there was no point in hanging in there. In fact, our sources mentioned that, Nadia Buari had more arguments and fights with Jim Iyke than any sort of decent conversation... "The relationship has ended and if you see them together again, then they are trying hard to play the media. She just can't take his temper anymore so she has ended it. It is not worth it for her and all that she thought Jim could do for her career did not also materialize" one of our sources said. We are happy that this disproportionate relationship with no sense of direction has come to an end. At least, Nadia Buari can sit down and focus on her career, until she finally meets a man who will treat her like the queen that she is—or else, before she knows, she will be 'Solanging' Jim over his temper..."
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Chioma Chukwuka celebrates 35th birthday anniversary
Mrs Akpotha is marking another important milestone in her life. Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha was born on March 12, 1980. She attended Onward Nursery and Primary School in Lagos State and Federal Government Girls College, Onitsha, Anambra State for her primary and secondary education respectively. She further went to Lagos State University where she studied Banking and Finance… Chioma began her acting career with the film ‘The Chioma Chukwuka celebrates 35th birthday anniversary Handkerchief’ in 2000 and has since featured in numerous other films, some of which are: The Final Clash, Romantic Attraction, Unbroken Promise, Golden Moon, Royal Doom, Cry No More, On Bended Knees and many others. She has won several awards like the Best actress in a leading role Movie Academy Awards (2007), Best actress and Supporting actress, AMA (2006 &2008). Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!
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Mom With 'Breast' Cancer Feeds Newborn Baby In Emotional Photos -Sarah Whitney
Click here to support Super Sarah Supporters by Allyson Kearns https://www.gofundme.com/ut562w Sarah Whitney's picture of her feeding her newborn son Kal-El, with her remaining breast after undergoing mastectomy to remove the other left more than a few people teary-eyed, and now kindhearted strangers who were touched by the picture have pitched in to pay her medical bills. Sarah, 31, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer halfway through her pregnancy. She had one breast removed while carrying her son and had to undergo chemotherapy before she was induced at 36 weeks. Fortunately, her son was born healthy but she still faced a hefty medical bill. A gofundme page was opened for her and strangers have pitched in to help, so far, £5100 has been raised. Meanwhile other mums have even been donating their own breast milk after Sarah had to stop breastfeeding two weeks after Kal-El was born to continue with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. "There have been 27 women who've donated milk to feed my son. And he's amazing. I keep saying God must know I want him on breast milk, because he's not picky. He will take anyone's milk," Sarah told Today . Kal-El is now six months old and Sarah is recovering at home. Another way if anyone is inclined to help out. Trying to raise money to ship breast milk for miracle baby and offset medical cost.
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