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City Hunter - Atsuku Naretara
A video I made in the respects of a good friend who died recently of infection of the blood. The news came to such a shock. This is the best way I know how to honor her. She is Japanese American. When we first met, we talked about City Hunter. This song and reverence felt most appropriate. May peace follow you forever and always.
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Berserk statue collection display
This is my personal Berserk collection. Enjoy!
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The rose Bette Midler
I made a video for someone special in my life. Hope you guys enjoy it and please rate it if you like it!
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240sx w/2jz twin turbo swap
Fast and mean
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S13 240sx with 2jzgte swap
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Motorcycle road test helpful hints Kawasaki Ninja 250r
I just took the road test today and giving my input for others to make their test easier.
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Bought a brand new Scion Frs asphalt
I just got a new frs! Really excited.
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Camaro SS doing donuts
My niece just bought a new R/C Camaro and did donut within a salon.
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Top Vietnamese Tram Huong Agarwood/Oud incense
Burning a premium agarwood incense. The smooth and sweet velvet scent is to calm the soul and add aroma to your home like no other. Vietnamese agarwood is said to the the best. It is a great way to feng shui your house or apartment. Don't be fooled by others agarwood incense, they contain many filler. These are 100% so you get the real deal and the best. Contact me at leoevo@bellsouth.net
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